Tuesday, October 27, 2015

iZombie 2.03: "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"

“Sometimes you have to move on from an old friend. And sometimes there’s a new friend waiting.”
- Liv

Things are not going well for our victim of the week. She’s a rich trophy wife who gets pushed off a balcony by a hit man posing as a real estate broker. Oh boy! While Liv and Clive are inspecting the body, Ravi is rather amused by a breast implant (yeah not really sure why that was necessary). But Liv dutifully eats her brains (after getting shut down by Clive and Ravi for drinks in a couple days). This is no doubt going to make Liv an expensive taste fashionista.

Elsewhere, Major is working out when Liv’s roommate shows up to question why he isn’t out zombie hunting. He says that he crossed a (non-zombie) person off the list that morning. She warns that if he doesn’t make faster progress, the head of Max Rager is going to go after Liv. She also reveals that the first plan was to get everyone on the list on a cruise ship and then scuttle it in the middle of the ocean.

Liv is kind of judgmental on these new brains. While Clive thinks the person who hired the hit man was the husband (because isn’t it always) Liv jumps on the bandwagon when they find out that the victim’s husband sits on the board of Max Rager. Oh, and it turns out he’s selling his house and the hit man was there rifling through his things. So Clive and Liv head off to have a chat with the head of Max Rager while the husband and his lawyer stonewall Clive to set up a time to meet. Yeah, that is really kind of suspicious buddy! But, at least Liv gets a vision while chatting with the head of Max Rager (one she’d like to forget since it was the victim and their current interviewee having sex). Yeah, that’s not cool at all. I’m not sure why but I get the feeling Liv’s roommate might be jealous. Just the look we see on her face as she’s spying and keeping out of sight so she doesn’t blow her cover.

That’s not all Liv has going on right now, though. Major has bumped off another zombie (I feel bad for these people they didn’t ask to be made into zombies) and he shows up at Max Rager and runs into Liv and Clive as they are leaving. Liv gets huffy with him and ends up smacking him across the face (when he says he’s got to work and people have been referring him). Liv tries to apologize, saying it was the brains she ate but she really shouldn’t. He’s being kind of a jerk face.

They head off to check out the hit man’s place of employment when the victim’s husband’s lawyer calls and says they can meet then at the house. The guy can’t seem to say anything without being prompted by his lawyer which also looks super sketchy to me. Like, I’m a lawyer but this guy can’t answer a simple question without having his attorney’s stamp of approval. He kind of freaks out when Clive drops the bomb that his wife was cheating on him. He puts his hand through a glass tabletop.

But they did get a name out of some random assistant that the victim’s husband was with his personal stylist at the time of the murder. She and trophy-wife-brain Liv bond instantly over shoes and clothes and stuff and she points the cops to the victim’s two friends who really are not nice people. I mean really, they’re just so bitchy and catty. So that doesn’t help but Liv is definitely getting closer with Bethany. Along the way, Liv gets a vision that the husband knew about the affair before Clive told him and it sounds like the husband was into slutty girls on the internet. Lovely. Seriously, why do people get married sometimes? Honestly.

I have a feeling things with Liv and Major are going to take a rather nasty turn at some point down the line. Especially since he and Liv’s evil roommate (who it sounds like is the head of Max Rager’s illegitimate daughter) hooked up. Yeah that was just sleazy on her part. Oh and as if that isn’t enough, Peyton is back in town and neither Liv nor Ravi knew about it at all. She’s come back to had a drug task force which is gunning to take out Utopium. That’s going to have to wait to be dealt with because Liv has a shopping date with Bethany and Clive has some skanky mug shots to show the hit man’s boss. Not long after Liv tires a super cute dress, she gets a call from Clive that Bethany was the one who convinced the hit man to off the victim and she had been hooking up with the husband for a while. Typical gold digger storyline honestly. Liv manages to take the bitch down by going a little bit zombie (thank you pepper spray to the eyes). Sure they don’t have a lot of proof yet but they’ve got plenty of time while she’s cooling her heels in jail for having open warrants in three states for various charges including blackmail and larceny. This is apparently a scam she’s been running for a long time.

Things actually aren’t all that awkward with Ravi when Peyton is at the house when he gets back from a date. They seem to be moving back to being friends and sure she doesn’t mention Liv by name but when Liv gets home with some alcohol, she finds a birthday cake in the fridge (apparently it’s her birthday and she had totally forgotten0. But Peyton didn’t. That’s a good sign to me that Peyton is moving towards forgiving liv for not sharing about the whole zombie thing. And because Stephen Webber has to always succeed at playing a slime ball. He ends up letting his infected zombie doctor kill the husband when he threatens a hostile takeover of the company. Really, how did people not see that coming?

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