Wednesday, October 7, 2015

iZombie 2.01: "Grumpy Old Liv"

“Hold the phone, you dig it! You get off on being the hero, don’t you?”
- Blaine

Three months have passed since the end of season 1 and Liv’s life is less than optimal. Peyton and Major still aren’t talking to her and both her mother and brother (who is alive but still not in very good shape) want her gone from their lives. They are very judgmental about her not giving Evan blood. Liv rants about all of this to Ravi as they come up on a crime scene of an old man who had a car dropped on him. It looks like the killer might have ridden a bike or scooter away. Convenient that the victim’s sister-in-law rolls up in a medical scooter. She doesn’t paint a very nice picture of the guy. He hated everyone and everything, ever since he went out on disability for fibromyalgia. This is going to be fun!

Liv falls under the influence of crotchety old man brains pretty quick which fees into her determination to avoid human relationships until she’s in fact human again. Unfortunately, all of Ravi’s attempts to replicate the cure have been unsuccessful. Oh and Clive is still questioning what happened at Meat Cute. Liv is Major’s alibi and all. And he doesn’t think it’s such a great thing that the department gave the zombie cop a medal of honor. But hey, at least they have a possible lead from the tip line. A neighbor called in and basically said he saw the neighborhood teenage menace get into with the dead guy (the old guy was kicking the kid). Liv’s reactions to the guy were hilarious. She just really doesn’t like anyone right now.

If you’re wondering what has become of newly human Blaine, he’s running a funeral home. I guess he is kind of taking a page from Liv and eating already dead people. She’s not buying his “I’ve changed” spiel though when she goes to try and get more tainted drugs from the boat party. She drops the “the cure could be temporary” bomb on him but it doesn’t seem to help. We do seem to have a curious side effect of the cure though. Blaine is a little twitchy around Liv. Hm. And Blaine and his boys are trafficking in pure Utopium. Crap!

Major is having some issues of his own post-cure. He’s having trouble finding a job thanks to his trip to the psych hospital. But he’s working as a personal trainer for now. He’s been ignoring Liv which isn’t good since she needs to let him know that Clive is still looking into the massacre. OH and every time he gets near a zombie, he instinctively knows it’s a zombie. We saw Blaine react that way to Liv, too. Very interesting side effect to have to deal with. The case isn’t going particularly well for Clive and Liv either. They bring in the neighborhood thug but he wasn’t involved even though Liv wants to drag him in for being annoying. Man, she really is not happy while on these brains, is she? For much of the episode, Liv doesn’t have any visions but when she finally does, they kick the case into high gear. First she sees the dead guy’s sister-in-law yelling at him and keying his car. It turns out she can walk just fine. So Liv and Clive head over to question her and she alibis out with like five other old ladies. The second vision hits when Liv sees the guy trying to poison a dog. She remembers that the tipster had dog toys and paintings of dogs in his house. When they go to question him (Liv is rather direct) we find that he has the dog and Liv feels a little foolish. And it seems he has an alibi for the night as well. He was at a pub watching an Arsenal/Chelsea match. Is it bad of me that I didn’t recognize Adam Bush (i.e. Warren from season 6 of Buffy) as the tipster?

While Clive, Liv and Ravi are investigating the alibi, we find Blaine trying to figure out who cut the bad Utopium the night of the party. He may be selling pure stuff right now but he doesn’t want to go back to being a zombie if he can help it. So he heads off to find the guy. While the person he talks to didn’t cut the stuff, he knows who did and is willing to give up the name for some money. So Blaine is one step closer to getting Liv and Ravi what they need for the cure. Things on the alibi front at first look clear but then Clive points out that the pub has a side entrance and there were missing dog posters up in the pub. The cops execute a search warrant and find the bloody shoes. The tipster confesses in a teary mess. He says the guy basically admitted to killing the dog and so in a fit of drunken anguish, he kicked the jack that was holding up the car. He didn’t mean to kill the old man.

Liv is trying to get over her isolationist emotions and spend some time with her new roommate. I’m afraid that her new roommate is a horrible spy for Max Rager. Why am I sure? Because she actually works for the head of the company and she tapped Liv’s phone. They are working to hunt down zombies and thanks to their snooping they have the perfect candidate to be their mercenary: Major. He doesn’t want to do it at first but there is that little recording of Liv warning him about Clive hanging over his head. He’s got to take the list of potential zombies (identified by their spicy food and tanning purchases) and check out who is really one and kill them. We see Major drug one of his clients who is sure is a zombie and shoot him in the head before tossing him off a bridge. Well, that’s definitely going to put a wrinkle in any potential Liv and Major rekindling. And hopefully Liv wises up about her roommate!

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