Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blindspot 1.05: "Split the Law"

“I see the way you look at me and I don’t know how to be this person that you lost.”
- Jane

Things are going to get a little complicated this week for our team. Kurt brings Jane over to meet his sister and nephew but it’s all too much for her. As she later points out, she’s not sure she can be the person Kurt remembers or wants her to be. Mayfair is also pissed that she found out about the DNA and isotope tests from Patterson, not Weller. He still thinks that Jane is Taylor regardless of the conflicting data. I still say his memory is wrong and she could still be Taylor but have been born and lived in early childhood in Africa somewhere. His and Jan’s personal drama has to take a back seat though when a pair of gunman take hostages at the MWA. It was tattooed on Jane’s body and the team is kind of confused why a normal old hostage situation from some defrauded pension guys would be on her body. Weller takes over hostage negotiations when the FBI gets on scene. At first, the gunman want their pensions back, not to go to jail and to have the president of the company brought to the building within a half hour. Jane gets a crash course in hostage taking once Zapata breaks into the feeds within the building. The gunman take three of the hostages away and bring them back shortly after Weller buys the team another half hour of time.

Bullets start flying soon thereafter and the FBI rushes in and takes down the two gunmen (a whole bunch of hostages get wounded or shot too in the process). As Weller and Jane check out the site, they find a basement (which makes Jane flash back to being a child) and find three dead men. And then of course the asshole from the CIA (Carter, apparently he’s the Deputy Director) shows up and claims that this is a CIA matter. He won’t talk in front of Jane so she heads back to the surveillance van. Carter says there was an engineer from the Middle East that the CIA turned into an asset. Unfortunately, he fell off their radar and disappeared for a while. Now he’s allied himself with a fringe multicultural extremist group. He popped back up on the Agency’s radar and so they nabbed him. Upstairs Jane figures out that the three hostages weren’t the same. In fact, one of them was the former CIA asset-turned bomb maker and he’s getting away. Well, that would explain why it was on Jane’s body! Also, it seems the CIA knows he’s still in play so the Feds have to play some catch up. But the team figures out that the asset is going to make a dirty bomb. Good lord!

Thanks to some cool tech from Patterson, the team is heading out to find the dirty bomb. Jane and Weller stay at HQ to monitor and one of the teams finds a list of dead people in an abandoned warehouse near a cemetery. While all this is going down the commentary from the agent on the ground triggers even more flashbacks for Jane. She remembers being a little kid and a man taking her down a long staircase into a room with lots of other kids. She kind of loses it and Weller manages to somewhat calm her down but reminding her that he’s there and making her feel his heartbeat. It was kind of a tender moment and I can see why people are thinking and rooting for them to get together at some point. Right now I just want them to be friends and develop that relationship. Let Weller let go of some of his expectations of her being Taylor and move on.

The terrorists are in the cemetery and a firefight breaks out. Because of course it does. You know, if I had a family member buried at that cemetery I’d be kind of pissed that the FBI ruined a whole bunch of tombstones. The key to the fight is that once they spot the asset with the urn full of radioactive material, they can’t let the urn open or else they all die. Wonderful. Jane manages to tackle the guy and get the urn. Lucky for her, Mayfair is on her side (at the moment anyway) and stop Carter from taking the shot that could kill Jane. He is really a smug son of a bitch. I know he’s supposed to be our Big Bad of the season but really, does he have to be such a massive tool? Mayfair isn’t buying his crap either when he demands they hand over the asset. He’ll give them the win about the radioactive materials. It ends in a stand-off with lots of armed federal agents pointing guns at each other. Carter is willing to let Mayfair have the asset if he gets to take Jane. Yeah that ain’t happening you lunatic. Mayfair ultimately hands over the would-be terrorist and the team calls it a win. Too bad it looks like Zapata’s gambling woes are leading her to get into bed with Carter just for the money to pay off her bookie. Really? Don’t do it!

Jane and Weller get a chance to reflect a bit on her little meltdown earlier in her new safe house (which he had to inspect himself because well…we know what happened last time) and she says that while he thought Taylor was her starting point, she says that he is her starting point and holds his hand over her heart (like he did for her earlier). The moment gets pretty emotional and loaded but he ends up bailing because I don’t get the feeling he’s too good with dealing with his emotions. And again, we all know they have this deep connection but I’m not ready for it to go there just yet. It was kind of sweet though that he recounted how they had a hideout in their back yards that he always hoped she’d go to if she escaped wherever she was. And Jane tells him that her abduction wasn’t his fault. I’m not sure he believes her but I think he needed to hear it from her. But things are not going to be all peachy for Weller and Jane. His sister tries to get him to deal with their daddy drama by inviting their father over but Weller takes one look at him and walks out. That’s going to be a really tough reunion if and when he lets it happen.

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