Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blindspot 1.07: "Sent on Tour"

“If they wanted to kill us then why help us at all?”
- Jane

It seems Director Mayfair may not have a choice in the team digging into the casefile she’s been so secretive about. She feeds Weller some line about the man, Sal Guerrero, being her CI for ten years and then he went dark and started killing people. That might be accurate but I doubt it. Before the tattoo of the week kicks off, we see two guys (one is the guy with the tree tattoo from Jane’s dream) burying a box of stuff under some floorboards. I have to say the tree man is pretty darn cute and based on that dream sequence from last week he and Jane have chemistry. I know there is always talk and hope that Jane and Weller will get together but hopefully not for a while. Maybe let Jane have another romance first. This man is obviously connected to her past somehow. Former lover perhaps? I am sure we will find out eventually. And then while Patterson is trying to get to the office her boyfriend, David, drops the “let’s move in together” bomb on her while he’s trying to decipher another tattoo (even though he’s not supposed to). At the office, Patterson uncovers a new tattoo buried under layers in the formerly black square covering the SEAL tattoo. It gives the team an address in Michigan. And wouldn’t you know it, when they land (after we learn Jane is not a fan of flying), they find one Sal Guerrero. But the place is so off the grid because it’s a bunch of gun-toting secessionists and Guerrero promises they won’t get out alive.

Well he might be right about that because someone cuts the fuel line on their truck and slashes their tires. And then, they get ambushed as they are trying to walk back to civilization. The team takes out their attackers and then Jane points out that there’s another piece from her tattoo puzzle which leads them to where the two guys buried the box. It containers water and guns and the supplies they will need to survive. As Jane pointed out, someone outside the community knew exactly where to find Guerrero and it looks like maybe they want the team to get out of three alive with him in tow.

The team gears up but the radio Weller swiped from one of the dead guys goes off. Apparently they have a way of tracking Guerrero. Jane finds said tracker in his watch but Weller stops her from smashing it. His reasoning: the guys hunting them don’t know they found the tracker. So they will split up and meet up at the rendezvous point on the map on the underside of the container’s lid. Along the way, Zapata points out that Weller is more invested in Jane than he’s letting on. She says it is kind of sad if he can’t even admit it. On the other team, Guerrero tries to get inside Jane’s head but she smacks him with the butt of her gun to shut him up. Reade even backs her play. They find the rendezvous point pretty fast while Weller and Zapata get rid of the tracker. After a quick search, Jane spies a map that matches one of her tattoos and her tat has an x marked on it that the map doesn’t have. What do they find at the end of said treasure hunt? A helicopter!

Since Weller and Zapata don’t know where the helicopter is, Jane and Reade head back to the rendezvous point but quickly get pinned down by locals. She manages to take a bunch of them out (after Guerrero gets winged by a bullet) before Weller shows up. They all get saved by the local sheriff who is on the payroll but he realized he is done being Guerrero’s personal security Jane somehow knows how to fly a freaking helicopter to get them out (but she still can’t handle planes).

Before the team returns victorious, Patterson tries to apologize to David about her reaction to his relationship news but it gets overshadowed by the fact he took one of the photos of the tattoos from her apartment and is investigating on his own. Yeah that is not a good thing. Sure, they end up having a lot of fun deciphering the clues that lead them to a book in which someone (or multiple someones) are passing coded messages back and forth but Mayfair shows up to ruin the party. You had to know it couldn’t keep going like this even if I thought their adventure was really fun. I would love to see more of them working together and figuring out clues. Alas, I don’t think my wish is going to come true any time soon. See, while Mayfair gives Patterson a pass, Patterson realizes that she did screw up horribly and if she and David did move in together she wouldn’t be able to handle it. She hasn’t done well with relationships in the past that involved living together and she gives some excuse about not being able to be distracted from her job. I get that she is scared but don’t dump the sweet guy!

Weller quickly figures out that Mayfair wasn’t Guerrero’s handler after her half-assed (maybe not even half-assed) interrogation. There is no recognition between them and no rapport. Weller is severely pissed that his boss has been lying to him and he demands answers. We won’t get them just yet but I think the answers are coming. As the episode closes, she shuts her door says that only three people know what she is about to tell him and ends with the cryptic sentence “it’s called Daylight”. I knew we shouldn’t trust her (even if Carter is a million times worse). But I am excited to finally figure out what is going on with this Operation Daylight and what exactly it is. I do like that Jane is finally becoming more integrated into the team, too. I was a little sad we didn’t have a reason to see her shrink this week but that’s purely because I think he’s cute and I like his accent.

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