Friday, November 27, 2015

Blindspot 1.10: "Evil Handmade Instrument"

“I know what it’s like to lose someone and I know what it’s like to need answers. But if at any point this gets too difficult, I need you to be honest with me.”
- Mayfair

This week picks up pretty much right where last week left off. David is dead and Patterson refuses to take time off despite being told to do so by a shrink. She thinks she can throw herself into the case and hide her pain and grief by finding David’s killer. We also briefly see that Zapata hasn’t planted the bug yet and I have a feeling she’s going to say screw you to Carter. At least I hope she does. Mayfair is also not pleased with her CIA counterpart for killing Guerrero (especially with her in the building at the time).

But the case of the week takes a pretty interesting turn very quickly. Weller pulls Jane from reviewing the bag she was found in (and some drawings of her tattoos) to find a partial print on the book David had been watching. It belongs to a man named Roger who is Russian-born and has an American wife. The team heads to the big house him and his wife share and find that she’s tied up and he’s got a weapon. Weller shoots him but the guy kills himself before they can get any information out of him. Luckily, the widow is talkative and reveals that the redhead David saw is named Kate and she is also Russian-born. She’s married to another high-powered American who works at the New York Times (he reported her missing). The FBI doesn’t tell him she’s a suspected spy though. That’s probably a smart move.

Patterson does some more digging and deciphers the code the spies were using. She also finds a third spy who works at a museum. This involves a chase through said museum and then a car/motorcycle chase (which I read about in an interview which is pretty cool). The woman ends up breaking down because she’s got kids and doesn’t want to lose them. Patterson pulls a huge bluff with the evidence they have and gets her to talk a little bit but it’s really Jane (who of course speaks Russian) that gets her to open up about the plan. They each had high value anti-Russian activist targets to kill. Hers was a New York Times reporter that Kate had to take out. Roger’s target was his wife who testified during war crimes tribunals. With a little digging, Patterson figures out the last target is a Senator who is on the Armed Services committees sending aid to the Ukrainian military. While some people may find the Russian spy angle kind of tired and lame, I thought it was rather exciting and it was kind of a fitting way for David to go out. I mean, if he had to get killed, why not by sleeper spies right? The conspiracy geek in him would be proud. Jane and Weller find Kate at a military gala and it takes both of them to take her down. She has a needle which she is supposed to use on the Senator but thanks to our heroic duo, she stabs herself in the neck and gets tossed overboard. I hope they really didn’t need her for more information on the case.

Luckily, the case is done now that Kate is dead. Unfortunately, it’s going to take time and probably some therapy for Patterson to be okay again. She confides in Jane that she feels the same now that Kate is dead. She expected to feel better or at least vindicated. This conversation does spur Jane to take some action in her personal life, though. She slips her detail and is waiting outside Weller’s place when he gets home from shopping. His annoyance that she ditched her detail is short-lived when Jane plants a big old lip lock on our lead agent. He reciprocates the gesture but they are interrupted by his nephew. Of course, as soon as Jane heads off back home, she gets nabbed and thrown into a truck and driven to who knows where. While Jane’s future is being decided, Reade watches as Zapata makes the choice to say screw you to Carter, but in so doing, she resigns her position from the FBI. I guess that’s one way to ensure he can’t ruin her career with blabbing about her gambling habit. And in a touching moment, Mayfair gently ushers Patterson out of her work station. Mayfair can be kind of annoying sometimes but at least in this instance she is showing some motherly care for her agents.

While Weller gives Jane a call to see if she got home safe, our heroine finds herself tied down in a dimly lit, windowless room with Carter hovering over her. He promises to dump her in a deep, dark hole once she gives him answers. But all of his questions (who she is, who sent her and the like) are met with the same answer “I don’t know”. I guess she’s super tough and can withstand water boarding. Of course, the torture is interrupted when gunfire erupts just out of view and then a shadowy figure turns Carter into bullet-filled Swiss cheese. You have no idea how loud I cheered when he finally fell flat on his face, dead. I have been wanting him dead and gone since we learned the truth about Operation Daylight. We did see Jane flash on a memory about Carter talking about Orion (which ties back into an earlier episode). Jane’s savior is none other than tree tattoo man whose name is Oscar. Oscar shows Jane a video that reveals the memory wipe and tattoos are all on her own orders. Now the question we are left with (until February) is why. This show has been one of the best shows of the new season and I can’t wait to see what answers we get once the gang is back from hiatus.

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