Sunday, November 15, 2015

Once Upon a Time 5.08: 'Birth"

“If you want to find what’s going on in Emma Swan’s head, find out what she’s atoning for.”
- Rumple

Things are finally coming to a head in Camelot and Storybrooke. Emma has the re-forged Excalibur and whatever her plan is, it goes down in a day. And as if that weren’t enough, the men folk confront Arthur about his lying ways and lock him up. Along the way, Emma saves Hook’s life and says that everything she is doing, she is doing for him. So naturally he goes all batty and thinks he can still save her. After railing at the Charmings for wanting to find a magical solution in a book, he pops over to Gold’s shop where the former Dark One gives him some interesting advice. All Dark Ones are secretly atoning for their mistakes. So Hook just needs to find out what Emma is atoning for and he needs to give her a reason to find him so he can figure it out.

Back in Camelot Emma learns that Merlin has been tethered to the rest of Excalibur and Arthur is holding her family hostage. He wants to trade their lives for the flame and the dagger. Merlin warns Emma not to seek vengeance like Nimue did but I have a feeling that’s going to be exactly what she does. Well not entirely anyway. She ends up not being able to light the flame and says she’s not ready to give up the darkness just yet. She needs it one more time to save her family. Oh and apparently Henry and Hook have been plotting to get Emma a house so they can move in together (well that explains the big old house she’s living in now). Interestingly, when she goes to confront Merlin and Arthur, Zelena gets in her face. Emma plays a trick to restrain Zelena and she even convinces Merlin to fight the pull of the sword long enough to spare Mary Margaret’s life. It also gives Hook time to free his hook from the chains and punch Arthur in the face. The bastard deserved more but he and Zelena make off somewhere, leaving our heroes to gather in the hopes of going home. But Regina’s attempt to make Emma face whatever is making her cling to the darkness doesn’t go well. Emma says she fears not being able to protect her family but her light magic was able to protect them before so that’s clearly not it. But Hook and the Charmings intervene before Regina can get the truth and Emma skulks off. Hook eventually gets her to admit that the thing she’s really afraid of is embracing the future. As she points out, she only tends to tell the men she loves that she loves them when she thinks she’s losing them. But I suppose Emma does know how to get the flame to ignite now.

In Storybrooke, while Hook is being a reckless ass hat and jumping off the clock tower roof in the hopes of Emma saving him from turning into a pirate pancake, Zelena’s pregnancy rapidly progresses so she is no longer in her first trimester but she’s in active labor. Regina and Robin are obviously surprised by it but I think it’s Emma’s doing as a big “screw you” to the Wicked Witch. Those onion rings are dire. They race to the hospital and say hello to Dr. Whale. He’s blond (well thank you iZombie) and I love the little quip he gets in. They need to move things along though because apparently Emma needs the cries of a newborn baby to complete her spell with Excalibur. Because why not. Regina promises to keep the baby safe, though.

Emma takes Hook back to her place and drops some truth on him about the house being his idea. She says that she will tell him what she’s doing after it is all over and then smooches him pretty hard. Pulling a Captain John Hart move there, she knocks him out. I have to say, I kind of approve. With the pirate down for the count (although we did learn that the rings he wears were once trophies that are now reminders that he can change), Zelena pops out a healthy baby girl. Regina and Robin are ready to defend the little princess when Emma shows up. But she’s not after the baby. She’s after Zelena. Um, what?

In a little bit of an Evil Speech of Evil, Emma explains that she’s going to put her dark magic into Zelena, making her the new Dark One so that she can then use Excalibur to destroy the darkness once and for all. Not sure whys he needs Hook for this but it is kind of a clever plan. Sure a bit bloodthirsty but hey, no one really likes Zelena anyway. But with Emma being kept busy by the rest of the family (including Regina threatening to go dark again herself to stop Emma’s plan), Hook frees Zelena from the magic suppressing cuff and she sneaks out (but she does unshackle him first). He’s going to stick around and try to get some answers out of his girlfriend. Good luck with that.

He finds the squid ink and manages to keep her immobilized but Zelena’s come back and she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve. She stabs Hook in the chest but he’s fine. And she uses one of the dreamcatchers to show what happened when Emma tried to get rid of the darkness back in Camelot. Hook had been nicked by the sword and apparently no one can survive being cut by it. So he’s dying and Emma’s just refusing to let him go. She won’t listen to anyone and so she takes Hook to the field where they rode the horse and she tethers him to the rest of the sword and we see him emerge from the Dark One’s vault. I have to admit I did not see that coming. I like the twist because Hook is now angry and it puts a giant crack in Captain Swan. I can’t wait to see what he does with this newfound power.

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