Monday, November 30, 2015

Once Upon a Time 5.10: "Broken Heart"

“I thought the best way to control the darkness was to isolate myself but when I did that there was no one around to give me hope or tell me when I was being stupid.”
“Fine, you’re being stupid. So stop it!”
- Emma and Regina

So if you follow my posts at all for this show, you know I am not a big Hook fan (and I’m even less of a Captain Swan fan). But I have to admit, I’m rather excited by the prospect of Dark One Hook. It looks like it is going to be one hell of an adventure! In Camelot, we see Hook reborn as a Dark One, reliving all the pain Rumple put him through with Milah. So now he wants revenge and faux Rumple promises that they can get that revenge together. Too bad Emma shows up and manages to banish the ghost for a bit. She thinks they’ve still got a shot at fighting the darkness and winning. But her family isn’t so sure. Merlin is going to make preparations for trying to stop the Dark Duo while Lancelot rides to see his mother, the Lady of the Lake (did we know this before?). Things don’t go quite as Emma planned though when Hook starts hearing the dagger calling to him. He accuses her of lying to him and not trusting him like he trusted her so he disappears on her. Yeah he’s kind of an angry son of a bitch when he wants to be. But Emma uses the dagger to summon him and hands it over (after some yelling), promising she will never control him again (yeah I’d think twice about that comment). Then there is much snogging. But it was all an act on Hook’s part. Emma’s first betrayal meant he can’t trust her and so his plan is to kill Merlin (by way of Nimue) and enact a curse to get back to Storybrooke. We then see Emma take everyone's memories and tie it into the curse (much like Zelena did with her memory potion).

In Storybrooke, Hook puts the magic binding cuff on Emma and erases her memory of what’s going on. He then heads to Gold’s shop to announce he wants a duel on his ship to settle their differences. If Rumple can take Excalibur from him, then he can kill Hook. While this challenge is being thrown down (I have to say I kind of like snarky Dark One Hook), Emma gets a royal dressing down by Regina and her mom. Rightly so, I might add. Emma was being a complete moron by isolating herself. The team assembled at Regina’s where Belle and Rumple fill them in on what they know of Hook’s plan. Emma begs them to take off the cuff so she can try and access memories about Nimue while the rest of them go Scooby gang it in the library but even Henry refuses to unleash his mom. He doesn’t trust her. While everyone heads off to do their thing and Emma is left behind, Rumple makes a very important speech to Belle about wanting to be the man she deserves and the man he vowed to be at Neal’s grave. So if he survives, he’ll be at the well where they got married and if she shows up, he knows how she feels and they’ve got a shot at fixing their marriage.

Emma is being guarded by Merida who quickly gets taken out by Hook. He’s come to kind of gloat and tell Emma he’s doing all of this because he wants his revenge and he doesn’t give a damn about the consequences. He wants to hurt her like she hurt him. Man he really is nasty. Emma manages to escape and pays Rumple a visit at his shop. She wants him to use the leftover squid ink to immobilize Hook so she can find the dreamcatchers. He declines and says she has to do it on her own. So she convinces Henry to help her find the dreamcatchers so she can restore everyone’s memories. She says he won’t even need to let her out of the magic cuff so he’s in. Out on Hook’s ship, Rumple shows up to face his fate. Hook insists on a fair fight so fixes Rumple’s limp and then they get to it.

In other more boring news, Regina and Robin agree to let Zelena visit the baby as long as it is supervised (which is probably smart). At least Zelena seems to soften a little bit when she actually gets to hold her little girl. I’m also wondering what they are going to name this baby? I mean I doubt the three adults in this relationship can agree on much of anything. Anyway, Henry and Emma manage to find the dreamcatchers and Henry trusts her enough to remove the cuff so she can get access to them.

It looks like Rumple has won the fight with Hook (he at least gets hold of Excalibur and then lets Hook live) but his day is not going to get any better. Belle shows up at the well but says she needs time and space to see if she can mend her own heart and her trust in him. Sad Rumbelle makes me sad. And Emma realizes too late (after returning everyone’s memories) what Hook is planning. He needed Rumple’s blood to summon the ferry to Hell to bring the Dark Ones in the flesh to wreak havoc among Storybrooke. I honestly thought he was going to travel to Hell and get Milah back but that’s just me and my dislike of Captain Swan. Alas, by the end of the season I’m sure they’ll be back together again which just makes me gag. But there’s nothing I can to do change what the writers are going to do with their characters. But I can still hold out hope that maybe we will see Neal at some point in the next hell-bent arc. Not that I want him to be in Hell but I’m hoping the Underworld is more just like the afterlife rather than a place to send evil people as punishment.

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