Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3.06: "Among Us Hide . . ."

I didn’t find this particular episode of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” all that exciting (probably due to too much Ward), but there was definitely a heck of a twist at the end that could bode interesting things for the future. Daisy also made an important discovery that seems likely to sour her relationship with Coulson going forward. Sure, her coworkers are telling her that Coulson probably has reasons for doing what he’s doing, but what Daisy uncovers is so horrific to her that I don’t think she is going to forgive that easily. Related, we learn a lot more about what the ATCU is up to. Specifically, we learn what exactly they do with the Inhumans that they lock away. It’s not pretty, but Rosalind has an interesting, more humane take on why she is doing what she’s doing.

We learn right from the beginning of the episode that Andrew survived the explosion at the convenience store. He is injured, though, so he is taken back to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ for treatment. He is conscious, and he tells May and Coulson how he survived. Basically, Coulson had already put someone on the scene at the convenience store who started shooting at the Hydra agents. There was enough chaos that Andrew was able to do what he had to do to survive. Hunter, however, thanks to his actions that led to the explosion on the first place, is pulled off of Operation: Kill Ward. Instead, May will be heading it up. Because she’s back with S.H.I.E.L.D. (finally!). Elsewhere, Ward is talking with one of his goons. He wants said goon to try and find Werner if he is still alive, because S.H.I.E.L.D. will be after him too, and he knows too much.

Meanwhile, Daisy has been doing research on Lash. She shares with Mack that she thinks he is part of the ATCU because of the knowledge he would have to have to pull off the attack that happened earlier this season. Elsewhere in HQ, May and Bobbi fight it out. May tells Bobbi she is angry that Hunter almost got Andrew killed for the sake of Bobbi. Bobbi eventually fights back. After some hand-to-hand combat, May says that the whole fight was a test. She thinks Bobbi is recovered enough to go back in the field. And she is going to be joining May on Operation: Kill Ward. Needless to say, Hunter is not thrilled about Bobbi going back in the field just yet, especially on this particular mission. May tells Bobbi that one body wasn’t recovered from the convenience store explosion: Werner Von Strucker. If they find him, they can learn more about Hydra. One of Hydra’s Cayman Islands bank accounts has been activated, and May thinks that will lead them to Werner. Werner himself is talking with somebody who seems especially evil. Because he’s played by Powers Boothe, who is never not good at playing evil.

Meanwhile, Rosalind is supposed to be taking Coulson on a tour of the ATCU’s holding facility for Inhumans. While they are in a car on the way there, however, Rosalind gets a call about an emergency at her house. Coulson convinces her to let him tag along. When they arrive at Rosalind’s house, the police are there. Someone has broken in. Coulson notices that the whole thing seems off, though. Nothing valuable, such as computers or rare art, has been stolen. Everything just seems a little discheveled. Coulson is convinced that Rosalind staged the break-in to derail the attempt to see the holding facility. Coulson also notices a baseball bat signed by a bunch of famous MLB players. When Coulson accuses Rosalind of staging the break-in to try and humanize herself, Rosalind finally relents and says they can go to the facility.

Since Hunter was taken off Operation: Kill Ward, he and Fitz are working together to provide support to Bobbi and May. Hunter is worried that Fitz is distracted helping Simmons get the portal back up and running. He warns Fitz that it’s a bad idea to make it easy for Simmons’ ex to return and provide competition, but Fitz says he owes William for keeping Simmons alive through her ordeal. Meanwhile, Daisy asks Andrew for a consult on Lash. She’s just telling him she saw Lash shift back into human form when Mack interrupts. He thinks Banks, Rosalind’s number two, is Lash, because he would have known about the mission that Lash ambushed. Mack, Daisy, and Hunter decide to investigate further.

Bobbi and May go to the Caymans to follow Werner’s money trail. They go to a very fancy bank, and they manage to get into the safe deposit box room. They get into a particular box and activate something in it that opens all the other boxes. They take another box, but there is nothing helpful in it. To make matters worse, an alarm starts going off. When the security guards pile in, Bobbi tries diplomacy first, telling the head security guy that they were testing him because they want to give him a job. One of the other security guys doesn’t believe them, though, so a big fight ensues.

Meanwhile, Mack, Hunter, and Daisy are trailing Banks. Hunter is desperate to reduce risks to Bobbi, so he wants to be aggressive and unorthodox in his approach. Mack, however, want to keep it professional and by the books. When the van is parked, Hunter goes rogue. He jumps out, approaches Banks, and ices him. The group then has to get a sample from Banks to send back to the lab for testing. Daisy gets the sample to Simmons, she runs the test, and she determines that Banks is not Inhuman. So there goes that theory. Finished with her testing, Simmons wants to switch back to working on the portal. Fitz is forced to admit that none of his simulations are working, but he promises Simmons that he’s not giving up. He is also doing secret internet research on Will, which is kind of adorable, only because it’s Fitz.

Still parked in their van outside the ATCU facility, our trio decides to send a little drone (which apparently has a cloaking device) inside to see what is going on. There is a delivery happening. It is quickly apparent that the delivery is of an unconscious person. The place is basically an Inhuman storage facility. Daisy, understandably, is horrified. It gets worse when she sees Rosalind usher Coulson inside and give him a tour. Daisy is shocked that Coulson doesn’t really appear outraged. She says there is no way that they will be working with the ATCU now. Mack tries to assure Daisy that Coulson is just putting up a front for Rosalind. Rosalind, however, does a decent job explaining herself to Coulson. She says she’s trying to keep the Inhumans alive and healthy while they’re working on a cure. She compares it to a medically induced coma, and Coulson realizes that she lost someone close. She says her husband died of cancer, and she wishes she could have put him in stasis until a cure was found.

Meanwhile, in Hydra-land, Ward gets a threatening phone call from Gideon (Powers Boothe). Gideon offers to tell Ward where Werner is. Bobbi and May already have a clue, however. They arrive in Lisbon and storm a Hydra safehouse. A Hydra goon stabs Werner, who is tied up. Bobbi goes outside to battle the head goon, and they end up fighting in the pool. She eventually wins the fight by electrocution, which is pretty badass. Inside the safehouse, as he is dying, Werner tells May that Andrew is actually Lash. Back at S.H.I.E.L.D, Daisy is surreptitiously on the phone with Lincoln. After she hangs up, she runs into Andrew, who immediately asks her if she knows where Lincoln is. Thankfully, he hasn’t told her his location, otherwise things probably wouldn’t have ended well for him.

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