Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.02: “Pilot Part 2”

“I could be unconscious and still kick the ass of some 1970s rent-a-thugs.”
- Sara

Just when you think things are starting to gel, everything goes pear-shaped. Thanks to Boardman’s journal, Rip thinks Savage is in Norway in 1975 to buy some nuclear weapons. The plan is to go to the meet and apprehend him during the buy. Rip thinks he should be leading the mission but Cold and Heatwave brush him off. They think since this is a den of criminal activity, they’ll fit right in. Lucky for them Stein shows up and gets kind of awesome and smarmy with the guard at the door. They manage to get in but soon learn that Savage is selling the warhead. Some slip of the tongue from Stein while chatting up one Damien Dahrk leads to a pretty epic fight sequence with all of our would-be legends. Unfortunately, during the melee some of Ray’s suit gets dislodged and stuck there. But hey, at least the Hawk duo didn’t die again! That’d be really inconvenient for the team.

Rip is rightly pissed off at the team’s antics. Not only did they fail to secure Savage but the mishap with Ray’s suit has altered the timeline. They still have a brief window to fix the issue (well until Savage’s engineers reverse-engineer the suit tech) so Stein suggests they pay his younger self a visit since he was working on physics that might be useful in tracking the suit component. Little do they know they’ve only got 24 hours to get this done because that’s all the time the engineers have been given. Also slightly awkward is Kendra and Carter. After looking through some of their dead son’s things, they come across an article about the knife used to kill them back in Ancient Egypt. Apparently if they use the knife along with the ancient incantation on it, that might be enough to kill Savage and break the cycle. Of course, Kendra doesn’t remember and when Carter tries to get her to remember, all she gets is them getting hot and heavy. She pushes him away because well it is kind of creepy. Oh and the bad boys and Ray are off in search of said dagger. I don’t trust them together.

I was right to worry about that threesome. Ray thinks he knows how to disable the security but it only gets them caught. Cold and Heatwave take out the guards and then get greedy on the inside. Ray is understandably disgusted by the whole but doesn’t have much choice seeing as Ray and Cold get stuck in a cell thanks to getting into a fist fight over stealing more than what they came for. They do have an interesting conversation about their lives and ambitions before Heatwave comes back. It turns out Savage is the homeowner (makes sense) and he’s quite looking forward to killing some of our team.

Back in the US, Stein, Jax and Sara find young Marty on the college campus and thanks to some flirting from Sara get invited back to his dorm room. Too bad Stein is trying to steer the conversation to the device they need and it just isn’t working. He tries to warn his younger self about the deleterious effects of smoking joints and saturated fats. Yeah, dude, that ain’t working at all. He also wants Sara the stop flirting with his younger self because at the particular time they’re in, he’s about to meet his future wife, Clarissa. Yeah, that’s kind of a big deal for sure. They eventually find the device they’re looking for but Marty won’t hand it over. So Sara being her usual self (and a bit stoned) knocks him out. Stein tries to make sure things don’t get too messed up by setting an alarm for his younger self. Their next stop is the lab where the engineers are trying to comply with Savage’s orders. Even stoned, Sara manages to tidily kick some butt. They think everything is fine and dandy when they get back to the ship until Stein’s wedding band disappear and Marty shows up demanding answers.

The gang manages to get Marty off the ship (and Rip even manages to set Stein’s future back on track) before they have to go rescue the bad boys. Kendra finally remembers the incantation on the dagger so they think they have a shot at stopping Savage. Oh, how wrong they were. Carter goes in (after the rest of the team breaks Ray, Cold and Heatwave out) but ends up getting stabbed by the dagger himself. He doesn’t make it. Kendra tries to fight back but she gets stabbed, too. Luckily for her the team gets her back to the ship and in somewhat stable condition before she dies, too. I honestly wasn’t expecting one of them to die this early on. So now we have to wait for her to find the next incarnation of Carter (if that’s even his name the next time). But since she’s still recovering the team is still stuck in the 1970s.

I enjoyed this episode and thought the fight sequences were pretty cool. I liked that some of the other characters like Jax had more to do (he has a great speech to Stein at one point) but I do hope they get out of the 1970s soon. I know they have to jump around a bit (just based on casting news and such) but I’m ready to move on soon. I have to admit I wasn’t sure how well the team was going to work right off the bat but I like the different pairings we are getting thus far. I did wish Rip had a bit more to do this week but overall, another solid episode. The only thing that would have made this better is if both episodes 1 and 2 had aired back to back. It would have been a pretty awesome two-hour premier event.

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