Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.03: “Under the Mask”

“Why did I want to erase what happened? Why did I not want to know how she died?”
- Noah

Things don’t appear to be slowing down at all this week. While Molly is being dragged off to Median, Noah and Quentin are on her trail but first they have to stop off at the hospital to get Quentin looked at. While there, a doctor spots Noah and calls for security. Apparently a year ago, Noah put one of the guards in the hospital. While Quentin is getting patched up, Noah holds a guard at gunpoint to review video footage to figure out what happened. First we see him talking to someone and the time stamp jumping around clues us in that it was Hiro. We knew he was going to show up. I hope he does appear this episode. We also see Noah looking at a body that we assume is Claire, even though we are working off the assumption she’s not head. And then right before Noah and Quentin have to run for it, the footage shows Noah kind of manhandling Molly out of the hospital. Goodness! It seems the blanks in Noah’s memory are going to spur them even more to find and rescue Molly before Renautus digitizes her power. I don’t entirely understand how they could even do that but I guess it will be explained. Speaking of Molly, she’s awake on the plane and warns her captor that her boyfriend (the guy she was trying to steal money from) is likely dead or being probed to turn his power into an app. Oh boy!

I have a feeling life for Carlos isn’t going to be very good for a while. Sure he helped that mother and son escape via the railroad but the cops are still looking for it and he tracks them down to a warehouse where they are threatening an Evo. She escapes (after getting pushed out a window) and Carlos barely makes it away alive. Lucky for him the smoky priest was there to hide him. But Joanne and Luke are making their way to LA with Noah’s files so clearly that’s not good. Oh and Luke apparently is discovering he’s an Evo. Obviously at least one of them had to be if their son was n Evo. I just wonder what Joanne will do when she finds out! That time may be sooner than Luke is looking for because as they get to a hotel, he sends her in to get settled while he’s having a bit of a power crisis. It almost looks like the nuclear power Peter absorbed in season 1 (that nearly destroyed all of New York). It would make sense that someone would develop that power or one similar since there seems to be a somewhat finite list of powers that show up. Luke and Joanne may not having anything to find in LA though because Carlos warns the railroad to disband right as one of the cops shows up. They get into a fight and at first Carlos has the upper hand but then the cop turns the tables. He’s got powers and he’s far better equipped to use them in delivering some punishment. Carlos barely manages to get away before he’s unmasked.

Over in Japan, Miko makes a good run of fighting off the security guards but one of the creepy guys from Renautus shows up and takes her out. He takes the sword (which apparently doesn’t belong to Hiro anymore and it sounds like maybe she is not Hiro’s daughter after all). He fills in the CEO of Renautus, Erica, while she heads off to get Molly situated to launch Epic. I keep getting an X-Men vibe from all of this like in the movie when Mystique and Magneto tried to trip Xavier into finding all the humans and killing them. Lucky for Miko, Ren is following what’s going on and is trying to rescue her. They are the new Hiro and Ando and I kind of love it. Just when creepy guy is going to start torturing Miko, Ren busts in and Miko manages to cut off his hand. While they find a way to get to Median, creepy guy’s chopped off arm regrows and entire body. Great, he can clone himself. That’s really annoying!

Not wanting to leave Tommy out, his story is a little more mundane. He’s having teenage angst because his mom won’t let him go to a party. She’s worried about his powers but he seems to be getting a better hang of them. He even manages to teleport himself past her so he can head out. He’s convinced that he’ll be fine since he’s got the anonymous person sending texts looking out for him. It’s the weird penny guy I’m assuming (since during the “Dark Matters” mini-episodes, Micah got kidnapped). Tommy gets to have a little fun at the party before his mom shows up with a gun and threatens Penny Man. She doesn’t want his help and it worries her that he’s been following them. She drags Tommy home before he has a chance to walk Emily home. Poor kid, just trying to be normal for a little while before his destiny kicks in full swing. Maybe his mom is right to want to run, especially since they end up in a pretty nasty car accident at the end of the episode.

Noah and Quentin get to Renautus in time to attempt a rescue mission. But Molly isn’t interested in going anywhere with Noah. We will don’t know what happened a year ago and it seems Molly doesn’t want to explain. She should have gone with Noah though because she runs off right into Clone Man’s clutches. Not the best move there darling. It turns out I was exactly right about what Epic does and it’s pretty horrifying. Noah and Quentin are now more determined to save Molly and destroy the tech. And as the episode comes to a close we see the young woman who has been holding back the Northern Lights is about to get ambushed by some Renautus guys. Something tells me before long our heroes will be converging again to fight this battle.

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