Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.02: “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil”

“You are the Lord of Hell. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Amenediel is right. You are changing.”
- Maze

Our wayward Prince of Darkness is in fine form at the top of this week’s episode. He calls out a fake doomsday preacher and it’s pretty hilarious. And the music they pick as soundtrack for this show just amuses me to no end. I didn’t know there were so many songs about the Devil! I’m also intrigued by the bit of therapy session we see with Lucifer because I think the shrink is right. He’s worried that he’s changing thanks to Chloe and he can’t figure out why. Amenediel is also pointing this out when he swings by after Lucifer wakes up from a threesome and makes his fallen brother a deal: go back to Hell and Amenediel will speak to God. Lucifer is clearly not interested in the offer and he’s still a bit in denial about what’s going on with Chloe.

Speaking of, she’s been spying on him at his club (while she’s on medical leave from her shooting). She wants to figure out how he survived getting shot at the end of the pilot. It’s kind of sexy (with him playing the piano and all) until she gets a call from her ex, Dan, about a case. She’s not working it but it involved a paparazzi named Nick whom Chloe has history with. We don’t know the extent exactly (other than it was from her teenage acting days) but she’s pretty shook up. Nick was following the son of a movie star who crashed his car and died on impact. At first Nick wants to confess but then when Lucifer works his mojo he starts to change his tune. Chloe thinks he’s protecting someone but she still can’t work the case. She also reprimands our Devil when he’s caught smoking pot at the scene (found in Nick’s car). Oops!

In his quest to find out what makes Chloe so different, Lucifer shows up at her house (well her mom’s house that she moved back into after the separation) and tries to treat Trixie like a dog (playing fetch). It’s kind of sad. When he doesn’t get what he wants from her directly, he pays Nick a visit in lockup. Bad Devil! He’s hoping to get the goods on some sordid details but all he learns is that Chloe’s father died and Nick crashed the funeral to get the first photo so Chloe punched him (and his camera).

While this little interrogation is going on, Chloe pays the victim’s father a visit and shares her theory that someone else is responsible for the kid’s death. The father does mention another photographer but doesn’t have a name. So Chloe does a little digging and finds that someone from Nick’s company is posting photos online so there definitely is another creep out there. Lucifer is getting kind of grumpy about not having sexy sordid details when Maze points out that maybe Amenediel is right and he is changing. So clearly that’s a good time for Chloe to show up and drag Lucifer off to find the photographer. They spot him in the crowd but he takes off and everyone starts closing in Chloe. Lucifer uses his powers to get one of the photographers to confess he wants a Pulitzer which starts a fist fight and allows Chloe to get free of the throng.

Thanks to Dan, Chloe gets some information on the other photographer, Josh. It seems he’s the first on scene at lot of celebrity deaths and fights (which is confirmed when she and Lucifer find him and see that not only does it look like he orchestrated a fight but he’s also smoking pot). Now they just need to prove it. Lucifer decides to take matters into his own hands while Chloe is chatting up Nick about what Josh has been doing. She gets a little backstory on our creep and we learn that Nick was going to take the fall because he hoped Josh would get his life together. Clearly that’s not happening. Chloe gets a call from Dan that Josh is missing and then Nick disappears, too. What is Lucifer up to?

It seems he’s going to do a bit of an old school duel. He has Maze set down two guns and tells Nick and Josh to settle things to see who shoots first. Josh grabs his gun and points it at Nick but when he pulls the trigger he finds it has blanks. Even Lucifer is a little surprised by this as the guys scramble and Nick gets the other gun. Chloe shows up and tries to talk Nick out of pulling the trigger (while Lucifer is whispering in his ear to do it) when Lucifer decides to spice things up and calls Amenediel down with a little prayer. He’s rejecting his brother’s offer to go back to Hell but he wanted to point out that he was right that Lucifer is changing. But it doesn’t frighten Lucifer. He’s thrilled with the new experience. He nabs the bullet from the air and kicks Josh in the nuts before settling in behind Chloe as time starts up again. She’s totally baffled by it but hey at least they got the bad guy.

And in a kind of sweet bit, Chloe tells Trixie about the movie she was in. Of course, the seven-year-old has already seen it thanks to the internet. But she liked it and thought it was funny. Which is totally a little kid reaction and just makes her even cuter! I thought this was very good episode and it kept me drawn in the whole time. I like that we are getting a little more backstory on the characters as well as settling in to the show’s format. I like the procedural with a twist and think it’s doing well in this setting. We have enough character driven plotline to keep it interesting and Lucifer’s reactions to things just make me laugh.

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