Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.02: “Odessa”

“Maybe there’s not answer for me here. But I’d be more than happy to help you find out what happened to your daughter.”
- Quentin

This second episode was full of all kinds of crazy and about 4 different story threads going at once. So I’ll try to keep them focused. Let’s start with Noah and Quentin. After Noah freaks out a little bit, he bails Quentin out of jail and takes him on a road trip to Odessa. If Renee is right and something is happening, he needs Molly Walker. I have to admit after season 3 of the original, I kind of wondered where Molly ended up. She just sort of disappeared completely. But now she may be back. Along the way, Noah explains he hadn’t spoken to Claire in 4 years and he’d been hoping to mend things with her the day of the attack. He also believes that Mohinder is innocent. It’s good he can still align himself with the right people. They make it to Odessa and to Primatech where they discover that maybe Claire didn’t die that day. Honestly, I’ve been thinking there’s only a handful of ways Claire could die and they haven’t really addressed it. So I have to believe she’s still alive somewhere. I know we probably won’t see Claire but you never know! Things get complicated fast though. Noah and Quentin aren’t the only ones looking for Molly. We find her in a casino where she’s flirting with a guy to try and steal his winnings so she can disappear. Unfortunately, that just leads here to getting nearly choked to death by the guy’s power and then drugged by his accomplice and kidnapped. Well damn!

Molly’s abductors aren’t the only dangerous folks crawling out of Primatech, either. Renautus is using powered people to create some kind of weapon that Molly is supposed to power. I don’t know what it is but it makes me nervous. Also, it turns out Tommy’s power isn’t completely random. He’d been taken as a child back when Primatech was bagging and tagging and that’s where Luke and his wife Joanne end up. They break out of the facility and kill everyone there before making off with Noah’s files and car (oh and shooting poor Quentin).

Speaking of Tommy, he’s spending some more time with Emily when her boyfriend sees him make a flower vanish. Tommy is scared that the guy is going to beat him up again, or worse turn him in but the kid just wants Tommy to make his abusive stepdad disappear. Tommy thinks about it but backs out in the end. Lucky for him, the weird guy with the pennies shows up and somehow makes the guy disappear. The guy doesn’t know the difference and professes that he’ll protect Tommy and his secret. I’m getting a little bit of a Claire and Zach vibe from this which isn’t that surprising really.

Miko and Ren are very much this iteration’s Hiro and Ando. I have to say I like the video game aspect of their storyline. I still don’t’ know how it all works but it’s kind of cool and it seems Miko is able to travel both in the game and in reality. For instance, she kicks some serious ass before her father is whisked off to Yamagato Tower. She decides she needs to rescue him (she’s going on a mission just like Hiro) and so uses the construct of the game to get there. Ren guides her from the computer at her apartment and he’s worried it’s a trap. But she’s getting a handle on her power now and manages to pop into reality in the lobby of the building and take the guards out in reality so that they shouldn’t be there in the game. She’s one step closer to finding her father and I’m more convinced than ever that her father is Hiro. How exciting!

The last major plot thread for this episode focuses on Carlos. He discovers that his brother was creating an underground railroad for Evos to get to a safe place in Canada. But a portion of the cops was working to stop him and the people he killed were cops who set him up. So Carlos goes to find out who is really calling the shots. He discovers the priest is in on it (he’s an Evo too) and after Carlos helps a mother and son escape to Canada, it seems he’s going to don the mantle of the vigilante in honor of his brother. His powers may not be so physical but hey, he was in the military so he’s not without fighting skills.

Overall, I thought both this episode and the premiere were very much more in line with season 1 of “Heroes”. I like that we get call backs not only to characters from the past but also to places and things that happened. I can already tell Luke is questioning the mission he and his wife are on and I am hoping that eventually he’ll become an ally of sorts. The best way I can describe him is he is the Sylar of this show. Granted, he’s not quite as bat shit crazy as Sylar but still. He’s clearly one of the main threats to the Evos. I’m very interested to see where the show goes from here. We know Noah and Quentin are a mission to rescue Molly and I am hoping they may find some other former allies along the way. I can’t imagine they’d go after her without a little bit of an assist from one Matt Parkman. After all, we know he’s coming and he used to be one of Molly’s caretakers (along with Mohinder) before she just fell off the face of the earth. And I know it’s not happening but I’d really love a short appearance by Peter. He was always my favorite Evo back in the day and I just miss him. Not that basing the narrative around Noah isn’t a good idea because he was also an interesting character but it was a little tiresome dealing with his morally grey actions all the time.

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