Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.04: “The Needs of the Many”

“For once, I want to believe in something bigger than me.”
- Carlos

As you may recall, we left Tommy and his mom in quite the dire situation at the end of last week. They’d been t-boned by someone and they are both pretty beaten up. Tommy manages to get out of the car using his power and sends his mom to the hospital as an ambulance arrives. Unfortunately, just as Emily and Brad show up, the doctor reports that while his mom is now stable, she needs a blood transfusion. Tommy offers to let them test his blood to see if he’s match but that is not a good idea. After all, he’s an unregistered Evo. Speaking of unregistered Evos, Malina and her invisible friend have to head south (which I’m guessing means within the next few episodes everyone will be converging on Midian). And out in LA, Carlos decides to fix up his dad’s old car with his nephew as sort of a Batmobile. Because, why not?

In Japan, Ren and Miko are trying to catch a flight to Midian. It turns out Ren has really good English (gee, just like Ando) and he beseeches his online followers to meet them in Median at Renautus to somehow try and get the sword back. Things aren’t going particularly well for Luke these days either. He and Joanne use the stolen list to kill an Evo and Luke is not at all enthused. In fact he’s a little bit horrified that they killed a father. Good thing Joanne has a little control over her trigger finger or else she would have shot the poor golden retriever as it came down the stairs! I have a feeling their union won’t be going on much longer. He’s clearly not into the whole anti-Evo mission anymore and there is no way she could accept him once she finds out.

Out in Midian, Noah and Quentin are working on a plan to free Molly. This involves using Taylor, the CEO’s daughter to break Molly out. But before she will help them, Noah insists she ask her mother what the plan is for the Evos. Why round them up and go all X-Men on them? The short answer, the preserve the human species. Honestly, are we not capable of co-existing with each other in peace and accepting any difference as just unimportant? Honestly!

Things kind of take a turn for the crazy in everyone’s stories pretty quickly. As Malina and her bodyguard are heading south (and Malina makes a tree grow from nothing…pretty cool power), they are spotted by a hiker. It seems that Malina is this season’s Claire (the person everyone is after). Meanwhile, Tommy finds out that he’s not a match for his mom and so he takes Emily to a blood bank in Indiana to get the needed type for his mom. He gets back to the hospital but he has no time because his blood went to a federal database and the government knows he is an unregistered Evo. He and Emily make a run for it but get cornered by cops. Oh and they threaten his mother’s life if he teleports away. Out in St. Louis or wherever they ended up, Luke is having some trouble with his powers (again). He and Jo hit the road and he admits that maybe they need to stop doing this because he doesn’t have it in him anymore. It seems, based on his reaction to the first Evo they killed, he never really did. He spent the last year being angry and afraid and he realizes now that he already lost everything important to him. And in a fit of anger, he uses his power in front of Joanne. She almost shoots him but chooses to walk away. I’m pretty sure that’s the last we’ve seen of her for a while. In LA, Carlos suits up with a new mechanized suit and he takes the new crime fighting mobile out for a test drive, leaving his nephew alone in the shop. In hindsight, the kid would have been safer with his uncle. The dirty Evo cop shows up just after the priest (and Jose revealing his own ability) and grabs the kid and knocks out the priest. Yeah, Carlos is gonna be pissed!

Miko and Ren make it to Renautus and Miko even gets close to the building thanks to Ren’s fan base and Miko dressing as Katana Girl. It’s probably important to mention that at one point, everyone sees the Northern Lights (which I’m pretty sure are connected to Malina and her powers). It reminded me of the couple times we saw the eclipse mess with the heroes’ powers back in the original series. I have to say, the lights are prettier than the eclipse.

The biggest shit hitting the fan moment is tied to Noah, Quentin and now Taylor teaming up to find Molly. They break into the R&D facility and find Molly and a whole mess of other Evos hooked up like computers. Even Taylor’s boyfriend is there. That pretty much cements her hatred of her mother and everything the company stands for. They do in fact find Molly and she’s kind of babbling on incoherently. Maybe it’s the cable plugged into her brain. But she still won’t tell Noah what happened. I have a feeling since she can find any Evo in the world, all of those Evo deaths really messed her up. But there’s no confirmation on that assumption from Molly because girl blows her brains out! Well that’s one way to mess with Epic. The system still works if you’re within 100 feet but getting world-wide locations is no longer an option. And it seems they’ve been looking for Malina with the system but haven’t found her. There was a possible ping in Canada so Erica orders Clone Man to take “The Shadow”. And as the episode ends we find Phoebe has become something altogether inhuman (did they dip her in terrogin mist? Sorry couldn’t help myself)> At least we know she’s alive and may be possible to rescue her. Still, another week without Hiro makes me a touch sad.

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