Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.04: “Manly Whatnots”

“How can I be scared of something I don’t believe in?”
- Chloe

Lucifer is having quite the crisis at the top of this episode. After letting himself into Chloe’s place uninvited and interrupting her shower (which leads to him seeing her naked), he busts in on another guy’s therapy session because he needs Linda’s help figuring out what’s going on in his head. Of course he takes her suggestion of taking his power back and de-mystifying her to mean he needs to sleep with Chloe. Yeah, I’m pretty certain that’s not what your doctor-on-the-side meant dear Prince. This is going to be complicated by the fact that Chloe and Dan (who it turns out are just separated and not divorced) have a case that needs Lucifer’s help. They have a missing girl and she was last seen at an after-party for some misogynistic pig trying to teach men to be sex gods and pick up women.

Lucifer starts to work his charms to try and get them information since Chloe is supposed to be undercover. They encounter Lindsay’s (the missing girl) brother who nearly gets kicked out of the vent by a gay bouncer. Chloe promises they’ll call if they find anything. But that will be somewhat difficult seeing as Lucifer interrupts the guy’s talk to ask why, if he meets all the qualifications for being a player, Chloe won’t sleep with him. He also happens to out Chloe as police so that doesn’t help. But it turns out maybe Lucifer can salvage things to some extent by offering up his club for the after party. It gives them an excuse to be there and keep an eye on the guy they suspect has kidnapped Lindsay.

While Lucifer and Chloe are off investigating missing humans, Amenediel and Maze have a rather interesting interaction. He wants her help in getting Lucifer back to Hell but she’s resisting, which is weird because she does want to go home. But it seems she doesn’t want to have to work with an angel. I guess, unlike Dominion, those that inhabit Lucifer’s realm aren’t just Fallen Angels, they are actually demons which is different. And yes, I’d be totally up for having Michael and Gabriel show up on this show because it would be amazing and the three of them would just be fantastic together. But I digress. Maze claims that their interests aren’t aligned and then licks Amenediel’s face which was super creepy and it kind of freaks him out. It wasn’t clear if it kind of turned him on or what, but she seemed smug afterward. Oh and she also got a few good licks in when they were fighting (after he told her that she couldn’t beat him because he’s an angel).

Back on the case, Chloe shows up at the club and Lucifer walks out stark naked. He says it’s tit for tat for that morning (plus he’s trying to get her to sleep with him so he’d be over her). She has kind of a strange reaction, almost like she’s starting to fall for his thrall but not entirely. He’s quite into flaunting his body until she sees the scars where he cut off his wings and tries to touch them. I think this is the most emotionally vulnerable we’ve ever seen our Prince of Darkness and it makes me want more. The exchange abruptly changes his mood and he rushes off to get dressed and find something less obvious for Chloe to wear. It turns out to be too good of a camouflage because guys keep hitting on her. And then, the guy they’re tracking pulls a gun and freaks out a bit. It turns out someone has kidnapped Lindsay but it isn’t him. He’s in love with her (like properly in love, no more player nonsense).

Lucifer gets the kidnappers to agree to an exchange of money sans police and the guy who is in love with Lindsay. Of course, Chloe insists on going with Lucifer and we get another intriguing moment into Chloe. She’s not an atheist, but she doesn’t believe in Hell and the Devil. Lucifer is rather intrigued by this. But their little car chat session is cut short when the pig shows up because he says the kidnappers called and said it wouldn’t go down if he didn’t show. Lucifer is not happy to have to hand over the money without the girl but it becomes obvious very quickly that Lindsay is in on it (especially after she shoots the guy who loves her). Apparently this was all a big revenge plot between her and her brother to get back at the guy for taking her virginity and never calling her afterwards. That’s a bit much if you ask me in the revenge department but to each their own I suppose. Lucifer gets to display some of his devilish qualities and he scares the crap out of Lindsay. He’s got her cowering on the floor begging him not to kill her when Chloe shows up and manages to call him off. But she does see his devil eyes. He convinces her to shoot him but it’s not what he’s expecting. He starts bleeding and is in pain.

Lucifer is quite excited by this new development, even if Chloe is worried she’s going to get in trouble. But he covers for her with her boss and al seems well between them. Trixie even points out that since Chloe shot Lucifer, she must really like him (based on the ‘if a boy picks on you, he just likes you’ theory). Maze however is not pleased with this development in the least. She wants to go home and I have a feeling she may be teaming up with Amenediel after all to get Lucifer home before this mortality business becomes more than just a phase. I’m not thrilled about Lucifer being mortal so I hope it only lasts a short while. Maybe enough for him to understand humanity a little better but that’s it. Part of what makes him so effective as the Devil is his immortality and his arrogance at being above everyone else around him.

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