Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.03: “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness”

“Am I up for convincing someone to commit a nefarious act? Let me think…put me in, Coach.”
- Lucifer

Overall, Lucifer was not a very happy Devil this episode. For one thing, Chloe is trying to keep him out of the case he hands her and someone is running around town pretending to be him and royally mucking up his sexy reputation. On the first point, before ending up with three pretty girls in bed with him, Lucifer gets a squeaky clean football star named Ty to at least have a drink and flirt with a pretty girl. That’s all well and good until said pretty girl ends up dead in the pool. Lucifer calls Chloe (thinking he’ll get to tag along and punish the killer). Chloe, who is still trying to figure out how Lucifer does what he does, is not pleased that he’s trying to horn in on her investigation. After all, he’s a witness and possible suspect (although he does have three sexy alibis). Chloe’s ex-husband, Dan, shows up because apparently it’s all hands on deck but she’s not happy to have him there either since he was late picking up Trixie. I kind of want the story on the two of them!

Lucifer ends up finding the dead girl’s phone (it turns out her name is Allie) and she filmed she and Ty having sex. Well that definitely seems to give our star a reason to want her dead. So he gets arrested. And not long after, Lucifer finds out about the imposter. So he gets to vent rather angrily with his shrink-with-benefits. You know, I found her really annoying in the pilot but she’s growing on me. She actually provides some good insights into his behavior and reactions. For instance, when Lucifer says he wants to rip the imposter’s balls off and step on them, she notes that he’s overreacting and displacing his anger of Allie’s killer.

Lucifer ends up going to see Ty’s agent (because he saw that Allie called there a few hours before she died) and Chloe has followed the same lead (through police means) and they end up questioning Ty’s agent together, who turns them on to Ty’s ex-girlfriend, Deborah. She was apparently kind of a crazy stalker-fan who got really controlling. For the moment she seems a pretty obvious choice. Especially with that pesky restraining order in place. But it turns out not to be her, either. Someone blows up her car (likely to scare her) and she admits that while she was at the party and saw Ty and Allie making out, she left and spent three hours crying in a diner.

You’d think that would put them at a dead end but Dan discovers a local political fixer was seen near the car explosion. She won’t talk to cops but she’d sure take Lucifer’s call. All he is supposed to do is make an introduction for Dan so they can her on doing what she does and flip her on what she knows about Allie’s death. But Lucifer ends up accepting her help in rooting out his imposter. It turns out to be a whiny kid named Justin who just wanted to get girls. Lucifer is about to rip the kid’s head off when he realizes he’s overreacting and lets him go (much to Maze’s displeasure). She was looking forward to some real hellish torture. But it’s enough to get the fixer on kidnapping and assault so that’s helpful. She also admits that she was told that Deborah killed Allie and she hired Allie (trying to give her a shot). All signs point back to the agent.

Thanks to Lucifer’s skillset, the agent confesses that he showed up at the party because he was afraid Ty was going to leave him and ruin his career. Apparently, Allie had decided to back out of her deal to blackmail Ty (she decided he was a decent guy after all) and so the agent was trying to get her phone from her and he squeezed too hard. A confession is a good thing but Lucifer is now just super pissed and ends up focusing his demonic anger on the guy and shoves him (without much effort at all) through a glass wall. Chloe has to actually get in his line of sight to stop him from going after the guy.

I would honestly be interested to see what Lucifer can do with his full power because so far we haven’t seen him use it but in fits and starts. I kind of want him to go full-on Lord of Hell. I think it would certainly help Chloe believe the truth. And she’s still digging for those answers (including in the video footage of him shoving the guy through the wall). It looks like his eyes go crazy or something. I don’t doubt that with her skills, she’ll find the truth sooner rather than later. Then again, he’s been putting the truth out there since day 1. She just hasn’t been in a place to accept it. I do worry that they are going to go down the route of making him mortal (or at least less immortal the longer he stays on Earth) and that would just make his charm diminish a lot. I also kind of want to see the consequences of him leaving Hell (you know, the whole lost souls and demons running amok bit). It would also be nice to get a bit more backstory on Maze, too. We know she followed Lucifer through the Gates of Hell but is she a demon? Why did she follow him? And of course we all want to know what makes Chloe so special that Lucifer can’t affect her with his powers. I hope it isn’t some lame answer like “pure of heart” or something or “chosen by God”. That would just be typical and boring. I want her to be like an angel who doesn’t know she’s an angel or something. Oh, maybe a Nephilim. That’d be interesting, too! Only time will tell.

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