Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lucifer 2.02: “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire”

“Hell gives the damned what they deserve. I didn’t deserve to be punished and you know it.”
- Charlotte

Before we get back to Lucifer and his mother’s awkward, bloody reunion, we see her attempts to come back in other dead bodies. Unfortunately, she had a string of bad luck and gets killed again shortly after she inhabits them. But then she lands a pretty woman (hence her current body). But she’s not a fan of humanity (and not just because they were God’s creations). She doesn’t really understand them. Lucifer is leery of trusting her word so he demands she take him back to where she found her current body to prove she didn’t leave a trail of dead bodies in her wake. Things seem to be on Mama Morningstar’s side until they find a young man dead in a hotel room. It was pretty hilarious to see Lucifer try to sneak her out of the hotel while dressed like a hooker (she borrowed clothes from Maze). When Lucifer tells her she’s going to lose the clothes because it’s clearly attracting the wrong kind of attention, she takes him far too literally (in day light no less) and just makes them disappear. Poor devil’s been traumatized by Mom’s naked body. Pretty good physical comedy if I do say so myself.

It takes Chloe a little time to get on board with the case (namely because she hasn’t gotten the call by the time Lucifer shows up at the precinct itching to work it and prove his mother wrong) and besides, she’s got some parenting issues to deal with. Trixie kind of mutilated a doll in the hopes of getting a new (read: expensive) one. Chloe isn’t going to buy the doll to teach her daughter a lesson bout not always getting what you want but Lucifer tries to interfere by buying it anyway. He doesn’t really have that much of an attachment to her but in his massively tinted view of mothers, she’s neglecting her child. But once on the case, Lucifer is really trying to push his mom as the killer.

We get some really amusing bits with Tricia Helfer playing up her attractive qualities and also some fun notes between her and Maze. But she isn’t the only one having body issues in the family. It seems Amenediel is not dealing so well with losing his powers. At one point, he opens his wings and they are no longer majestic, silky and black. They are grey and molting and falling off. I really want to find out what is going on with him. Is it just that he’s failed in his father’s task of getting Lucifer back to Hell and that he slept with/fell for a demon? I think he’s supposed to spend oms more time with Linda in the coming episodes so I suspect we’ll find out. Speaking of Linda, she was quite miffed with him and accuses him of being selfish and not thinking of other people. But he does get to apologize to her at the end of the episode, so there’s that.

The case wasn’t all that interesting in my view. The body that Mom has inhabited is named Charlotte. She’s a high-powered attorney with a stay-at-home husband and a couple of kids. She was cheating on the husband with one of her associates but he knew about it and didn’t’ think he could do anything. Things take a slightly shocking turn when Lucifer finds a bunch of cocaine in the dad’s closet. At first Chloe and Dan assume the lawyer was dealing or working for a drug cartel but it turns out she was working the FBI to bring down a really big dealer. Lucifer, being himself, busts in and has some fun messing with the dealer but it’s for naught. The dealer was feeding false into to the FBI through their supposed plant. And the guy who appears to have killed the informant and Charlotte is dead. Presumably the entire cartel knows this so it’s back to looking at people in her firm. There is only one attorney who also knew the details of the case, including the hit man’s MO. He’s got a Harvard law degree and is still an associate. Perfect motive to off the boss. He even goes to try and kill Charlotte a second time (Mom is super confused by that as she is out buying all the cheese that ever existed in the entire world). Lucifer gets there first but Chloe is hot in his trail. So while she deals with the killer, he stabs Charlotte (for ease of reference going forward, I’m just going to call her that) in the arm to make it look good.

That night as Lucifer sits brooding over his situation and what to do with dear old Mom, she brings him “cheesy noodles”. It was absolutely adorable. I kind of wanted to see them eat them and react to how bad they are (I mean she’s a celestial all-powerful being but I suspect she can’t cook). Instead, we got some information dumped on us that turns Lucifer’s world upside down. God didn’t decide to send Lucifer to Hell on his own. Charlotte begged him to do it. It wasn’t out of spite or hate for her son. Quite the opposite in fact. She loved her boy so much that it was the only way she could see to save him from being destroyed. She also begs him not to send her back to Hell. For the moment he’s going to let her stick around until he decides what he’s going to do with her. I did think it was an interesting parallel with Charlotte and Chloe (I can’t wait to really see them interact more). I also was a little disappointed we didn’t get a Mom and Amenediel reunion this episode. I guess it’s easier to take one son at a time?

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