Monday, October 24, 2016

Lucifer 2.05: "Weaponizer"

“Bring Mom to me, or I’ll take back what Dad gave you.”
- Uriel

So when last we left our dynamic duo, Chloe was just rammed by another car! We see a man in a trench coat setting things up so that Chloe gets hit by the other car. A short time later, Chloe promises Lucifer that it was just a freak accident (she has to convince Trixie of that fact too) before heading off for a case. The case this week is a dead washed up action star. Lucifer loves the guy’s films for the violence and nudity (and ninjas). While Lucifer is chatting with Ella about his obsession with the actor, he spots a figure and follows him up to a nearby rooftop. It seems another angelic sibling has come down to Earth to convince Lucifer to send Mom back to Hell. Uriel gives his brother an ultimatum: return with Mom within 24 hours or Dad is gonna take back his side of the deal (aka revoke the pass on Chloe’s life).

At first Lucifer thinks setting Amenediel on the problem (to convince Uriel to back off) is the answer but he also decides to keep an insanely close eye on Chloe because anything could lead to her being harmed. Apparently Uriel’s powers involve patterns and changing fate or something. We also get some hilarious bonding moments with Lucifer and Dan. Apparently they both love the movies and are just bromancing it out over the movie. And their shared knowledge of everything about the actor leads them to his ex-wife, Jamie (played by Charisma Carpenter). She explains that she was with her Pilates instructor when her ex died but she did go by his place because of a voicemail he left her. This puts the gang on to his rival (and her current husband), another film star. He came into the franchise in the fourth film and then spun off his own successful series. Lucifer and Chloe go off to track him down and catch him attempting to jump some random guy at a bar.

Meanwhile, Amenediel is having a really rough go of it. He goes to talk to Charlotte (who is struggling to keep up her human existence) to sort of warn her vaguely that as time passes, other siblings will come to try and take her back. She says she’ll just convince them to let her stay like she did with her two other boys but he rightly points out that she was gone a very long time and she may not know her kids as well as she thinks. Seriously, this whole episode Amenediel has just looked so sad and pathetic. I really was hoping he’d confide in someone about his wings (someone who would actually believe him).

Unfortunately, the case isn’t exactly closer to being solved. Jamie’s other husband says he and the victim were friends despite all the public drama. But his prints are found on the murder weapon so he’s now under arrest. And for some reason, Dan is acting like a star struck moron instead of checking alibis and such (after Lucifer bails the guy out of jail). Apparently he was not wise with his funds because he squandered his fortune and is now broke. Oops. In other news, Amenediel thinks they should take another avenue with Uriel instead of fighting (you know since he can’t actually do that without admitting his failings). But thanks to Lucifer he goes to try and be all bluster and convince Uriel that he is still strong. The middle child though is smart and can somewhat see through his big brother’s bluff and starts pounding the crap out of him on that rooftop. It makes me very sad that Lucifer wasn’t there because I would hope he would have given his brother a beat down.

It turns out that the victim and the alleged killer really shared everything including a manager. Plus, the murder weapon was one of two (they each got the same award). So maybe the wife swapped them and the manager killed him. So now Dan and Chloe are racing off to find both of them. But Uriel is in the mix still, seeing as he didn’t get what he demanded within the timeframe. So now Lucifer has to go deal with the middle brother. Amenediel finally admitted what’s been happening to him but Lucifer acts like he doesn’t really care. I suspect he’s just really worried about Chloe at the moment. He’s not as selfish as he comes off so I hope he and Amenediel can deal with his loss of power together in a more constructive way.

Chloe manages to wrap up the case pretty quickly (even talking the current husband down from shooting everyone) and gets to go home and read to Trixie in bed. But Lucifer has to deal with his family drama. He’s super pissed that none of them really know what God said or meant and he points that out to Uriel when he meets up with him in a church. Uriel explains that if Mom gets back to Heaven, God will forgive her and she’ll destroy Dad. So he’s borrowed a blade from the Angel of Death and he’s intent on killing Charlotte. He’ll kill Chloe too (he doesn’t really care) and this just pisses Lucifer off. At first it seems Lucifer’s got the upper hand in the fight but as it goes on, Uriel picks up the patterns and starts wailing on his little brother. Maze shows up to the party and gets a few licks in, too before Lucifer grabs the discarded blade and stabs his brother. The look of shock and anguish on Lucifer’s face at what he’s done is heartbreaking. He never meant to hurt his brother. Sure he fights with Amenediel but there’s still a brotherly bond there and they’d never actually kill each other. But Lucifer took that ultimate act of evil and it’s going to affect him big time. We end with Lucifer going home and sharing the news with Charlotte as they both cry in each other’s arms.

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