Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lucifer 2.03: “Sin-Eater”

“No one asks to be a sin-eater, Detective. No one wants to be a collector of the world’s filth.”
- Lucifer

Lucifer is really going to regret letting his mother stick around. She’s just getting all up in his business. First, she interrupts when he’s having some weird candle wax sexy times with a woman and it’s just super weird for him. I think he’s still trying to reconcile the fact she’s his mother with the fact she’s gorgeous. He doesn’t have much time to contemplate that situation, though, because he and Chloe have a case. A guy who worked at a website (similar to Facebook) was found burned alive after making an apology video that was posted to his account. The fact that Chloe has to tell Lucifer not to touch the guy’s burned nuts twice was pretty funny.

Their first foray to the website headquarters is somewhat illuminating. They find out that a former intern had a beef with the guy because the victim lit the poor intern’s crotch on fire during a company retreat. I don’t know why the intern didn’t sue the company for assault but that’s probably just the lawyer in me talking. Lucifer and Chloe think they’ve got the killer until a second body turns up. This guy died while their potential suspect was in custody and the guy had been missing for several days. And Lucifer gets the awkward moment of Charlotte showing up at the station. She claims she wants to understand why he continues to do his “human job”. She wants to know every part of his life so she can really get to know her boy. At first, Lucifer is miffed someone else is doling out punishment and then he decides the killer is doing an admirable job so he’s just going to head home.

Well that’s not going to be the escape he’s hoping for, either. Maze is having drinks with Linda when Charlotte walks in. Maze vents about wanting to hurt Charlotte but decides, thanks to a few words of wisdom from Linda to go see Amenediel. He’s not having such a good day. He’s sitting in his office drinking red wine and moping about his feathers falling out. Hell, Maze walks in on him vacuuming up the feathers! In a rather hasty move, he agrees to talk to Lucifer about the “new woman” in his baby brother’s life, not knowing it’s his mother. At the start of the scene where he and Charlotte meet I thought neither of them knew who the other was, but I suspect the goddess of all creation can spot her own son’s soul, even in a human body. It was kind of a touching moment, even as Charlotte begs him not to take her back to Hell.

Back on the case, Lucifer and Chloe go back to the company and earn that there are people who are responsible for viewing all the content that goes up on the site and taking down the inappropriate stuff. One of the guys says that Lila, the first victim’s boss, used to do that job and just as our duo go back to question her, she disappears. They think she’s the killer and it even looks like she’s going to commit suicide live on the internet but that doesn’t quite add up. And then Chloe spots the gun of the real killer in security camera footage. Oh boy! So now they race off to the server room of the company to find Lila recording her confession. Chloe can’t get a good shot, especially not when the killer steps in with a lighter (after Lila douses herself in gasoline). So Lucifer makes a show of talking to the guy. He wants to understand why the killer punishes. This of course stems from a conversation he and Charlotte had earlier about why he’s continuing to punish people, since it was God’s dictate that he do so. The killer eventually admits (under Lucifer’s power) that he enjoys punishing and he likes to hurt people. He’s ready to go out in a blaze of glory, taking Lila and Lucifer with him when Chloe cues up the fire suppression system. Good on her!

While Lucifer goes home to deal with his family drama, Chloe has some family drama of her own. She and Dan are having difficulty sorting out their feeling and it’s beginning to affect Trixie. They have a family camping trip they take every year and they’re still trying to decide if it is happening this year. At first, Chloe says it’s a bad idea to go and pretend that everything is fine. But as she realizes that she’s been hard on Dan lately because she was angry and betrayed and suggests they take the trip anyway, Dan says that they need to stop living in the past. He’ll always be Trixie’s dad and in their lives, but it’s time for them to move forward and get that divorce. Hey, I’m not complaining. I was never a huge fan of Detective Douche. Perhaps the more interesting family drama though is Lucifer. He gets home to find Amenediel mooching off his booze. He is worried that big brother has kicked mom back to hell but she’s still around. So now, Lucifer decides that he’s going to find a way to punish her but keep his dead with Dad. He’s going to make her live out Charlotte’s life (with the sad sack of a husband and two kids). Something tells me that isn’t what God intended for his ex-wife but hey, at least it keeps her around and it does allow her to continue to see her real sons. Now, Lucifer thinks she’s just mortal but as she’s heading out to resume her human life, she’s accosted by a mugger. She fights him off using some superhuman strength. In fact she throws him across an alley and kills him. I don’t think Mama Morningstar has anything to worry about. But perhaps her boys should be worried about what Dad’s going to do.

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