Monday, October 31, 2016

Lucifer 2.06: “Monster”

“Well I’m done, Mom. I’m done trying to please someone who isn’t even here.”
- Amenediel

Before we get into Lucifer’s downward spiral after murdering his brother, it bears noting that “Lucifer” just got a back-nine episode order for a full 22 episode season! Hooray! So, anyway, Lucifer is really not in a good place. We get a trippy montage of him getting drunk and making out with random women at Lux. Linda shows up because he cancelled a session. He drops that his brother died but he is so not ready to deal with it. He also shows up at the crime scene (dead bride during a zombie themed wedding) drunk and disheveled. Seriously, he is a hot mess and not in a good way. Plus, Chloe also has to deal with Maze and her weird sex swing (how is that even a thing).

Lucifer does manage to get a lead from one of the bridesmaids (and then he makes out with her, too). Dan is worried about Lucifer working the case (and clearly Chloe is worried, too) but they should be concerned. The lead (the bride’s ex-boyfriend) is sitting in interrogation and Lucifer goes in and breaks the door handles so they can’t get in. He uses his super powers to determine the guy is innocent. Chloe is still pissed at the way Lucifer went about determining the guy’s innocence but Lucifer doesn’t seem to care much.

Back at Lux, Charlotte and Amenediel have a little chat about Uriel’s death and how Lucifer has always been more the one to act out when he can’t deal with his emotions. Amenediel blames himself more than Lucifer. He figures if he still had his powers, Uriel wouldn’t be dead (just beaten up badly and back in Heaven). Charlotte tells him that there’s a way to get their power back. He’s skeptical but goes with her anyway. She takes him to Uriel’s’ grave site (I’m still not sure why and tells Amenediel that he’s spent his whole life taking responsibility for things. He should be able to just be free. It seems she wants her eldest son to be able to grieve his loss and he makes the decision that he’s done trying to please an absentee father. Good for him, even if it does seem to be playing into Charlotte’s motivation to steal the kids away from her ex.

The case proceeds thanks to Dan doing some actual detective work. It seems the shooter stopped by a food truck and Lucifer has the app so they can find the location. Chloe starts questioning the truck’s owner when suddenly a shot rings out, hitting him. Chloe and Lucifer head to the roof and find the shell casing. Whoever this person is, they’ve got a list and they have no idea what connects the victims or who might be next.

While the grownups are trying to solve the case, Trixie has her own dilemma. She wants to go trick-or-treating but clearly Chloe and Dan are busy. Maze agrees to take her but they need to fix Trixie’s costume first. This is going to be hilarious. She dresses up at the President of Mars and thanks to Maze gets lots of candy. This is amazing. And then we get see at least some of what Maze looks like as an actual demon which is pretty cool, too. What’s not so hilarious is Lucifer’s continued spiral into insanity and bad choices. Chloe tries to get him to talk about his feelings but he is so not into that. Then when Dan shares some information about the case (the victims’ spouses work together so they are the link) Lucifer lifts Dan’s badge and gun to get the case files that the law firm isn’t willing to give up. Dan accuses Lucifer of only doing what he wants but then Lucifer punches Dan in the face. That’s the last straw for Chloe and she kicks him off the case.

Thanks to Dan’s suggestion that they not return the case files right away, they find their shooter: the grieving husband of a woman who died of lung disease whose malpractice case was dismissed for lack of evidence. He’s an ATF agent who is skilled in long range marksmanship. He’s definitely their guy and they find that he’s made counterfeit badges to get into the pharmaceutical company that made his wife’s medication. Meanwhile, Lucifer is glumly drinking at Lux and thinks he sees Uriel, his guilt clearly getting to him. Our devil just needs to come clean to someone who isn’t related to him. He needs to start healing from what he’s done. We know he didn’t want to hurt his brother. Uriel gave him no real choice.

As Chloe and Dan race to stop the next assassination we see Lucifer hitting rock bottom as he plays a very mournful song on the piano. I was kind of hoping he’d sing, too, but that’s just because I like listening to his voice. I love that they can work in these other talents for him. He (somehow) figures out where Chloe and Dan have gone and as Chloe tries to protect one of the potential victims, Lucifer pops in and dares the sniper to shoot him. Now, normally I’d say he was bluffing since he knows Chloe is around and that means if he gets hit, he really gets hit. But at this point I think he’s in such a bad space that he wants to die. He thinks he deserves it. But the sniper doesn’t want to shoot him and it gives Chloe time to get up to his position and take him. Chloe confronts Lucifer afterward, urging him to talk to Linda if he won’t talk to Chloe. So he does but she still doesn’t believe him. She insists that he needs to be honest about who he is and so he decides to show her his true face (all red and veined and creepy). And then she just sits there staring at him. Damn it, Lucifer, you broke Dr. Linda!

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