Sunday, October 30, 2016

Once Upon a Time 6.06: “Dark Waters”

“This ship is more than steel and rivets. It’s a second chance.”
- Captain Nemo

As those of you who follow the blog know, I am not a huge fan of Hook (and his relationship with Emma) so I wasn’t super excited for this episode, knowing it was Hook centric. But I figured it might give us another glimpse at his past, including at maybe the half-brother that he orphaned when he killed his father on Regina’s orders. While Regina tries to keep Zelena and the Evil Queen distracted so Snow and Charming can rescue Archie, we find that Aladdin is still not up to trying to help Jasmine. She just doesn’t understand and so Emma goes to try and talk some sense into him. While she’s gone, Hook tries to be paternal (dude, no one in their right mind wants that nasty breakfast you are talking about) but Henry isn’t buying it. And he certainly isn’t into listening to his mom’s boyfriend when the Evil Queen shows up and reveals that Hook kept the shears. So Henry goes off to the docks to try and toss them like Emma wanted, refusing to let Hook explain his reasoning. Unfortunately they are interrupted by a steampunk submarine breaching the water.

In the past (around the time of the Dark Curse), we find Hook is super grumpy because his crew is slow. They’ve also got a stowaway who turns out to be Captain Nemo. He kidnaps Hook and takes him to said steampunk submarine and tells Hook there is a mission that needs his skills and perhaps once that is done, he’ll find the sub is the place he should be. Hook is in his super angry place right now because he’s still trying to get revenge on Rumple for Milah. Seriously, she wasn’t that great of a person, man. The mission involves a young man whose family was taken from him (Nemo rescued him from a life of revenge) as they quest for hidden treasure. Hook stupidly decides to make a run for it and nearly becomes kraken food. He’s kind of surprised when both the young man and Nemo come to his aid. The treasure they sought was a key to a place called Mysterious Island (Land of Untold Stories perhaps?) and Nemo wants Hook to join them and give up the quest for vengeance. But of course, Hook then has to realize that the first mate (the young man from the mission) is his baby half-brother, Liam. Liam overhears Hook and Nemo talking (as Hook is getting ready to leave) and wants to take his revenge now that he’s found the man responsible. But instead, he ends up stabbing Nemo (who got in the way).

Emma finds Aladdin breaking into a car (it’s almost cute the way they have a shared past like that) and she’s not letting him get away with running away. She takes him to the town line and shows him the town sign that she hit in the pilot. She explains that wants him to stop running and at least find out what the problem is with his home land. After all, if she can face up to the people she disappointed, so can he. Meanwhile, Belle is waiting for her first ultrasound and is worried how she’s going to deal with excluding Rumple from things once the baby is born. And on the submarine, Henry has some not so pleasant words for Hook about the fact that he’s not part of the family. We are definitely getting into Henry’s teenage angst stage! Hook says he’ll figure out a plan to get them out of it but Henry is just annoyed about the whole thing. Hook admits his sordid past to Henry (including killing his father and orphaning his little brother) and then because Henry is kind of awesome, he pulls out a lock pick set. So they get out of the room they are in but there’s a hitch: there’s only one diving suit and Hook insists that Henry take it. After all, he’s got to face his supremely pissed off little brother who is now brandishing a knife. Henry comes back for Hook and ends up saving his life. And it sounds like maybe the man Charming found in the woods (who was in really bad shape) might be Nemo and he’s getting medical treatment so hooray.

I know I’ve said it before but the Evil Queen being all flirty with Rumple is just so damn creepy. He apparently wants the shears for himself. Not to cut his own fate but that of Belle and the baby so he can maybe fix his little family. I’m not sure how well that’s going to work but hey, it’s worth a shot! Too bad Hook and Henry dumped said shears into the bottom of the ocean in a locked chest! Hook and Liam manage to reconcile and Liam is happy to find that Nemo is alive (and sharing a hospital room). Emma forgives Hook his transgressions (girl is really quick to forgive all of a sudden). And Belle drops by the pawn shop and slides an ultrasound picture under the door. The whole time she was approaching the shop I was yelling not to go in because the Evil Queen was macking on her hubby. The Evil Queen wants his help in getting Snow’s heart (what she really wants) and she offers up the shears as an incentive to throw in with her. Apparently there are some creatures who still owe her favors or something. I hate that I keep getting disappointed by Rumple’s actions. I know he’s a very broken man and he is just an addict at this point who refuses to change because the man he used to be without magic is so scared of being rejected and abandoned but I was rooting for him and Belle for the longest time. I’m running out of ships on this show!

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