Sunday, October 2, 2016

Once Upon a Time 6.02: “A Bitter Draught”

“If I’m not the Savior, then who am I?”
- Emma

With everyone from the Land of Untold Stories now settling in the Storybrooke, it’s time that their tales begin to resume and unfold. The first ends up tying in to a lot of our characters (namely Regina and the Charmings). Apparently, many moons ago (as well as several curses, realm hopping and lost time), the Evil Queen hired the Count of Monte Cristo (played by the ever handsome Craig Horner…he was the lead on Legend of the Seeker) to kill them. Apparently she’s placed a protection spell on him so Rumple can’t interfere. He gets into the Charmings’ good graces by posing as a vintner in a small village that Regina destroyed. But he seems to be falling for Snow’s handmaiden, Charlotte, which makes his task of killing the pair that much harder. Seeing as he hasn’t succeeded yet, I suspect I know why he ends up in the Land of Untold Stories. In fact he gets cold feet and Rumple gives him an out (go to the Land of Untold Stories so he can save Charlotte from dying of poison).

In Storybrooke, he’s out hunting the Charmings, even though good Regina tries to call off his attack. What she doesn’t realize is that the purely Evil Queen is afoot and making mischief. Zelena for her part is keeping mum about her second sister, even though she’s got several opportunities to share the information. Regina also feels responsible for everything that’s going on, especially since she gave a rousing speech to the new townsfolk about not being afraid to face their stories head on. That’s when she and Henry cross paths with the Evil Queen. That was quite the shock for our newly minted heroine, that’s for sure.

Speaking of heroines, Emma has an unsuccessful therapy session with Archie. I’m not sure what she was expecting him to say but I mean, he is a therapist…and a cricket. She doesn’t want to tell her family about her death vision because she worries they’ll try to save her and make her stop doing her job. She’s finally accepted that she’s the Savior and kind of doesn’t know what else to be. I can kind of understand her feeling helpless and lost. I mean she was so very lost when all of this started that I suspect giving up this part of herself is a big risk that she’s not willing to take. I find it interesting that they are trying to establish that this is fate and destiny at work here. I mean, I can’t see the writers killing off Emma. It’s been her journey from the beginning of all this. So that won’t happen, at least not this season (perhaps next season if the show ends).

Things with Belle and Rumple aren’t particularly peachy either. Since waking up, Belle has decided she’s not going to be staying with Rumple so she needs a place to crash. Hook offers up the Jolly Roger (which made me super confused since I thought he gave up said ship last season or the se3ason before to get to Emma in New York). But whatever. He explains that while other people may have forgiven him for what he did in his past (aka being a huge womanizing, wife stealing bastard), he hasn’t gotten to the place where he’s forgiven himself yet. So he figures if Rumple finds out Hook is harboring Belle and the baby (I still don’t think she’s far enough along in her pregnancy to know for sure it’s a boy), it will be just rewards and punishment and all that. Yeah, okay, whatever. Meanwhile, Rumple is glumly tooling about the shop when the Evil Queen shows up, trying to snag some sort of coin. She also hits on him which was super creepy and awkward. I mean, doesn’t she know that he and Cora hooked up at one point? That’s almost as bad as Hook being with Emma after having been with Milah. I mean, come on folks. But, once again, Rumple does what he always does and makes a deal to protect Belle and the baby. I do wonder if they are actually going to end up calling him Morpheus. Seems a tad pretentious.

It also appears that the Evil Queen has taken the Count’s heart so he’s got no choice but to go after the Charmings and he confronts them on the pier. I have to admit he does look pretty sexy using a sword. Then again, he did on Legend of the Seeker too so maybe it’s just him and swords. Regina shows up to try and stop him and ends up killing him to save David and Snow. This is all part of the Evil Queen’s plan; to darken Regina’s heart so she realizes she’ll always be a villain. She even gloats about it to Zelena later on. Oh and apparently the Queen is also taunting David about whether his father’s death was an accident or not. And Emma thinks she needs to tell her family about her visions but as she later confides in Archie at the end of the episode, she doesn’t know who is under the hood but she knows Regina isn’t with her family coming to her rescue. She can’t be sure if it’s the Queen or Regina and that terrifies her.

I was a little surprised at how little Emma was in this episode but that’s okay. I do like seeing Regina try to be better and for this particular story that required her and the Charmings to be front and center. I did kind of wonder why Henry didn’t try to use his Author powers to alter the way the story ended with the Count (his whole “the sequels are never as good as the original” rant was totally lost on Hook which amused me) but I guess we can’t get everything to make sense. Then again, if I were writing the show Neal wouldn’t be dead and Emma wouldn’t be with Hook (hell Robin would still be alive, too). But I am enjoying the season. I just hope we don’t have to put up with Emma’s secret pain for too much longer (dealing with it for Regina all those seasons ago wasn’t particularly fun either).

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