Monday, October 17, 2016

Lucifer 2.04: “Lady Parts”

“If you want to retrace the steps of two hot girls on a girls’ night, you need to think like two hot girls on a girls’ night.”
- Maze

Lucifer has discovered smart phones. He’s absolutely enthralled with them (much to Linda’s annoyance during their session). And as usual, he totally misinterprets what she’s saying. He thinks having lots of distractions will keep him from worrying about the situation with Mama Morningstar. Speaking of, Maze goes to check up on her but Charlotte seems to be holding her own. Sure the kids are gross and annoying and she seems to be able to shut up the husband with sex but she’s more than willing to take this punishment over Hell if it means she’s with her sons.

The case of the week starts off creepy enough. A couple of guys find a dead woman in the woods and at first they think it’s the Uber driver. But he has a solid alibi and thanks to Ella they know she was poisoned and said drug takes 90 minutes to do its work. While the case is moving along, Lucifer decides to help Chloe out and try to find her a house. She’s not overly pleased, especially since he now knows that she’s moving out of her moms’ house and she and Dan are splitting. Lucifer also chides her that she hasn’t had fun any time recently. I suspect given the episode title, we are going to see some of our ladies out together!

Before we get to the crazy shenanigans that had me laughing out loud, we have another body to drop. It turns out our first victim worked as a waitress at a high end club. She had a fight with her boss/fling about him sleeping with another waitress (his wife isn’t too pleased either). So Lucifer and Chloe head to check out the roommate that the first victim was out with and find her dead in her apartment from similar causes. We also get Lucifer making a bet with Maze that if Maze can get Chloe to go out for drinks and have fun, Maze gets his car. When Chloe shows up to Lux with case file stuff to throw at Lucifer (after work hours), Maze and Ella end up dragging her off to a tiki bar where they might actually find some case related intelligence. And that leaves Lucifer and Amenediel to have their own bonding moment (Linda suggested to Amenediel that he relax and have some drinks and maybe that will loosen him up for his….physical issues). So while the boys drink bourbon, the girls end up doing tequila shots and sharing some personal stuff with each other. Hello Dr. Linda the sex phone operator and Ella the car thief! It wouldn’t be complete with a giant bar brawl scene and I laughed so hard at that. But Chloe gets some information on where the girls might have gone (a sex club).

Chloe’s bright idea to find out what’s happening at the club is to send Dan and Lucifer in undercover. Because Lucifer has been chilling with big brother at the bar, he tags along and oh lord. If I thought the girls were funny, the boys are even more hilarious. Amenediel is dancing and being just generally drunk and adorable. But Dan and Lucifer do manage to get some key information out of the bartender. Some rich snob with a Gold Card paid for the girls’ drinks as well as drinks for a third girl who wasn’t present at the time. Well that gives them another lead as well. As they are leaving, Amenediel spills his drink on Dan’s shirt and Lucifer bemoans the fact he didn’t get video. He then follows Dan out of the club yelling “douche cam”.

Unfortunately, while Chloe was able to track down the guy who bought the girls’ drinks, she also learns about Lucifer’s bet with Maze. So she’s royally pissed at him as they go head off to deal with their rich jerk. It turns out he’s an old guy who was also poisoned by accident. The girls’ neighbor (and former sorority sister) was with them the night they died (and paid for their drinks). So naturally when Chloe and Lucifer go to confront her, she grabs a knife and holds it to Chloe’s throat. Thanks to a save from Lucifer’s phone, Chloe gets the drop on the woman and takes her down (after venting some of her frustrations about being lied to for girls’ night. But it turns out things may not be so off with her and Maze. Apparently in the missing half hour that Chloe can’t recall, she and Maze agreed to move in as roommates. It helps, I suppose, that Maze likes Trixie. And I’ll admit, I can’t wait to see more of them! Maze is really becoming a more well-defined character and I like that she is finding out who she is outside of her connections with Lucifer and Amenediel.

But while Chloe may have her life moving forward in the right direction (and Maze even got Lucifer to pour her a drink), Amenediel is back to seeing all the doom and gloom in their situation. He rightly points out that Lucifer hasn’t held up his end of the bargain with their father and if God decides to take back what he gave to Lucifer, Chloe could be in real danger. I get that Lucifer thinks he is so clever and has found a loophole but I’m inclined to believe Amenediel on this one. God put Charlotte in Hell for a reason (we still don’t know entirely what it was) and he clearly wants her back there. Case in point, as Chloe is heading off to drop off a deposit on an apartment, someone slams into her car, leaving us with a big old cliffhanger for next week’s episode. Bring on the next obstacle to Lucifer having Mama Morningstar in his life. I suspect he’s going to regret his decision when he sees that Chloe really is in danger. After all, his whole deal was to keep her safe.

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