Thursday, August 6, 2015

Falling Skies 5.06: "Respite"

“The aliens haven’t shown up here because you’ve been lucky. Your luck will run out and your son should be prepared.”
- Tom

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Just by the title you could assume it would be kind of a slow paced episode. And it was to an extent. Yes there were a couple of plot points that occurred that were important and move the overall plot forward. But it was very slow and kind of the calm before the storm. With only 4 episodes left in the series, part of me just wanted to go full steam ahead until the bitter end. I mean Sleepy Hollow season did that and it was fantastic. But there is also a part of me that felt like the pause was needed. The characters themselves needed the breather to collect themselves and rally for the final fight ahead. So, I guess I’d say I liked the episode but it did feel like it dragged a bit.

We open with a woman stitching Tom up. He wakes up and kind of freaks out at her before remembering he was shot in the leg and grimacing in pain. The woman locks him in a room and before long he’s confronted with a large man with a shotgun. It turns out Tom has been taken in by a family who hasn’t been touched by the war. And they want to keep it that way. After sharing a tearful moment at dinner, Tom learns that the children don’t know anything about the war. He’s kind of baffled by this. I know his kids are in the thick of it (Pope’s opinion be damned) but not everyone’s children need to be turned into soldiers.

As Tom is starting to settle in a little bit (and meets the older kid, Kyle), Hal and Isabella are on his trail. Not long after they have to abandon the truck due to lack of gas, they happen upon the hornet that abducted Tom. It’s in bad shape and Hal helps it shuffle off the mortal coil so to speak. They find Tom’s jacket and a trail to follow through the woods so they are well on their way. As night falls, Hal gets Isabella to open up a little about her father. She claimed he was history buff when Hal explained about the 2nd Mass and we learn that her father was a Mexican diplomat. Interesting. For some reason I assumed she was either from Latin America or Spain proper. They share a kiss which is seriously going to complicate things back at camp.

Speaking of, the 2nd Mass has made it to Fayetteville to a whiskey distillery. Anne thinks the location is kind of ironic and ribs Weaver a bit about it but according to Cochise this is where the Espheni communications device is being housed. So Weaver sends out scouts to see what they can find. It turns out to be Marty who ultimately discovers what the Espheni are hiding. He’s trying to repay Weaver for saving his life (first by carrying his bags and then setting up his tent) so Weaver sends him on a whiskey run. He finds the drink but also what turns out to be a hub for the trans-dimensional communication method the Espheni used (with scooping up bits of gravel to make the little rock thing). Weaver touches the device and gets a nasty headache from it. He also sees a whole horde of Overlords communicating. Well damn!

Finding the tech they were after isn’t all that’s going at camp. Maggie is desperate to be free of the spikes and the influence of other people (namely Ben) and so she asks Anne to remove them with a Volm device. Anne says she needs Maggie as she is and says once the war is over, she’ll do it. Not satisfied, Maggie broods enough for Cochise to go against Anne’s wishes and agrees to help Maggie. He gets through two-thirds of the procedure when the last spike digs in deep. Anne manages to get it out before it kills her and Maggie is lucky that she is alive and her spinal cord is still intact. She can even stand up and walk around on her own. That’s all fine and good but Anne is still pissed that Maggie went behind her back and Ben is heartbroken because Maggie didn’t even tell him what she was doing. Poor Ben. I felt so bad for him.

Back on the farm, Tom gets into a bit of a heated discussion with Alicia (the woman we saw stitching him up at the top of the hour) about Kyle. After Tom has a talk with him, he points out that Kyle is angry and wants answers. Alicia can’t keep sheltering him. Eventually the war will come to their doorstep and he will have to know the truth. Alicia still isn’t having any of it until Kyle runs off and Tom finds him in the woods near a depowered Mech. So Tom gives him the short version of the state of the world and Kyle proclaims he wants to fight. Tom points out that his mother wouldn’t approve but this is a kid of a soldier who died in action. He wants to live up to his father’s memory. Teary-eyed, Alicia eventually admits that Kyle can go with Tom just as Hal and Isabella show up.

Reunited, they head off to meet up with the 2nd Mass, leaving Kyle behind. Tom points out that there will be battles to fight after the war is won and will need to be led by families and strong men like Kyle. There is time for a short reunion at camp before Weaver shows Tom their Espheni find and Hal is caught between two women now that Maggie has no spikes. So awkward! Honestly, Hal is my least favorite of the Mason boys and I kind of wanted to see Ben happy for once. That clearly isn’t going to happen with Maggie choosing Hal. And I am not interested in another love triangle for Hal. Here’s hoping it’s a small part of the final four episodes.

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