Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Kyle XY 1.09: “Overheard”

“You took me in when I had no one. You made me feel safe and cared for and loved. You made me feel like I was your son.”
- Kyle

In this penultimate hour of “Kyle XY” season 1, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey along with Kyle and the Tragers. There are a couple of subplots that can be rattled off quickly before we really dive into the meat of the episode. Josh is freaking out because midterm grades are due and he is worried that he bombed. Luckily, he does far better than he expected. Lori, Hilary and Amanda have their own relationship drama going on. Lori is worried that Declan is ditching her and hooking up with someone else, Hilary has a secret guy in her life and Amanda is worrying about her confirmation. All is revealed by the end of the episode.

The bulk of this episode focuses on the company Foss used to work for finding out that Kyle is alive. They send their head of security to find Foss and Kyle and to eliminate them both. While that threat looms, Kyle is struggling with how and if to put his past behind him. Declan keeps pushing that he should still keep looking, Foss be damned. And Nicole is concerned that Kyle says he doesn’t want to look into his past anymore. She feels she is failing him as a therapist. Kyle discovers pretty early on in the episode that he is developing a new skill. He can focus his attention on one sense and enhance it. He listens in on a conversation a long distance away at the park (Josh is hoping this can help with learning if his grades are in) and it works. But he gets a bright painful flash of light in his head and he has to stop. He even goes so far as to lie to Josh about it working. Instead, he enlists Declan’s help. He wants to find Foss and use this new ability to try and find out what he can about his past.

In order to listen in on Foss, they first need to find him. This requires Kyle using his new skill to twist the arm of the receptionist at the security company. They snag his address and head off just as Foss arrives to work. Lucky for the boys, the guy tailing Foss doesn’t see them. But Foss does and slips into his car, gun out, to have a little chat. He warns the guy to stay away from him and says that they will never find Kyle because he is long gone. Obviously that’s a lie that may come back to bite him. Kyle and Declan manage to get to Foss’s apartment but not before Foss somehow gets there first. He’s talking to whoever he’s working with and Kyle overhears snippets of the conversation. Some sort of extraction plan is in motion and Foss needs to stay out of it. Kyle tries to listen harder when he catches the sound of Nicole and Lori’s voices and it causes more flashes. Luckily, thanks to Declan’s quick thinking and slightly criminal mind, they avoid being seen by Foss as he leaves and they manage to sneak into the apartment through a window. Did I mention I adore that this is really the solidification of the Declan and Kyle bromance? They break in and find Foss’s set up with all the computer monitors and cameras in the Trager house. They don’t have any time to do anything really before Foss comes back. They hightail it out of there but he sees them running on the street below and the guy he tussled with earlier spots Kyle and starts following after him in his car. This is not going to end well.

Declan and Kyle head to the beach carnival going on in town and the company guy follows them. He is trying to get a chance to get Kyle alone so he can kill him. But first Kyle and Declan are glued at the hip and then Kyle ends up going on the carrousel with Amanda. Elsewhere, Lori bitches to Declan about him being so secretive about spending time with Kyle. They really do have trust issues. On the ride, Kyle starts trying to use his newfound ability and it leads to disturbing revelations. First off, Charlie is cheating on Amanda by sleeping with Hilary (hence her new mystery man) and then Kyle spots Foss and the man with the gun. Our stalker doesn’t get a chance to shoot Kyle though because Kyle has overdone it and he ends up having a seizure.

I have to admit that the scene where Kyle started seizing on the ride was pretty freaky. Well done, Matt Dallas. Luckily Kyle’s vitals are stable and apparently his MRI is normal (which Nicole picks up on). The company had paid off a radiologist to lie about the results to protect whatever they think Kyle has that could damage the company. While Declan slips in to have a chat with Kyle, Lori gets confirmation of Hilary’s traitorous liaison. Declan urges Kyle to tell the Tragers the truth about what they’ve been investigating when Kyle reveals the man with the gun. He is about to spill things to Nicole after a really touching scene where she apologizes for not being able to help him as a therapist and he tells her that she gave him a home and family when he needed them most when the detective who had been investigating Kern’s murder shows up with some surprising news: Kyle’s biological parents have been located. They rush into the room and Kyle stares at them in confusion. Honestly that is totally a season-ending move for a lot of shows to pull. The fact that we get a whole episode to explore this before we even conclude the season is kind of an interesting plot twist.

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