Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer DVR Dump: 12 Monkeys 1.12: “Paradox”

“See while you’re busy saving Cole, the rest of the world, someone has to figure out how to save you.”
- Aaron

Things are really getting twisted and crazy now. In 2043, while Jones points out that Cole isn’t going to come back even though he survived the splinter to 2015, they can still move forward and rebuild their research. They find a few things of interest that weren’t known before, like the group Goines ran gets a new CEO in 2015. And that new CEO is of course Jennifer. She’s still a bit crazy but it’s obvious the 12 Monkeys are pushing for this. Jones takes a little time to look over some trinkets from her past, including the music box and her daughter’s baby blanket. Interesting how things just keep linking back up. I have to say I’ve enjoyed seeing not only Cole and Cassie’s tory unfold but Jones’ too. She seemed like such a harsh person when we first met her but now we’ve seen her with some real vulnerabilities and flaws.

In 2015, Cassie goes on a mission to hunt the present version of Dr. Jones. Hair and makeup really can make someone look so much younger. It’s a testament to the art department on this show that they made the actress look so much younger than she does in the future. Cassie brought a fake gun to the party to try and convince Jones to help but Jones responds with a knife. Yeah that wasn’t your brightest move Cassie. Back in Maryland, Aaron shows up to check on Cole and Cole goes into cardiac arrest. For a minute there I thought he was going to let Cole be dead because that would keep the timeline unchanged and that’s what the Army wants. But he ends up calling Cassie and manages to revive Cole with a shot to the thigh.

Jones finally agrees to go see Cole when Cassie whips out some of her research from the future. Oh and it turns out the little piece of paper future Cassie gave Cole was Jones’ address. Nice tie-in there writers! It seems even before the plague was released Jones was working on Project Splinter. Very interesting indeed. After getting back to the bookshop and drawing some of Cole’s blood, Jones realizes that he is in fact dying from all the temporal jumps. Cole is ready to give up it seems but Cassie is not. It’s clear they both mean a lot to each other. And it seems Jones has always known about Cole (which is probably why she wasn’t worried about him being dead in 2015). But together, Jones and Cassie figure out a possible way to save Cole. Find his younger self and introduce some uncorrupted DNA into older Cole’s system to create a paradox and hopefully fix the issue. Risky for sure but it just might work.

Aaron is still trying to save Cassie (though I can’t see how that’s even possible) and so he contacts Olivia to make a deal. I’m kind of frustrated with their scenes because we never actually get any useful information out of them. They always end right before Olivia gives up the goods. I know they need to build suspense and we will likely find out what was said before the end of the season but this the second time this has happened. If it’s not important enough to share with the audience (even if it isn’t with Cole and Cassie yet) then leave it out.

Speaking of Cole, Cassie and Jones have tracked down the current day Cole (who is like 8) and his father to a garage. Things don’t go well at first. Cassie tries lying and saying they are making sure they weren’t exposed to E.coli but then when she tries the truthful route, Cole’s dad pulls a shotgun on them. Ultimately it’s a name drop of the Army of the 12 Monkeys that gets papa Cole to consider what Cassie has said. Apparently Cole’s mom (who it sounds like wasn’t married to Cole’s dad and who took off a while ago) had ranted about the Army and that Cole needed to be kept safe. So Cole’s dad brings him back to Maryland where adult Cole sees his father and his dad knows it’s really his son. I guess we might see Cole restored to health after all.

As Cassie draws blood from young Cole, adult Cole gets a few minutes to bond with his father again. Understandably, papa Cole is a tad overwhelmed by everything that’s going on and ducks outside. Cassie follows but doesn’t have much time to reassure him before Aaron calls. I swear I thought he was going to abduct her and he nearly does. But she punches him and starts to run back to the shop. But the Army has already found them. Thanks to Aaron being a traitorous asshole. But Cassie, Jones and young Cole get out of the shop in time to avoid being killed by the paradox. Sadly, Cole’s father in trying to let them get away gets shot and killed. We finally have the origin of the flashes Cole has been having. He’s remembering witnessing this from two perspectives. Freaky! But he does inject himself with his younger self’s blood and it works. It wipes out his ability to time travel ever again (and apparently his clothing) but he seems kind of okay with that. And Jones has decided to keep her unborn baby (good choice). Cassie now has to focus on finding Aaron again and hopefully throwing down some punishment. But she’s a little worried about leaving young Cole in CPS custody. Cole says everything will be fine as we see a young Ramse introduce himself. I wondered if Cole would let it happen, knowing that Ramse has gone back in time and everything.

In the future, bits of English Ivy start growing on the time machine and they are red. I feel like they are linked to the paradox Ramse was involved in. And it appears Deacon may be alive and leading some really creepy pale-faced people into the lab building. I’m not so sure if they are the Army or if they are aliens because I swear they looked like aliens to me.

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