Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Kyle XY 1.10: “Endgame”

“It’s good to see you again, Kyle. I’m Adam Baylin.”
- Adam Baylin

Well folks we have reached the end of our journey with Kyle and the Tragers. We pick up pretty much right where the last episode left off with the Petersons showing up claiming to be Kyle’s real parents. They spin a story that sounds rather plausible. He has no belly button due to surgery to correct physical defects at birth and he disappeared in Hong Kong five years earlier on his way to school. Kyle is skeptical and Lori and Josh are pretty much in denial, too. But it seems Kyle has a little time to think about things. While they wait on a DNA test, he and Josh go to Amanda’s confirmation. It’s a little awkward given that Kyle knows Charlie is cheating on Amanda but there’s not much he can do. It’s not his place to drop that truth bomb on Amanda.

It seems that Declan is also skeptical of the Petersons’ identities and he and Kyle try to look for clues about who they could really be or how they tie in to everything that Kyle remembers. Kyle hammers the Petersons with questions later on about where they are from, if they had any pets or how they knew Professor Kern or Adam Baylin. They don’t have answers but they do share a story that would explain why Kyle sleeps in a tub. Still, Kyle isn’t really believing it. Amanda pops by to thank Kyle for her gift (a Saint Collette necklace) and they have a chat in Kyle’s tub. It was a really nice little scene between them where Amanda says that maybe Kyle needs to find a saint of his own to help him through the bad times. And things get even tenser when Steven shares the news that the DNA test came back as a match. Kyle declares that he’s not going anywhere with the Petersons because they are strangers to him and the Tragers are his family. It seems everyone is having a little trouble with the separation (even if Nicole won’t admit it). Kyle takes off shortly before the Petersons show up for dinner and ends up at a church. He chats with a man about faith and finding answers. I have to admit, I’ve seen that scene probably three or four times and I only just confirmed this time who that man was (more on that later). With newfound determination, Kyle heads out and plans to go home when the man from the company Foss worked for appears. That threat still hasn’t been neutralized. Lucky for Kyle, he gets drugged and grabbed for the mercenary guy can get to him.

Now I know it sounds weird to say he was lucky but he really was. Foss grabbed him and brought him to the spot where he woke up the woods the first time. Being there, Kyle remembers more of the night Kern died. He gets pieces of the puzzle that Kern worked with Adam Baylin and the company they worked for wanted Kyle dead. Kyle doesn’t have much time to process this because the mercenary starts shooting. He hits Foss which gives Kyle the chance to learn how to drive a car under fire (literally). I guess he’s got to head home now where the Nicole and Steven are kind of bonding with his parents. But Foss does tell him that the reason he has no memory of anything before then is because for all intents and purposes he didn’t exist.

Kyle heads back to the Tragers and has a miraculous change of heart and memory. He recounts a tale of a family vacation at age nine and he says he’ll be ready to leave with the Petersons the following morning. As you can guess, the Trager children are not happy about this. Lori feels guilty for not caring if Kyle was around for so long. And Josh just feels betrayed that Kyle would choose to go with people he doesn’t even know. Declan also can’t fathom Kyle’s change of mind. But they throw him a going away party anyway which turns out to be super awkward. Charlie is there and he tells Kyle that the cheating with Hilary is just physical. Of course Hilary overhears this and throws her drink in Charlie’s face (good girl). Still, Amanda is clueless about everything and it’s honestly a little pathetic that she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Later, everyone shows up to say goodbye and Kyle tells Declan that he left some things in his room. As Declan is checking out the box of stuff (a National Geographic about Hawaii, a toy sailboat) and realizing Kyle made the whole thing up, Nicole finally loses it. It would appear Kyle is going to get some answers though about his past and who he is. The Petersons were provided with the proper genetic material to fool the DNA test and they drop him off at a big mansion where Kyle finds the man from the church; Adam Baylin. Kyle seems pretty excited to finally get some answers but we won’t know what they are this season (if you want to know, I highly recommend you check out seasons 2 and 3).

Even though Kyle seems to be finding the truth about his past, the company is still out to get him. They have a feeling Adam is involved and is keeping Kyle safe. But one way or another they plan to eliminate them both. And hey, because things aren’t creepy enough, they have another subject they’ve been tending to this whole time; a female subject 781228. I thought it was an interesting reveal and a bit of a cliffhanger for sure.

I had a blast reliving the first steps on Kyle’s journey to learning who and what he was and how it affected all of the people in his life. We’ve seen him go from blank slate to a person with emotions and morals. It was a very fun little show and I am sad that ABC Family chose to cancel the show after 3 seasons. There was so much more they could have done with the premise.

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