Saturday, August 29, 2015

Falling Skies 5.09: "Reunion"

“We’ve both been given a second chance. It’s important that we make it count.”
- Tom

The end is almost here, gang. We have reached the penultimate episode and I still can’t imagine what’s going to happen in the finale! Things seem to be going pretty well for the 2nd Mass this week. They are marshalling their forces (other militias) to converge on DC in the next day and they’ve even managed to secure their own communication line so the Espheni can’t listen in! Elsewhere in camp, Ben is cooling off after touching the Espheni hub. It’s been at this for a while, pulling pieces of information out of what he overhears. The big thing is the Espheni have a Queen and she’s arrived. They don’t know exactly where and Weaver and Anne veto Ben going in for another jolt (even though Tom wants him to). Ben is just frustrated that he could be helping more and he can’t. He even tries to talk Maggie into helping him convince his parents to let him go back in. She’s not having it, though.

Because we are in the final stages of this war, as people are packing up supplies, Tom gets another vision from Rebecca. He ends up at the beach nearby and she has some explaining to do. First off, she’s the only member of her species left after the Espheni wiped them out to make Skitters. That’s interesting. Second, a giant ship appears out of the water with Tom’s beamer attached to it. Rebecca says that she finds species and uses them accordingly. She created mutual trust with Tom and now she wants him to deliver a weapon to the Espheni Queen. If it works, it will wipe out all of the Espheni everywhere on Earth. They’ll never be a problem again. That kind of reminded me a little of the Borg on Star Trek. You infect the Queen and all the drones get scrambled and thrown off course.

While Tom is out becoming a possible suicide bomber, Matt and Maggie are out on patrol. They head out into the woods and Matt hears someone moaning. Lo and behold it appears to be Lexi (although looking far more human than last we saw her trying to destroy the power core). She’s weak and in need of medical help. Maggie doesn’t trust her after what happened with Captain Marshall and I can’t blame her. Weaver and Anne have similar doubts when Matt brings Lexi back to camp. Weaver warns Anne not to let the thought of Lexi being alive get into her head since Lexi is half Espheni to begin with and she could be a spy. So they lock Lexi up and Anne is really cold to her, not even worrying about her need for medical assistance. Bad doctor! But when Tom gets back and talks to Lexi, the story she tells about being saved and landing in the water is a familiar one. He believes fake Rebecca may have saved Lexi and sent her to them at that time to guide them with destroying the Espheni. And Lexi is worried about the Queen, too. She says that it means the Espheni have gone from invasion to occupation. Well damn!

It seems Lexi will get a visit from all but one of her brothers. Hal isn’t interested. He’s trying to protect himself, although he does tell Isabella that if he’s wrong about Lexi, he’ll be first in line to apologize. This pisses Matt off because he doesn’t see Hal’s point of view. Maybe it’s because Matt is so much younger or maybe he just hasn’t been so touched by the war, but he wants to believe that his sister is back. Ben is more in line with Hal and Anne. He doesn’t trust her, although he does deliver med supplies courtesy of Tom.

Ben is still at it with the communications hub even though he is clearly not looking well. He can barely stand up or write but he gets a clue that will prove pivotal to the war effort. Once he can decipher it. Before the gang can do that, though, they have one last stand against Pope. He gets blown to hell thanks to some quick thinking from Tom and Weaver. Good riddance. As I’ve said before, I found his character to be really annoying this season! Oh and Anthony ended up saving Anne from getting shot so that was good (although he got shot himself). Anne is less than willing to use the Dornia device if it could hurt humans (she tested it on a rat and it died instantly). But thanks to Marty and his biochemistry degree, they work together and find a way to block to pathogen released by the device so it won’t hurt humans. That’s a very good thing because while Tom is down chatting with Lexi, she attacks him and Anne has to use the device on it. It kills her and it turns out she was another of the plants like Marshall after all. The Espheni are coming after Tom. But hey, they figure out where the Queen is hiding out. The foot of the Lincoln Memorial (which I figured out as soon as Ben wrote down “foot of the giant”). Why Tom doesn’t just hop on the radio right then and share the news is beyond me.

He and Anne have to share a moment of sadness over it not being Lexi and Anthony gets back in the 2nd Mass (sort of) before all hell breaks loose yet again. Thousands of skitters and hornets are on their way toward the 2nd Mass before Tom has time to even tell the other militias where to meet up with them. I have a feeling the series finale is going to be one hell of a battle. I’m worried for all of our 2nd Mass crew but mostly for Ben. He really didn’t look all that good. But I have faith that the writers will wrap up the show with a satisfying ending. I don’t want everything to be hunky dory at the end but I would like to see our heroes finally succeed and retake the planet for the human race.

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