Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer DVR Dump: 12 Monkeys 1.10: "Divine Move"

“If Cole is right, we don’t have a future. I can do this alone but I don’t want to.”
- Cassie

The rift between Ramse and Cole is widening as time goes on. Cole gets sent back to 2015 and while he’s gone, Ramse takes it upon himself to torch all of the research Project Splinter has done and takes off with the injections needed to allow Cole to splinter properly. Without them, there’s no more time travel. He, Elena and their son escape to a nearby camp where Ramse promises that they will be ahead of Project Splinter when they come looking. Ramse also spots The Sisters (a group of women who survive outside of camps and scavenger groups and who blame men for the apocalypse. That night, Ramse goes for a visit because he saw the symbol for the Army of the 12 Monkeys on their carriage. Of course, who should pop out but Jennifer Goines, crazy as ever?

In 2015 Cassie and Aaron are enjoying a little alone time when Cole shows up and puts a giant wet blanket on the whole thing. Aaron has some not very nice words for our hero, including that Cole doesn’t know what he’s doing and he keeps getting Cassie killed. Cassie is a little happy to see Cole (I’m pretty sure where she and Aaron want to admit it, she’s got a connection to Cole that’s more than just their attempt to avert the end of days). Cassie and Cole head off to find the scientist that created the plague virus. They find his husband dead instead. But they do discover the scientist’s notes which Cassie interprets at a bar. It seems that virus’ origins were found in the 1980s in Japan. Hence why Cole will eventually have to head to Japan in 1987 to confront Leland Goines back then. Before they get any further, Cole gets pulled back to the future and Cassie drunkenly tries to find out what kind of test animals would be used when the Army needs to test the new virus. Aaron finds her having come to the realization that scotch won’t heal the apocalypse. She begs him for his help even though Aaron is still against the idea of helping Cole. But they track a shipment of test monkeys to a container yard and split up to try and find them. Cassie gets lucky and finds the scientist (with lots of dead monkeys). He says that the Army threatened to kill his husband if he didn’t finish the virus. We know that was a big load of crap, given how long he’s been dead. Cassie tries to get information out of him about where the virus is going but he doesn’t know. He begs her to kill him so the Army can’t keep using him to make the virus but in the end she can’t bring herself to do it. So she tells him to get lost in a deep dark hole and never come out. Meanwhile, one of the people working for the Army (the woman from the Red Forest episode) confronts Aaron. It seems she’s willing to make a deal with him to keep Cassie safe. I knew I didn’t trust him even before this and I guess I have a pretty good reason now. Cassie meets up with Aaron in a bar later and she’s led to believe things are okay between them.

Cole is not doing so well health-wise when he gets back to 2043 and Jones ends up hooking him up to a machine that is supposed to stabilize his molecules so they don’t break down for a little longer. They all agree Ramse needs to be found but Cole makes Jones promise not to kill Ramse. Of course when Whitley asks what he does if it’s the injections or keeping Ramse alive, she clearly wants the injections. While Ramse is off getting talked at in circles by Jennifer (and getting a necklace of some sort), Whitley and his men enter the camp. They can’t find the injections and in the ensuing scuffle Elena gets shot. Whitley, for his part, shoots his guy who pulled the trigger. And back at base, Whitley refuses to go after Ramse again because he figures Ramse should have a chance to be a father to his son for a little while. Ramse gets back and promises Sam he will always protect him and then he takes the injections and heads off. I’m guessing he’s going to return them thanks to what Jennifer said.

Turns out I was horribly wrong about Ramse’s intentions. He takes out Whitley and his men (though he doesn’t kill Whitley) and then makes his way through the facility to the core room where he angrily confronts Jones. He sets a bomb on the time machine and makes sure she knows what she is doing is over. She tries to play on his new parental affection by pointing out all the parents who lost children to the plague. Max (the chick from the West Seven who teamed up with Project Splinter) tries to talk Ramse down but she gets shot for her trouble. But at least it distracts Ramse long enough for Jones to grab the bomb and to lock him in the splinter chamber. That probably wasn’t the best move they could have made, especially given he has the injections and he jabs himself in the leg with one. He plans to go back to stop his son from losing his mother. Unfortunately, before he burst in, Jones was getting the coordinates set for Japan in 1987. She explains to Cole that this is his last jump. His body just can’t take the stress anymore and likely, if Ramse survived the trip, he’s going to try and hunt Cole down and stop him. That seems okay with Cole because after what his friend has done, he’s willing to kill him. And just as the episode ends, we see Ramse come out in 198 Japan and he’s blind and confused. I guess Cole will have to deal with his best friend after all.

I honestly wasn’t expecting Cole and Ramse to end up on such different sides of this near the end. The more I think about it, when the show started I just envisioned Ramse as a background character. I didn’t think he would play such a huge part in Cole’s journey. But now both of our heroes (Cole and Cassie) have to contend with people they care about trying to stop their efforts.

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