Thursday, August 20, 2015

Falling Skies 5.08: "Stalag 14th Virginia"

“Right now we have the upper hand. Right now we have the advantage. If we could push that advantage, if we could work together we could win.”
- Tom

As you may recall, last week ended with the majority of the Mason clan being convicted of treason and sentenced to death. This week we begin in media res with some choppy shots of a firing squad getting ready to perform their duty and a person being walked out with a hood over their head. Cut back to seven hours earlier, we find Tom and Hal locked in separate cells in the brig. Ben gets dragged in a little while later and he’s looking pretty bad. He hasn’t had any more spikes removed but he’s still trying to heal from the last one. Tom is outraged that they would torture his son and I don’t blame him. Ben is a teenager. A kid. That has to be illegal, even in the military. Weaver is still trying to convince Marshall that all of this is crazy but she’s definitely not listening. She bids him good night and then heads out on a patrol.

Being clever, Weaver hides in the back of her truck and sees her meet with an Espheni overlord. You had to see that coming a mile away. I mean she’s acting so paranoid and crazy. Weaver kills the overlord and hoofs it back to camp. He’s got some Masons to save. Some of the 2nd Mass gets rowdy and wants to see Tom and the boys but Marshall shows up and orders them all confined to the internment area. Yeah, this whole plotline is making the civil rights activist in me twitch. It seems some of the men in the 14th Virginia feel the same way. One of the guys, Wolf, whom Weaver knows is willing to follow Weaver to see the dead overlord. They come up with a plan to see who is willing to stand with them and judge how Marshall reacts. So they drag the overlord back to camp.

While Weaver is making pots of his own, Tom is doing his best to bond with the guard and starts to bring him over to the light. The guy admits he doesn’t think it is right to be killing people and the more he listens to Tom, the more he realizes they aren’t traitors. So he agrees to help them. Which is a good thing because Ann is too trusting and gets locked up after she admits to her patient that Lexi was half Espheni. I figured they had to bring that up at some point. Wolf returns with the dead overlord just as Weaver runs into Isabela and Maggie and orders them to meet up with Matt and Cochise and company. Marshall’s reaction is burn the body and get back to post. It should have been to send troops out and get hunting. So Weaver how has a decent chunk of people on his side willing to go to DC for the final fight. And Tom and the gang get broken out of the brig.

Their full-on escape attempt doesn’t end well for the gang. Tom and the guard (Shelton) get to the weakness in the perimeter but Ben and Hal get caught. Some gunfire erupts and Wolf gets shot trying to protect the boys. Tom takes off after Marshall ha everyone rounded up and Shelton gets shot by the pig soldier that tried to rape Maggie and Isabella. So the firing squad is still a big fat go. It’s kind of distressing really. I thought they were going to overthrow Marshall and she would be the only one getting shot. Alas, that prediction didn’t really come true.

But it wasn’t all bad in the long run. Anne gets to give a rousing speech to the 2nd Mass about how she hopes they will find their humanity again once the war is over and if that means she has to die for that to happen, then so be it. It was definitely a Mason-worthy speech for sure. The soldiers put hoods on all four “traitors” (Wolf gets lumped in too) but the when it comes time for the firing squad to do their duty, they don’t pull the trigger. And then the cavalry arrives led by Tom in a big ass truck. The rest of the 2nd Mass that was still at their old camp is with them and they take control of the situation pretty quickly. Maggie shoots the pig when he started to take aim at Tom and company and Weaver ends up stabbing Marshall to keep her from shooting. Then things just get bizarre. She’s bleeding black so she’s not really human. We don’t really get any answers on what she was other than some kind of Espheni creation. She might be the real Marshal with some alien enhancements. Who knows? But it’s kind of tragic nonetheless. And I have to admit that the closer we get to the finale with all the Masons still breathing, the more I get jumpy every time they are in a bad situation. At this point, I’m hoping the rumors are wrong and none of them die.

Tom gets to give a rousing speech of his own about how it is a little confusing in the war when enemies look like friends and friends look like enemies (at which time he brings out Cochise as a prime example). It rouses the rest of the 14th Virginia to side with the 2nd Mass so they’ve got some numbers on their side. Huzzah. And as Weaver and Tom study the Espheni device, Ben’s spikes light up and he offers to use the device to see if he can learn any information. He finds the overlords chanting to some higher being. Cochise seems baffled as if the higher being is a myth or something. I hope we learn more about it in the next episode. I wish the episode had ended at that point but it didn’t. We got stuck with the guy that Anne patched up with maggots running from camp and gets scooped up by Pope’s gang of drunken brawlers. Seriously, Pope used to be interesting and he was making some good character growth. Now he’s just disgusting and I hope Tom kills him next time they cross paths. And that should be next week because Pope now knows that Tom is alive.

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