Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blindspot 1.11: “Cease Forcing Enemy”

“I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’ll never forgive myself for what happened. Please, just, if I’m going to be able to keep going, I need to find the people who did this. The people who tattooed Jane.”
- Patterson

It has been quite a while since we last saw Jane Doe, Agent Weller and the rest of the team. If you’ve forgotten where we left off, the creepy head of the CIA has been killed and Jane has just learned that she orchestrated all the tattoos and memory wipe on herself! Oscar (her former fiancé) cuts her loose and tells her that in time, he will reveal all (per her plan) but she’s not having any of that. They get into a bit of a scuffle and she threatens to tie him down and torture the information out of him but that doesn’t really work. He tells her not the trust the FBI and also tells her that if she can get her detail lifted, she should meet him at a particular place and he’ll tell her who she really is.

She still has to deal with the drama of kissing Weller but they don’t have time to address it because a new case awaits. Thanks to a tattoo on Jane’s thigh, the team heads to a remote set of islands near Turkey. At first they have no idea what they’re going to find and then they happen upon a plane (fully intact with people’s stuff still in it) that went down about three months earlier. Before long, the team finds themselves grabbed by some crazy terrorists who have kidnapped the passengers and are forcing them to build tiny satellites that they want to use to take down the US military GPS system. All very dire stuff and actually rather intense in terms of how it was filmed and orchestrated. Each of our team members were tortured a bit before they were sent to hang with the hostages. The plan to take out said GPS system is being pushed forward since the bad guys think the FBI is aware of their plan.

It turns out the passengers had attempted to escape and rebel but their efforts only resulted in people getting shot in front of them. But the good news is they have a satellite phone kind of cobbled together, they just need a power source. That’s going to come from a cattle prod that one of the passengers helps Weller and Read steal. But of course, it results in Weller getting caught. Jane wants to rush off and rescue but the rest of the team talks her out of it. They manage to get a Morse code message out before the rest of the team gets dragged away. This being our team of badasses, Jane gets free of her zip ties and they all start taking out terrorists. But of course there are more of them and they’ve already gotten on the plane and it’s starting to take off.

Weller and Jane manages to get onto the plane and take out the two guards that are holding one of the passengers as a hostage (to make sure the missile they’ve strapped to the plane deploys properly). While all this crazy action is going on overseas, Patterson and Mayfair are dealing with a really annoying OPR investigator (who admittedly is far worse than Fowler ever was on White Collar). He makes Patterson feel like utter crap over David’s death and then he attempts to suspend her indefinitely for taking files from the FBI building and getting David killed. Like she doesn’t feel like shit already, dude! He’s also apparently after Mayfair’s job and he thinks he can cow her into submission. Yeah, buddy, that isn’t going to work in any reality.

Lucky for Patterson, she gets the Morse code SOS message from the team just about the time Weller and Jane manage to turn on the plane’s transponder. In a very tense few scenes, Patterson talks them through killing the engines and getting into the cockpit. But then the engines don’t start pack up again and after doing some math in her head (take that OPR prick), she gets them safely back on the ground without any of the good guys being injured.

I’m sure things are far from over for Mayfair and Patterson and this OPR douchebag, but right now Jane and Weller still have issues to work out. On the plus side, Jane gets her detail lifted. So she’s now faced with a choice: go meet Oscar and get some background information on herself or go meet Weller to discuss their budding romance. In the end, Jane chooses Oscar and she gets confirmation that she in fact Taylor Shaw (that still doesn’t explain the tooth thing but whatever) but again he’s not willing to give up anything else. He says he’s got missions for her to do and as they learn to trust each other again, he’ll share more information. But she wants to do things on her terms. When he says that they are her terms, she’s less than thrilled. I really think Jane sees herself as a completely different person than the one who came up with this plan. I suppose she could even feel like a pawn still in some crazy person’s game plan. Which wouldn’t be a stretch at all. I do think that Oscar is on her side and genuinely wants to help her and be there for her (they were romantically involved after all) but I also think Jane will refuse to throw the FBI team under the bus for any reason. She is really starting to trust Weller and his people and be valued by them. This all puts her in a very tough spot because she can’t really tell them the truth that she’s the one behind all the tattoos and memory wipe and everything. As a viewer, this also opens up so many questions: namely how she knew all of this stuff was happening. Where did she get her information to put all of this together? I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here.

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