Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Marvel’s Agent Carter 2.10: “Hollywood Ending”

“So she’s really crazy.”
“She’s a genius.”
- Sousa and Peggy

We’ve reached the end! We pick up pretty much where we left off at the end of the last episode. Wilkes expels the Zero Matter and Peggy threatens to shoot Jack if he sets off the detonator. Whether Vernon is dead is anyone’s guess but Wilkes seems to have survived. Sadly, so has Whitney and she’s threatening the team. In a rather funny bit, Jarvis arrives and hits Whitney with the car (which amuses and slightly annoys one Howard Stark who is hanging out in the back seat). But at least the SSR gang is able to make a hasty escape!

Wilkes seems to be back to himself (at least he’s free of Zero Matter) which of course renews the love triangle. I’m more and more convinced we aren’t going to get an answer to this conundrum this season (yes I know that shipping isn’t the most important part of the show but it is intriguing so sue me!). With Howard back home, he’s kind of snarky with everyone, blaming Peggy for Wilkes threatening her. Not the best thing to say to the woman, Howard. She does routinely carry a firearm and she’s damn good with it. Elsewhere, Whitney is busy working on trying to find a way to open the rift and allow more Dark Matter in (apparently the issue is that it wants to come through and consume the world pursuant to Wilkes). She’s kind of crazy and her mobster boyfriend is not pleased with how she’s acting. So he gets some advice from his Nona. She tells him to make a deal with the devil. This apparently equates to teaming up with the good guys. Yeah, I can’t honestly see this working out very well.

The mobster wants the team to help them get Whitney back to her old self but that’s not going to really happen. For one thing, she’s nuts (and probably was before the Zero Matter). But just separating her from the stuff won’t solve the problem of it being in this world. So they are going to use her research to find a way to open the rift so they can send it back to wherever it came from. This involves a somewhat elaborate plan with the mobster distracting Whitney long enough for Sousa and Peggy to sneak in and snap photos on old fashion cameras. It was kind of sweet when Sousa snapped a picture of Peggy as a keepsake from her trip to California. They really need to just kiss already! At least they manage to get out before Whitney gets back to the room.

The scientists in the gang are figuring out what the equations are for and it turns out to be a rift generator (thank you Peggy for name). It will work but the guys need to solve issues such as how to control the rift and keep more Zero Matter from leaking out. The SSR scientist also makes a rather amusing Avengers dig (saying you can’t just open a rift in the middle of a city). They manage to figure it out eventually and so Rose comes in to help build the thing (and flirt with Howard a bit). We get a brief conversation with Wilkes and Sousa about why Wilkes threatened Peggy. The answer is obvious. Wilkes knew Sousa would fold because he would have done the same thing. Wilkes is also certain that once they open the rift, Whitney will know what’s happened and show up on her own. While the scientists are working out the kinks, Jack gets the dinner orders and finds one of those pins in Vernon’s stuff. It looks like it might be a key.

We don’t have time to worry about the possible key though because it’s time to test the rift generator. They need to be sure they keep away from the generator when they try to shut it down (at least if they don’t want to get sucked in). Howard throws the switch and manages to get it going and Whitney knows she’s got to get going.

Things hit a few snags as Peggy and Jack have a chat (and he actually hands over the key pin). But they don’t have time to really resolve their issues (although Peggy says she’s not going to oust him from the New York office) because the SSR scientist may have just died when Whitney showed up. He was kind of oblivious as she walked by. The team manages to use the gamma canon to get the Zero Matter out of Whitney but the device isn’t working right to reload. So someone is going to have to stay around to push the button in the danger zone. Sousa ends up tying himself to something so that at least maybe he won’t get sucked in. It was kind of nice that everyone tried to stay to push said button. Hopefully it means they’ll find a way to save Sousa.

Thanks to Jarvis and Howard’s hover car, they manages to detonate the core of the gamma canon and close the rift (which nearly sucks Sousa in. It was nice to see everyone jump on and keep him from going flying. We actually get most everything wrapped up by the end of the hour. Whitney’s in a mental hospital. Anna and Jarvis are back home and Peggy is staying in LA (she and Sousa finally kiss and I have to admit I cheered aloud when that happened). The only loose thread is Jack. Of course he gets killed and someone makes off with the file he had on Peggy (what was really in we may never know). But I thought it did a good job of wrapping things up for the most part for all of our characters. If this is Peggy and the team’s last foray on our screens, I will be wholly satisfied with what we were given. Don’t get me wrong, I want more but I’m good with what we got.

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