Thursday, March 10, 2016

iZombie 2.14: "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind"

“Science is a marathon, not a sprint.”
- Ravi

With only 5 episodes left in the season, it makes perfect sense that all of the disparate threads of the season are really coming together quite intensely. The case of the week is only mildly interesting compared the revelations we get about many of our supporting characters. So without further ado, we will get the case out of the way. Ravi is at his favorite coffee place called Positivity, when the owner (who is super perky and upbeat) gets her head bashed in by a falling air conditioner. It quickly turns into a murder investigation when the person who owns the building points out that the air conditioner was purposely pushed. Clive and Liv look into it and find one of the employees (who happened to be Liv’s prison bunkmate that one time she got locked up on stalker brains) hiding in the bathroom smoking pot. Liv gets a vision of the employee freaking out on her co-workers after being accused of stealing. There’s also the owner’s ex-partner initially lied about his alibi but is later cleared. They’d had a legal dispute over her taking his ideas for the coffee shop and setting up the competition. Ultimately, thanks to Clive’s good police work, we learn that the owner’s daughter’s French boyfriend isn’t so French after all. He’s the son of a real estate agent who had access to the apartment in question. After talking with his lawyer, he agrees to confess to the crime and testify against his girlfriend but then she shows up at the precinct and he says he did it all on his own. As she points out, people do stupid things for love. I honestly was expecting her to say she was pregnant. Either way, she’s one cold little brat 9although she gets some money from her mom’s former partner by selling the shop).

On a more interesting front, we get some great movement on things with Liv, Major and the cure. While most of the condoms of Utopium are a wash (stomach acid is a bitch), Ravi was able to salvage some and he injects it into a test rat. Major drops by, obviously and understandably anxious about the results. After all, if they can a working cure (that doesn’t result in reverted zombieism and death) he is quite happy. The test rat is kind of crazed though which sort of freaks out Major and Ravi a bit. I couldn’t quite tell if it had started gnawing off its own fur or what was going on but it was not a good looking rat. Blaine is also not having the best of times. The drug dealer he’s been moving in on has a muscle guy who remembers how Blaine took over the corner before he got turned into a zombie and started dealing brains. It seems oddly familiar to what is happening now. So the drug dealer decides to take Blaine out of the occasion. Blaine is kind of morose for some reason (he’s playing the organ and singing) gets knocked out and dragged to the woods. I have to admit, I bet David Anders has a blast doing that kind of stuff (he’s got a great voice). Poor guy gets his throat cut and then comes to (or becomes a zombie again, it’s unclear) in the woods and scares the crap out of some bird-watching Girl Scouts.

Major’s other interesting story arc comes at the end of the episode when he gets really close to telling Liv the truth about being the Chaos Killer. He’s interrupted by Liv’s roommate (and Vaughn’s daughter) showing up. Major acts like they’ve never met but then quite obviously calls her by the name he knows her as (she’s headed off for a shower). Liv makes the connection, as I’m assuming Major expects her to, and she kicks the girl out of the house. I honestly though she was going to go full-on zombie mode on the bitch but alas, she just wants her out of the house.

Perhaps the most interesting of the character reveals, though, comes from Drake. He is supposed to see Liv that night but he has to cancel because it appears as he’s out with his boys on the town, just hanging at clubs, some other cops, led by the always wonderful (and wearing an awesome hat) Enrico Colantoni. That’s Papa Mars for you Veronica Mars fans. Man, we are so lucky that so many of the past cast has showed up on this show. It’s a great little not to Rob Thomas. Anyway, we find out through interrogation that Drake is an undercover cop (I’m guessing he got recruited after his stint in jail for beating up his mom’s boyfriend). It makes me like him even more. He refuses to break up with Liv when his supervising officer says he should do it (because it could screw up their case). He does lie about who is encroaching on the drug dealer’s turf, since he is kind of loyal to Blaine in terms of brain consumption. I have slightly higher hopes that Drake will survive the season (unlike poor, beautiful Lowell). But I don’t know how well Liv will handle both of the men in her life lying to her about such big identities.

It’s unfortunate that we have to wait a month to find what happens next. But I have a strong feeling whatever they have in store for us; it is going to just explode with goodness. This show has been so quirky and fun. Liv has really found her voice even amongst all of the brains and I really care about some of these supporting players. That’s not always easy to do with an ensemble cast. I am waiting for Clive to be let in on the zombie club though. He can’t stay on the outside forever. It wouldn’t just be believable. Besides, he’s already noticed that she takes on personality traits of the victims. It’s only a small step to zombie from there.

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