Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Blindspot 1.13: “Erase Weary Youth”

“Internal investigations are divisive. You start looking for one thing, who knows what else you’re gonna find.”
- Mayfair

There’s a mole in the FBI and that insufferable OPR agent is going to find them! Even if it means tearing our team apart in the process. In fact, I’m sure he would delight in seeing that happen, the smug bastard. But first, the impetus for the search. The woman responsible for killing David is being arraigned and she’s got the name of a Russian spy source in the FBI. But her lawyer, who works for the Russian embassy, kills her (and then is killed by a security guard). So clearly there’s a problem here. Weller is tasked by Mayfair with rooting out the mole but he doesn’t have much of a chance because Fischer (Mr. OPR) shows up and takes over everything.

He’s going to find the mole whether the team likes it or not (and boy do they not). After a dizzying series of interrogations of everyone, Fischer says that Zapata, Mayfair and Jane had numerous inconstancies and their results and are hiding something. Well, we know Jane is hiding that she knows what happened to the CIA guy (and that apparently Orion was an operation that went sideways and forced her off the grid and into this whole memory wipe, tattoo extravaganza). We also know Zapata has that gambling habit and she was being blackmailed by the CIA guy. Oh and who knows what Mayfair is hiding this time (other than Project Daylight). What’s worse is the team thinks they’ve got a possible lead at the Russian embassy on the mole (there’s some diplomats using their embassy protection to smuggle all manager of things) but Fischer has the entire building on lockdown.

Weller pulls a few strings to get his ex into the building and the agent who had been working the spy ring finally gets her source from the embassy into the building, too. Weller leans on the guy until he says he can ID the source by their face. Unfortunately, while this is happening, Fischer is still digging. Tasha admits that the CIA wanted her to spy on Jane (and Reade says the guy made the same offer to him). So she manages to explain away the bug in her house (that was meant for Jane’s safe house). Mayfair ends up dismissing things about the not-exactly-informant who was murdered by the CIA guy to keep him quiet. So now (and quite predictably), all eyes are on Jane. Fischer is almost gleeful in the way he digs into her life. He gets other agents to contradict each other and it is really looking bad for Jane. She can’t admit with was with the CIA guy obviously but she also can’t share what she knows about Orion and Oscar and all of the rest. Fischer builds up quite the narrative to make Jane fit the role of the mole and he has her arrested. Things don’t get any better when the embassy informant ID’s Jane as the source, too. I have a feeling Fischer is the mole and is just screwing everyone over. But of course, Weller promises to get things sorted out and rescue Jane from whatever hole Fischer tries to put her in. That or Oscar will find out what’s going on and knock the shit out of the mustached bespectacled ass hat.

It turns out I was right and Fischer is in fact the mole. His position at OPR gave him great cover and he could shut down people whenever they got close (although that doesn’t stop the team from doing a little in fighting first). But the team manages to catch up with Jane before she’s tossed in a dark hole somewhere, never to be seen again. She ends up killing Fischer in self-defense. But things aren’t going to go back to normal anytime soon for any of our team. It seems that Fischer was able to rattle their bond after all.

It seems Tasha believes that the CIA guy did in fact plant that bug in her house and she rants (a bit drunkenly) to whoever is listening to just call her if they want to talk and then the phone rings. Very creepy indeed and if I were her, I’d have freaked out big time. And Weller isn’t dealing with the news that Reade is dating his sister. He tells Reade to end it and then kind of blows up at his sister, ranting about how he can’t save everyone and that it takes everything out of him to try. I have a feeling he’s keeping some things in about his father that should probably be shared with his sister. And Mayfair and Reade are still both suspicious of Jane. After all, the story did seem to fit. No one (but her) can account for her whereabouts when the CIA guy went missing.

But most interestingly, is Jane. She meets Oscar on their rooftop and then demands answers, which he doesn’t give. She wants to know if she was in fact a Russian spy. She says that even though Fischer was the mole, he did get things right that Jane was responsible for the CIA guy’s death and she is a mole of a sort. Oscar isn’t giving her much information though and this just pisses her off. I would like some more definitive answers but I don’t know that we’ll get them. Especially since she says that she’s done with Oscar (when he tries to give her another mission). It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out moving forward since half the team doesn’t seem to trust Jane again and Jane is struggling to keep her own secrets in check. At some point something has to give and I really hope it isn’t Jane. I don’t like that the team is divided again because I thought we moved past all of that but if it means we get more information on what happened to Jane and what led to Orion and the need for the tattoos, then I’ll suffer through.

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