Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blindspot 1.14: “Rules in Defiance”

“They were right. Why should they trust me? Why should I trust myself? I could have been anyone before this. I don’t think I can do this anymore. I want to stop. I want to leave the FBI.”
- Jane

This was one hell of an emotional episode for pretty much the whole team. Jane spends most of it on the outs, feeling like she can’t trust herself or the team. She calls in sick but then provides a key piece of information (a suggestion really) that helps break the case wide open. By the end she’s made some decisions about what she plans to do moving forward and Oscar isn’t very pleased. She wants out of Orion and whatever their bigger plan is and she wants to just be FBI. But there are other people within their organization who won’t play nice with Jane and that includes threatening to kill Weller if Jane doesn’t cooperate. That’s not going to sit well with our heroine that’s for sure. And I realize the quote of the episode doesn’t really reflect Jane’s ultimate choice but I thought it was important to share just how many doubts she’s having about her relationship with these people (both the FBI and whoever is running with Orion).

The case of the week comes to the gang a little circuitously. Patterson notices two tattoos on different parts of Jane’s body that end up corresponding to points in the city. After doing some math (provided to them by an anonymous email) they get one point (in a triangle) that likely works. Patterson kind of gets dumped on for using the email (although she does swear she got IT involved immediately). I feel bad for her. She’s just so eager to solve these cases and help people. Lighten up! Things start to go pear-shaped when the team minus Jane gets to the location and starts banging on doors. They interrupt a police sting (oops) but they do find the clue they were meant to find: a mural of a young woman who disappeared seven years ago.

Things quickly turn extra crazy when the gang figures out that two ICE agents have been smuggling women and trafficking them near the Mexican border. The young woman they are initially led to was murdered and her boyfriend is facing a lethal injection the next day for it. But he claims he’s innocent (although he changes his tune when his family is threatened). Patterson works out the way the girls are being tagged and Zapata offers to go undercover to find out where the girls are being taken. If they can find the people who are really running the show, they can get the original victim’s boyfriend off death row and overturn his conviction.

Of course, it doesn’t go smoothly at all. Part of me wants to blame Reade and Weller bickering over Reade dating Weller’s sister but really I guess it wasn’t their fault. The driver who was working with the ICE agent drugs Zapata and some other people drag her into a van out back and take off. The driver has kept the necklace Patterson gave with the tracker in it. Almost too late, the guys realize that she is no longer on the bus.

I must admit I was honestly worried for Zapata when she woke up and one of the other women filled her in. They aren’t being sold or trafficked elsewhere. The ringleader holds parties and forces the women to dress and hands them out to his “clients” to do whatever they want. The ringleader quickly realizes Zapata isn’t the woman they were supposed to get and so he decides to make a run for it and burn the place down with all the women inside. Luckily, thanks to Jane suggesting the women weren’t being moved elsewhere, the guys arrive in time to get into a fire fight while Zapata gets the women out of the house. But she gets stuck in the basement when all of her exits are blocked. But one of the escaped women alerts Weller and Reade and they manage to rescue her before the house blows up.

One of the people who was working the ring (who started out as a victim) testifies about what happened to the other girl (a client killed her and then the ring leader made the other woman dispose of the body). So the girl’s boyfriend is free and everyone is home safe. For the most part. Jane pays Zapata a visit afterwards and expresses her happiness that she’s all right. She also admits that she missed being with the team. In an interesting turn, Zapata says that if it hadn’t been for Jane’s tattoos the women who were being held would have died because no one was looking for them. I thought that was really powerful. And at least someone is accepting of Jane. Weller’s off dealing with her rejection by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend a lot. Not that she seems to mind that much. And Reade and Mayfair are still digging into Carter’s disappearance. Reade gets a hit on some traffic camera footage (and spots Oscar) but I think Oscar takes him out before he can relay the message to Mayfair. And by taking out I mean just knocking unconscious (I hope). It also appears that Zapata has other things to worry about now, too. An Assistant US Attorney bugged her place due to her gambling issues but they don’t care about that. They want whatever she can get on the whole Carter-Jane-Mayfair drama going on. She wants to say no but the attorney threatens that she can’t afford a good lawyer so she’d end up in jail for quite some time. I really do feel bad for her. She just keeps going from one bad bullying situation to another. She’s trying to her life back on track and everyone just keeps making it harder than it has to be! She doesn’t deserve that.

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