Sunday, March 13, 2016

Once Upon a Time 5.13: "Labor of Love"

“It’s officially a cold day in hell when I move in with the Charmings.”
- Regina

As one might expect with this version of the Underworld and Disney’s Hades, we are going to get Hercules and Megara. First, the chick with the ‘tude isn’t so fiery. She’s stuck in a labyrinth type thing with Hook, guarded by Cerberus (the three headed dog) under the Library and clock tower. Hook insists they bust out. When he realizes that the dog is guarding the exit, he sends Meg on ahead and he stays to fend off the beast. The rest of the gang is still looking for Hook topside. Henry and Emma are wandering about the woods and Regina and Robin are, too. Regina thinks there might be maps of the place in the town hall so she sends Robin and Henry to check it out. Meanwhile, Snow and Charming are on a mission of their own to find Hercules. He and Snow knew each other as kids (and by knew each other, I mean he rescued her from a hunter trap and she totally had an instant crush on the cute demi-god). He shows her the medals he’s won for finishing his various labors. He has one last one: to kill Cerberus. I’m guessing if he’s in Hell, he failed that one.

While Regina and Emma are searching the woods, they find a blood trail that leads them to Meg. She’s wounded and so Emma poofs them to her parents’ apartment (which appear to just be waiting for them to kick the bucket and move in). Creepy. Snow and Charming show up and share their information on Hercules and after a little trip to Granny’s, they find where Hercules is. Snow has a nice little reunion with her friend. He can’t believe she’s a mother (let alone a grandmother). He doesn’t think he can defeat the hell beast. Even with Snow’s words of encouragement that he shared with her when she was a child and he was training her to fight against the bandits plaguing her people. Her first attempt fails but Hercules shares that he nearly failed killing the Nimean lion because he got exhausted. He only be at the thing because he dropped his torch and lit the sucker on fire. Oh boy! But it actually works and she wins over her people (much to Regina’s annoyance) and wards off the bandits. Young Snow even gets her first kiss (I totally called it!)

Hook is not having much luck with his own escape. He’s dragged into Hades’ lair and after they verbally spar a little, it is very clear that the Lord of Hell is going to make Hook very much wish he’d stayed put in his little cell. When Hercules goes to slay the beast, he wusses out and we learn that he was killed by the dog which Uncle Hades rubs in his face and then threatens Snow and Emma (including tossing Hook’s bloody hook at her feet).

While the Charmings are trying to rally, Henry and Robin break into Cora’s office. But Grandma isn’t hanging out in the office. Cruella is. She explains that the Author’s quill is a living being and when Henry broke it, he sent it to the Underworld. She wants him to use its energy to send her back to the land of the living (she reasons that he would then save Emma’s soul from having killed Cruella). I really hope Henry isn’t quite that gullible anymore (although I wouldn’t be too upset if he found a way to do and bring Neal back. But again, that’s just the undying Swanfire fan in me. Unfortunately, I think Henry is either under Cruella’s power or he’s seriously considering her offer to wipe Emma’s slate clean morally speaking because he lies to Robin about finding anything.

After a pep talk from Regina, Snow heads to get Hercules to tell her how Cerberus killed him and she vows to fight the thing with him. That’s how they are going to win. They aren’t going to have much time to prep though because the beast has found Emma and Meg and Charming. The gang splits up and Snow and Hercules end up finding Meg and then Cerberus finds them. It’s time to face the beast and it takes all three of them attacking at once to fell the beast. And then Meg falls into Hercules’ arms and they have a meet cute moment. But I have a feeling Hercules may be ascending to Olympus shortly so Meg may be on her own. And apparently I was wrong. They are each other’s unfinished business (Cerberus killed both of them) and so they get to go off to the heavens together (before Hades catches them of course). Snow also makes the bold decision that she no longer wishes to be Mary Margaret. She wants to be the strong, heroic leader she was in the Enchanted Forest. So I think they can work with that.

Well they may be able to work with for a short period of time because Hades has other plans for them. Sure he wanted them gone initially but now that they’ve mucked his tidy world order, he wants to punish them. Can we just stop for a second to acknowledge the faulty premise of the clock? It moves one minute for each freed soul. So it should have moved twice when Hercules and Meg passed. Does he not actually have control over his nephew’s soul? Would that incur Zeus’s uber fiery wrath? Anyway, he gives Hook the awful choice of choosing which of his friends will get to have their souls stuck down in the Underworld for each soul they free. That’s not going to end well for anyone. I can’t imagine he’d pick any of the people coming to rescue him save Rumple and I’m not sure Hades would actually accept that answer. I have a feeling Hades has some sort of respect for the Dark One. But we’ll find out more next week!

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