Sunday, March 6, 2016

Once Upon a Time 5.12: "Souls of the Departed"

“I’d imagine there are a lot of them here because of all of us. So let’s not lollygag.”
- Rumple

I have been waiting a long time for this show to come back on the air. As much as I bitch about Captain Swan, I am intrigued to see what the writers do with the Underworld. Besides, this is the show’s 100th episode. Who would have thought all those years ago when we first entered the sleepy town of Storybrooke, Maine, that we’d still be chugging along 99 episodes later? Anyway, before we even get to the Underworld, Emma gets a very special pre-limbo visit from none other than Neal. I have to say I cried a little when he popped up in the back of the Yellow Bug. She questions if she’s dreaming but promptly dismisses that with the notion that dreams involve talking donuts (guess we know what Neal dreams about). But he begs Emma not to go to the Underworld because it’s too dangerous. For what it’s worth, Emma would have saved him, too, if she’d known she could and how back when he died. But he assure her that he doesn’t need saving because he doesn’t have unfinished business. That still doesn’t mean I wish he did so he and Henry could get a proper goodbye! But Emma is intent on rescuing Hook so Neal gives her a kiss to the forehead and an “I love you” before she wakes up in the Ferryman’s boat.

They get to the Underworld and find it is a twisted version of Storybrooke. The gang decides to split up to look for Hook which results in a few interesting nuggets of information. As we expected, souls there have unfinished business and likely many of those are tied to our heroes. Snow encounters Prince James in Granny’s (which is now run by the Blind Witch who is kind of hilarious and not at all threatening) when he pops by and just plants a kiss on her. That was pretty icky. I mean why would James have any issue with his twin brother seeing as it was James’ own stupidity that got him killed. He was the lucky one that got raised as a prince? Anyway, Rumple is kind of in a mood (for one thing we see that he told Belle he’d be gone a day) and he just wants to find Hook and get out. I suspect he spent his time being dead in the Underworld so it brings up bad memories. He also has to contend with Pan (who runs the pawn shop now). Apparently Pan wants to start over in their relationship and so plants the seed that perhaps he could tag along back topside if someone in the crew kicks it.

The flashback this week ultimately informs some of the decisions Regina’s parents make in the Underworld. It’s her birthday and she wants Snow’s heart. Henry thinks he can get Cora to convince Regina to give up her pursuit (even though Cora is in Wonderland) but Cora ends up coming through the portal back to the Enchanted Forest. She ends up getting Snow’s heart but Henry manages to snag it back and return it to Snow before Regina can crush it. But Regina is unhappy with both of her parents and so she shrinks her father and puts him in a box and then Cora steals said box and takes it back to Wonderland when Regina banishes her. So this is set before Jefferson travels to Wonderland to retrieve said box. Interesting. But we see that both of her parents want certain things for her. And when Regina finds Cora again (Cora is now the Mayor), Cora says that Regina needs to take Robin and Henry and get out. It’s too dangerous and if Regina doesn’t take the out her mother offers, her father will suffer. Regina can’t consider taking the offer but Emma suggests she does.

All of this leads up to Rumple getting some of the potion Merida used to talk to her dad in season 5A but it doesn’t have the desired effect for Emma. Hook kind of flits in and out like a bad FaceTime video and he can’t speak. He’s also pretty bloodied up and clearly not doing so hot. Regina gets a better shot with her dad and he begs her not to go back. He wants her to be her own person and do what’s right. In the end, Regina decides not to go and Cora seems to disappear, claiming her business is finished. It looks like Henry is going to be consumed by Hell fire but he’s not. Regina’s act gave him the peace he needed and he gets to go on to a better place. I have to say Emma telling Henry earlier on that his dad is in a better place (when Henry found the Room 8 key made me misty eyed too). I did like that Henry finally got meet his name sake. It was a sweet moment.

The gang meets back up near the busted clock tower and decide that they can save other souls while they are down there in addition to finding Hook. Rumple bows out of this mission though. He’s just being a crotchety old prat honestly. I don’t quite get what his problem is but I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. As they all walk away, the clock moves (much like it did at the end of the pilot) and we see that Cora is still in the Underworld. She heads down to the space below the Library where she meets a man who we don’t know by name but it is Hades. He wanted Regina gone from the Underworld and Cora failed. We don’t know why he wanted her gone but he did. He also notes that he knows all about Zelena, too. As punishment, he turns Cora back into a miller’s daughter for all eternity. Kind of a dick move but he is the Lord of Hell after all. And then because this is a Disney owned property, his hairs turns to CGI blue flames and it looks kind of cheesy. He looks more menacing without the glowing head of fire to be honest. But I thought this was a good episode and a nice way to celebrate 100 episodes on air.

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