Wednesday, March 23, 2016

iZombie 2.15: “He Blinded Me…With Science”

“What does it mean that I find your new look weird and creepy?”
“It means you spend too much time with the dead.”
- Ravi and Liv

This episode had a lot of interesting moving parts going on that helped to push the various plotlines a little bit further along. I have to say, I didn’t see the twist coming with the case of the week. A disgraced scientist was lit on fire and so Liv (and Blaine eventually) eat her brain. It takes Liv a while to get a vision. First, she and Clive visit a former drug trial participant who sued after getting horrible facial scarring but she claims she got plastic surgery and had no motive to want the scientist dead. She points to the other scientist involved in the trial who is reduced to working in a restaurant. Liv gets her first flash that the dead scientist worked for Vaughn at Max Rager. But the visit proves unhelpful.

So, Liv decides to go undercover as it were and she gets some good information. But unfortunately she gets caught by Vaughn and kind of threatens her with incineration for meddling in his work. But she’s not going to let it go. After another vision of a zombie in the basement of Max Rager and Clive doing some digging on his end, they discover that the drug trial participant has a twin sister and the sister is the one who killed the scientist. I honestly didn’t see the twin angle coming. But it kind of made sense I suppose.

One of the more interesting aspects of being on scientist brains is that bot Liv and Blaine get to help Ravi with the latest batch of the cure. He thinks the information they’ve imparted may be useful but he can’t be sure. He’s tested the latest version on a rat and it has returned to normal but he doesn’t know how long it will last. Still, he gives Blaine a sample of it, warning it could return him to normal or it could kill him. This leads to some interesting emotions with him and his guys. For one thing, he wants to get out of the Utopium trade for now. He wants to make it look like he’s still dead. He also gives his guys the information for all of his accounts in case the cure kills him. It seems like he’s going to need to take that cure soon because he keeps coughing up blood. Definitely not a good sign for him (or Major really). I don’t want Blaine to die!

Speaking of Major, he gets a new list of zombies from Vaughn (who is really hyped up on Super Max) and then has a really awkward interaction with him and Rita/Gilda. Major is pissed that Vaughn put Rita in Liv’s orbit when he was under the impression if he did as he was told, she would be left out of it. And then Major drops the truth bomb that Rita had seduced him. Vaughn is not happy to find out Major has been getting horizontal with his daughter. This part kind of confused me a little bit since he doesn’t seem to really care all that much about his child (as is evidenced later in the episode). But he gets really violent and starts throwing things when he sees Rita’s black eye (and damn that thing looked nasty!). Major quickly gets out of there but it isn’t really a good situation for father and daughter. And as I mentioned, things get even icier later when Vaughn pontificates in the basement about how everyone will be on Super Max and it won’t matter if people get violent. And then their test zombie gets loose and Vaughn hightails it to the elevator, leaving the scientist and Rita to face the zombie alone. Rita escapes but she’s definitely covered in gore. I highly suspect she’ll be joining the ranks of the undead shortly. Vaughn just sits there and stares blankly at her through his locked office door. The guy is nuts!

The final little plot thread happening this week had to do with Liv being suspicious of Drake and his whereabouts. So she jacks his phone and cyber stalks him. She sees him go to his mom’s place and then she follows him to Boss’s office. She kind of freaks out about that. I suspect she isn’t really worried about the Chaos Killer going after her man but Blaine wants Major to get rid of Drake for not giving him a heads up that Boss was gunning for Blaine. Speaking of Chaos Killer tidbits, Clive’s FBI girlfriend found more human brains in Blaine’s dad’s Canadian cabin and then when she calls to confirm with her lab guy that cow brains are smaller than humans they find out that the other brains they tested were also human and someone doctored the report. Oh boy, that one is going to come back and bite Liv in the butt.

Liv goes to confront Drake about his criminal dealings (again we know he’s a cop undercover and everything) but he’s not going to show up. First he gets stuck on a really long call with his needy mother and then Major drugs him and drives off just as Liv pays the check and heads home, upset that Drake stood her up. I am very interested to see where several of these plot threads go over the course of the last four episodes of the season. Liv needs to find out soon about Major’s side job and that he’s got Drake. I can’t imagine that’s going to be a very good conversation on either front really. I also have a feeling that Clive is going to join the zombie club by the end of the season. I mean it can only go on for so long. The man needs to be out of the dark soon or else he just seems kind of stupid. Everyone else in Liv’s life (who seems to matter…aka not her family) knows the truth so why not Clive, too. I’m sure he’d get over the shock and still work with Liv after that.

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