Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.07: “Marooned”

“I may have the IQ of meat, but I know how to cut a deal.”
- Mick

It’s been a week since the events in Star City and the team is starting to crawl up the walls a bit. Mick is still pissed about having to leave and Snart asserting dominance over him in their little duo. Rip is going down memory lane in kind of a spiral as well. He keeps watching the last message from his wife and son on a loop until Stein interrupts him. Rip doesn’t have much time to mope because Gideon gets a distress call from the flag ship of the Time Fleet. It is a dangerous mission since the Time Masters are after them but they might be able to use the other ship’s computers to update Gideon’s system with the latest information on Savage since they’ve hit a dead ed. Mick wants in on the mission because he needs a change of scenery. Jax and Stein join Rip as well. Sara, Ray, Kendra and Snart stick around the Wave Rider.

We also see how Rip and his wife first met doing a simulation that totally reminded me of Star Trek. Unfortunately they get caught making out and Rip gets called before a disciplinary committee. It turns out that both Rip and his future wife get called before the Council and are given an hour to decide how to answer for their crimes or else both will be kicked out of service. His wife resigns and convinces the Council that he is a good man and a good soldier he just needs to prove it. So I guess that’s why they were able to have a relationship later on.

That’s not the worst of his situation in the present though. They board the other ship and are promptly attacked by time pirates. While Rip is trying to make the pirates take him seriously and let them go, Ray is having fun pretending to be Captain Kirk (or as Kendra says Picard). It had to laugh at the references. It was pretty hilarious. And luckily, Rip has some other clever aces up his sleeve. He’s set several protocols for Gideon to execute when he says certain phrases. So it sounds like he’s pimping Ray’s skills but it really sets Gideon to fight back. The Wave Rider starts shooting at the other ship (and the smaller ship too). This prompts Stein to board the other ship and he annually shuts down the targeting system manually. Unfortunately, while they initiate another protocol that uses a hologram, there’s a giant hole in the hull. Snart and Sara attempt to fix it but his freeze gun can only partially seal the breach and they get stuck on the wrong side of the bulkhead doors. Oops! Also, pretty hilarious to see Ray consider himself as Han Solo, too. The nerdy space name drops is pretty great.

Sara and Snart are still stuck when Ray and Kendra happen upon them. They can’t get the bulkhead door open so Ray decides to try and use the Atom suite to go out in space to get to them the other way. This gives Sara and Snart a chance to have an interesting conversation about death. Sara says that her death made her feel lonely, as if all the people she loved were really far away. Snart explains the closest he ever came to death was in juvenile detention when he met Mick for the first time. He was young and scrawny and a bunch of older kids jumped him. Mick saved him.

Back on the other ship, Rip and Mick get into a fight in the brig (after the other captain threatens to turn Rip in) when Rip quite brutally explains that he didn’t need Mick for his mission, but he was a package deal with Snart. Rip basically says Mick has the IQ of meat which is really mean. But this prompts Mick to try and make a deal with the pirates. I don’t know that he’s really thinking of the team at this point or if it’s just himself. In either event, Stein is still sneaking through the ship and I have a feeling he’s going to save the day in spectacular fashion. In fact, he does rescue Rip and Jax and the other captain. But it does seem like Mick is going to screw everyone over.

Ray manages to seal the hole in the hull (and he gets to remark that his and Kendra’s space date is going terribly). Sara and Snart get out of the engine room after they chat a bit about Mick being in such a dark place and being a dangerous man. Just after Kendra saves Ray’s life, Mick boards the ship with the other pirates. He made the deal to get the ship so he could go back to 2016 in Central City so he can tell Rip to suck it. I kind of wish Snart either left him in 2046 or he dies because he’s insufferable right now. While the team left on the Wave Rider take on the pirates and Mick, Rip, Stein and Jax team up with the captain to escape. Quite expertly, Rip takes out the lead pirate captain (watching Arthur kick butt was pretty awesome) and then has the ship’s computer decompress the ship and let all the pirates get sucked out. Sara, Ray, Kendra and Snart take out the rest of the pirates and Sara gets to have a pretty epic fight with Mick. She ends up beating him and they end up holding him at gunpoint. Not sure what’s going to happen next.

With everyone back onboard the Wave Rider, emotions are running high. For Kendra and Ray that means making out somewhat unexpectedly. Poor Jax, the kid can’t catch a break! And for Mick, it means a hard decision needs to be made by the team. They can’t keep him I the brig indefinitely ad they can’t risk putting him back in 2016 where he could enact revenge on various team member’s family members. So Snart makes the tough call to kill his best friend. I didn’t honestly think they’d go there but I think they did. I have to admit, though, I’m not that bothered that Mick is gone. He was kind of a nonentity and somewhat boring for most the show. He was the weakest link on the team. I can see Rip’s point that he wasn’t really integral to the team’s functioning. Everyone else has a purpose. It was a very strong episode, I thought and a nice break from the Savage drama.

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