Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.07: “June 13th Part One”

“This time, you save the cheerleader. I’ll stop the bomb.”
- Hiro

It’s finally here! The date we’ve all been waiting for. And boy do things happen! Hiro and Noah arrive at the summit and learn that Claire is actually there but she’s keeping a low profile. Elsewhere, outside the summit, Angela and Mohinder have a chat in her char. She is being a cagey as ever but it was just so good to see the two of them again I didn’t care. She’s trying to warn him that Erica is up to no good. There’s going to be human extinction level event in the next year. Mohinder seems to know this but he thinks that Evos are the answer to saving the world. Angela disagree and since she had a vision about it, I’m pretty sure we can trust her to be right on this. But she foresees that a child can save the world.

Before things get too heavy in Odessa, Hiro gets sucked into Evernow in Japan which later confuses the developer since he sees reports that Hiro dies during the explosion. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, future Noah and Hiro have to find Claire and Noah thinks they should head to the old Primatech facility. What they don’t know is that Erica has been testing Phoebe, getting her ready to create enough darkness to cover the whole summit. Basically, she’s puling a Haitian on a larger scale. Current day Noah (from June 13, 2014) shows up and is also looking for Claire. He gets sidelined by Erica after he finds out that security has been pulled from the garage area. Future Noah and Hiro overhear all of this and it becomes clear that Erica is invested in Claire is kind of a creepy way. What neither Noah realizes at the time is that there’s a lot of Claire to find. She is apparently pregnant and Angela happens upon our time travelers with the news that Claire was taken to the hospital and is in surgery. They rush to the hospital only to find that Claire has died of a heart attack in childbirth. Surprise, you’re a grandpa twice over Noah! She had twins, a boy and a girl. Turns out I was right that Tommy and Malina are twins and are supposed to save the world together.

While Noah tries to go see Claire’s body, Hiro takes off to try and stop the bomb. It’s a good thing he goes when he does because Mohinder is in a bit of a tight spot. See Angela warned him that Erica would cancel his speech and then shoot him and blame him for the explosion that’s coming. And damn if she wasn’t right! Of course, the bombers turn out to be Harris clones so you lop one off and more just grow (apparently with bomb vests already attached). Hiro takes on a couple but quickly realizes he can’t stop them because the outcome is just too catastrophic. Noah thinks if they just go back and try again it will work out but clearly that’s not happening. As Hiro points out, fate is fate. The thing is, they can save the kids. Little Nathan and Malina. So the people speculating that at least Tommy was a Petrelli were right. The line continues, even if it wasn’t from Peter. Hiro will take them back in time so that they can grow up and mature their powers to face the coming threat. That way, when Erica is looking for a baby in a year, she’ll be blindsided.

Elsewhere in the episode, we see that Luke and Joanne are treating their son’s powers as a medical condition. Every time he puts his hand in the sunlight he gets burned. I’m pretty sure that’s not a bad thing but whatever. I mean we know Luke can go supernova if he wants to. He’s actually pretty psyched about the Evos and the whole summit thing. Joanne is more skeptical that there will be anyone there who can help cure their son. It kind of informs how the two of them took on the whole killing Evos thing. Luke is clearly not as invested in it. I have a feeling once they know their son is dead for sure, that will change. But right now Luke is staying optimistic and not blaming anyone just yet.

It looks like Erica sends the Penny Man (whose name we finally learn is Casper) to wipe Noah’s memory. But because Noah seems to have a thing for partners with weird memory wipe powers they end up wiping the guard’s memories. They head to the summit and run into Molly (who had previously run into Mohinder and taken his only copy of his research) shortly before the explosion kicks off. Post-bomb, they all head to the hospital, still looking for Claire (although Noah needs medical attention) when he sees his future self wandering around the hospital floor. Hiro at this point has gone back to deposit the twins in safety (along with Angela to keep them safe). I’ll say this for Angela, she is fiercely loyal to her family. Anyway, Future Noah is going to promptly ignore Hiro’s command of not stepping on any more butterflies when he observes Erica going to the parking garage alone. He pulls out a silencer from somewhere (does he just like keep one in his coat pocket at all times?) and slinks down the hallway behind her. Current day Noah sees him and races after but the screen cuts to “to be continued” before the two Noahs meet. It makes me wonder what kind of paradox is going to happen. Although we saw in the previous show that different versions of people could interact with themselves so I guess it won’t make the world explode more (like it would on Doctor Who).

I was very glad we got all of the development this episode that we did. They are finally moving the plot along now that the pieces of the puzzle have been put in place. The bigger story can move forward and the Petrelli twins can save the world. Angela says she only saw one child but I have a feeling they will need each other to save the world. I can’t wait for Tommy to realize he has a twin sister!

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