Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.06: “Game Over”

“By imprisoning me, Erica Kravid bent time for her own benefit. That is a wrong that must be corrected. I will take you back Noah to June 13th. But promise me we will not step on any butterflies.”
- Hiro

It looks like we will finally see some more old faces this week as the characters’ paths continue to cross. Thanks to some water torture, Noah gets the original Harris to tell them where Hiro is (apparently he isn’t dead, just kidnapped by Erica and held at a Renautus facility). Taylor heads off to try and find her boyfriend but he’s gone so she melts down a little (she’s kind of useless now). She breaks into her mother’s office and steals a bunch of files to try and find her boyfriend anyway. I have a feeling that won’t work out so well. She attempts to contact Hero Truther (too bad poor kid is locked up) to reveal the truth about Renautus. Elsewhere, Ren and Miko go back into Evernow and we learn that Hiro is actually in the video game and Miko isn’t actually trying to find her father, but Hiro (or as he’s referred to, the Master of Space and Time). Sure, Erica and her tech guy try to keep her away by making the Eternal Fortress disappear) but they don’t seem to realize that Miko understand how to use the sword. So she manages to get into the facility and she and Ren start taking on the crazy Boss. Things are going their way when Ren’s battery die and leaves Miko alone. Oh boy!

Malina and Luke appear to be heading for a collision, too. He’s off leaving Joanne a voicemail letting her know he burned the house down and Malina climbs off the lumber truck, looking for Luke (that’s apparently what was in the envelope). He’s trying to buy a boat that looks like the one he and his son made years ago. They both use their powers and Malina heads off to follow Luke. Maybe if she can give him some purpose he won’t be quite so sad and pathetic. It turns out she has to save him from committing suicide first but it is fortuitous that they meet. Malina actually needs to find Tommy and clearly he knows where to look. Good! Oh I also have a theory about why Malina and Tommy have to save the world (I think they’re twins separated at birth).

Oh and it seems Carlos tortures the location of his nephew out of the Evo cop. Carlos wants to understand why the cop would sell out his own people. It seems they will need the guy with power to get in. Stupid Carlos believes the guy when he says they need to switch places and make it appear he’s an Evo. He passes out. Moron.

Tommy is being kind of mopey until he decides to whisk Emily away to Paris for the heck of it. They are starting to check out the Eiffel Tower but they won’t let people with powers up. So Tommy gets them out of there and Emily flips out on him. Tommy unloads about his “destiny” thanks to Penny Man. He doesn’t want to be a hero and save the world. He wants to be a normal kid with a girlfriend. Emily takes him to a boardwalk that sells books and they find the elusive 31st issue of 9th Wonders. This motivates Tommy to face and embrace his destiny. Good girl!

Inside Renautus, Miko pops in right as Harris, Quentin and Noah approach Hiro’s prison and she rushes Harris. Hope Noah takes him out before she does. Harris gets away but Miko and Noah have a chat and become allies. She pops into Evernow to pave the way for them to find Hiro. Unfortunately, things aren’t going to be that easy. Noah discovers that the machine Erica had built is using Hiro’s power and sending things and people to the future. He’s locked in the video game and he says no one can get him out. Ren manages to break out of a box and announcing that Miko can do it. Well that’s true but it turns out she’s not real. The real Miko died in a car accident and the Miko we’ve been seeing an avatar type character her father built. Miko battles a sort of wraith version of herself and she comes out of the game to announce she has to overcome herself to free Hiro. Harris comes in with reinforcements (with Phoebe) and events turn dire.

Quentin thinks he can talk some sense into his sister when Miko realizes the sword won’t work in Phoebe’s shadow. Quentin tackles his sister and it’s enough to let Miko get into the game and she ultimately frees Hiro. Just in the nick of time for Noah it seems. At least Ren is free (we hope). But Quentin won’t live to see the return of the Master of Time and Space. Phoebe ended up using her powers on him and it kills him. She thinks that Erica is giving her a purpose and if Hiro is freed, they will all be dead. I am excited to see Hiro take up his sword again and kick some serious butt! It also makes me wonder what happened to Ando.

Things are going to get super crazy going forward now. Noah implores Hiro to go back to June 13th so they can change things. Hiro admits that Erica bent time and that needs to be fixed. He just hopes they don’t step on any butterflies. I have to say I am very excited to see Hiro back and based on the previews Angela and Mohinder might be back, too. I am glad they are bringing back these characters and managing to move the plot forward. I’ve enjoyed the ride thus far but the plot is finally picking up the pace. It’s also nice to know that this is going to be a contained story arc.

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