Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.05: “Fail-Safe”

“This is prison, jackass. There are no VIPs.”
- Mick

When last we left the team, Mick, Ray and Stein had been whisked off to a Russian prison by Savage’s Soviet comrades. They want Stein to help create a Soviet Firestorm and the female scientist is using all kinds of tricks to get him to cooperate. When we first find him, he thinks he’s back in S.T.A.R. Labs with Cisco and he lets slip something about the quantum splicer (which apparently allows them to control the nuclear energy). But he quickly realizes that it isn’t Cisco and he refuses to help, getting threatened by Savage. You know, as villains go he’s kind of boring. He thinks he’s all important because he’s immortal and he’s just kind of mustache twirling.

Ray and Mick are having a worse time since you know they are locked up with the actual prisoners. I swear I thought Ray was going to end up someone’s prison wife by the end of the episode. He does get into a fight in the yard (while Mick stands there staring at a lighter flame). Mick is really weird. I do hope we learn about him but he was just kind of odd in this week’s episode. Anyway, while they are trying to brave Russian prison, Sara, Rip and Snart are mounting a plan to get into the prison. This involves dealing with the Russian mob at another prison. I know Oliver is an honorary member but is Sara? I also think the guy they end up dealing with (Uri) may have actually been one of the guys on the island with Oliver at one point. Funny how that goes.

After some fun shirtless Rip moments (how did he keep the towel around his waist while getting his butt kicked?) and Sara being badass, they have a way in. But Rip is concerned that if they don’t’ succeed, the future is screwed. He in fact shows Sara what Star City looks like in 2016 with Firestorms bombing everything. He tasks her with being the fail-safe. If they can’t rescue Stein, she’s supposed to kill him. Heartless, but necessary to save the future. Snart figures out her missions and kind of taunts her about it. He does kind of have a code (don’t leave a member behind) but it just isn’t quite extending to the rest of the team yet.

Rip has benched Kendra and Jax for obvious reasons. If Savage gets his hands on either of them, the mission is moot. That doesn’t make either of them happy but they do end up working together to send Stein a message that he’s not alone and they are coming (by cutting Jax’s arm so it shows up on Stein). I like that they keep these little continuity things going. It makes the three shows feel more connected than they already are.

The plan to get into the prison goes awry a bit (because of course it does). Stein is going to give up the information (at least some of it) after Ray and Mick get tortured. And Ray takes a beating for Mick which kind of endears (to the extent Mick feels emotions) Mick to our nerdy pretty boy. Sara is about to take out Stein when Snart gets on the comms and tells her not to, that there’s another way. This is where Kendra and Jax come in. They can get there and kill the power, giving the team a better shot of getting to Stein. Jax gets hurt on the way (thanks to his football injury) but he does manage to kill the power. This leaves Snart and Mick in a bit of a bind since they are in the process of escaping (with a semi-conscious Ray) and all the prison cells open. I did like how Stein tried to stall by telling the lady scientist about the future and how Russia loses and falls to pieces. It didn’t really work but I liked the effort.

Amidst the chaos and mayhem, Stein is forced to merge with the lady scientist even though they haven’t developed the quantum splicer. She’s pretty insane and shooting fire at people willy nilly because she can’t control the power. Jax puts himself in a pretty dangerous spot by confronting her but his plan works. He’s able to get Stein to the forefront and pull him out. But, since the scientist still has the energy in her she ends up blowing up. Not sorry to see her go. Before she does though, Rip has a little encounter with Savage (thanks to Kendra being bait) where he gets his watch (with his family’s pictures in it) back and also blows up Savage. I can’t help thinking that Rip is really screwing things up for his family. Letting Savage know their names and see their pictures. I just hope the team is successful.

The team (all of them) make it back to the Wave Rider and are celebrating with some vodka (because they’re in Russia after all) when Rip and Sara have a quiet conversation about what it says about her not pulling the trigger. It may just be me but I get some interesting vibes from the two of them. Then again, Sara may just have chemistry with everyone. Things are going great until Chronos shows up in the time vortex and starts shooting missiles at them. They manage to counter attack but they still get hit and knocked out of the vortex into Star City in 2046. Some really crazy stuff must have happened to take it from being Ok in 2016 to a wasteland thirty years later. The team encounters a man in a Green Arrow outfit but it doesn’t look like Oliver (could be William perhaps?). Sara and Ray try to talk to him but he says he doesn’t know about any legends and clearly he doesn’t recognize them. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens when the team does meet future Oliver Queen.

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