Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.07: “Wingman”

“It’s really not a good day for your Lucifer-ness.”
- Chloe

If you couldn’t tell, I quite enjoyed the mythology of the last episode and from the looks of things, we are going to be diving deeper into it this week. Just to recap, Lucifer’s wings (which he hacked off at some unknown point) have been stolen and he is right pissed about this. Not just because he doesn’t like being stolen from but because they were a gift from his Father and whatever he and the big man may have against the other, there’s still that bond. I can’t say enough that I am like the emotional vulnerability of Lucifer’s character a lot. Since last we saw our former Lord of Hell, he and Maze have been torturing smugglers but they aren’t coming up with anything. So he decides he needs Chloe’s professional advice. She’s a bit busy, though, since the case that got her branded a traitor is coming to a very important place. The cop who was shot is being taken off life support and she only had a day to wrap up her investigation or drop it. Otherwise, it could really ruin the guy’s family’s life with benefits and stuff.

Lucifer finds Chloe pouring over photos at her house and she actually gives him some good advice: get a fresh pair of eyes who aren’t afraid to tell you the hard truth. She thinks that means he’s going to ask for her help but he heads off to the beach to chat with Amenediel. We learn that Lucifer had Maze severe his wings when they arrived in LA five years ago. Amenediel comments that Lucifer clearly had a reason for keeping them all through the eons in Hell but Lucifer is mum on the subject. Ultimately, Lucifer’s heavenly brother is not going to help.

So he heads back to Chloe and she agrees to help him if he helps her but Dan is coming along, too. Lucifer isn’t the only one who can go off and find help elsewhere. So first, the trio heads to where the shooting happened to try and reenact the shooting and Chloe thinks maybe there was another person they didn’t find but Dan says that the cops searched the whole place after the shooting and didn’t find anything. She doesn’t have any time to consider anything else because Dan gets a call about the APB Chloe put out on “angel wings”. I guess we will find out who has Lucifer’s wings. They are being auctioned off at a black market auction under the auspices of a religious charity. The Feds are already set to raid the place so Lucifer has find a way to get in and get them. He shows up in a tux and finds Amenediel tailing him. It’s pretty hilarious to see the two of them trying to work together. Lucifer gets in with the Devil’s coin but he’s not willing to part with it. His threat of getting his wings back prompts Amenediel to get kind of egotistical and kind of cocky. The auctioneer says that they can bid on the wings if they want but they aren’t getting them any other way. Unfortunately, Chloe shows up to warn that the Feds are about to bust things up and when Amenediel pauses time for Lucifer to get to the wings, he finds out that they are fake. It was kind of interesting to see Chloe’s reaction to Amenediel (pretty much the same reaction most other people have to Lucifer). Very interesting indeed.

Before Chloe gets to the auction though, Dan takes her to the hospital to see the family of the cop who is about to die. It was real not a very good move on his part because the widow is super pissed to see Chloe there and asks them to leave. But at the club, she finds a secret passage that the auctioneer escaped through and it prompts her to think there might have been a secret passage at the cop shooting. She drags Dan back to the spot and they find tunnels and a cop key. So there was another cop at the shooting so now the pair of them is going to investigate.

Lucifer parts ways with Amenediel to find the auctioneer to do as he says, the “Devil’s work”. He eventually tracks the guy down and realizes that the guy mounted the wings and apparently turned the atheist into a believer. He says he can’t live without the wings and he was tipped off by someone. Lucifer gets super scary and the guy reveals his source. Cut to Lucifer sitting with his wings on the beach when Amenediel shows up. His dear heavenly brother was the one who orchestrated the whole thing with the intention of tempting Lucifer with the desire of his wings. It nearly worked, too. But Lucifer is making a clean final break by burning his wings. He can’t go back to Hell now. Amenediel kind of loses it for a minute and starts pounding on Lucifer but then he stops, unable to go all the way. Clearly this isn’t over between them.

Chloe and Dan show up at the living wake for the cop and Chloe claims the cop was a hero and she’s closing her investigation. She explains to Dan that they can better look for a dirty cop if the force doesn’t think they’re still digging. And in a turn of fate, the cop survives (thanks to a little angelic assistance). That will make things interesting. And as Lucifer drinks and plays the piano, Chloe shows up and says that if they are friends, she should just accept that the wings meant something very important to him and not ask questions. He says that they were a relic of his past and he’s moving on. High above them, Maze (who has agreed to stay even though Lucifer started to give her an out) holds a single feather from Lucifer’s wings, stored safely in a little box. Very intriguing and I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

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