Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.05: “Sweet Kicks”

“Fun with mortality. Bring it!”
- Lucifer

We happen upon Lucifer and Maze at a shoe fashion show run by a former gangster. Lucifer is quite excited by his brush with mortality at the end of last episode but Maze is worried about it. She doesn’t want him doing anything that would put him in danger. It looks like she is going to be unhappy for most of the episode because just as Lucifer goes to start hooking up with a model, gunshots ring out and a young girl gets trampled to death. Oh boy.

While Chloe and Dan are trying to figure out how to get the designer to talk, Lucifer pops by to talk to Chloe’s boss. He wants in on the case (thinking it is the best way to get the danger he’s craving) and he will help Chloe’s boss get the support she needs to make Police Chief. He gets what he wants and so Chloe is stuck with him. He knows the designer personally and calls in an IOU to get the guy to answer Chloe’s questions. I guess making deals with the Devil can be useful sometimes. It seems our protagonists are in the middle of a gang war. Because of course we are. And while Lucifer and Chloe stop for a drink at a cop bar where Chloe is basically despised, Maze and Amenediel have a chat at a coffee shop where Maze spills the beans on Linda (hoping Amenediel will pay her a visit and get information from her on how to get Lucifer back to Hell). Oh and Lucifer gets to punch a cop in the face because he insulted Chloe.

Amenediel’s plan to find out information from Linda is really creepy. Whereas Lucifer is charming and sexy, he is just super creepy and wooden. It is really weird that he can’t seem to be natural around humans. He does get Linda to agree to a drink though so that’s helpful for his agenda, I suppose. Alas, we don’t get to see any of this fluid exchange of information just yet.

While his brother is going off on his little digging mission, Lucifer and Chloe are still working the case. Dan shows up at Lux to read Lucifer the riot act about protecting Chloe (which he then reports to Chloe). It’s kind of awkward. Oh and the two people that the designer thinks are responsible for the shooting aren’t actually involved at least yet. They were trying to get into the show because they wanted to buy some shoes and the dead girl is family and they let her take their spot inside. But they think the real killer is some guy named Yellow Viper who ran with the designer back during his gang days. He got out of jail recently. Before Lucifer and Chloe can find the guy though, the designer calls to report the death of his pet pig. It was kind of ridiculous and stupid but it did allow our team to share the news of Viper’s release with him.

They find Viper at a community center teaching art to kids. But he refuses to talk to them and then, finally, Lucifer gets the gang war and danger he’s been longing for (having spent much of the episode lamenting the lack of good bad guys) when the duo from the show roll up with a bunch of back up and guns. Chloe and Lucifer are literally caught in the middle of things. Definitely not a good situation for our heroine and our Lord of Hell. But Lucifer is a quick thinker and manages to distract the thugs long enough for Viper to get the small children out without being harmed. And then Maze shows up (because Lucifer has called her) and she does some ass kicking in the dark. She’s not overly happy about having to save his butt when she’s mad at him for indulging the possibility of mortality.

Chloe is having another gut feeling though after they arrest Viper. Why would he attempt to shoot the guy if he was so angry for getting screwed over and then miss? Clearly we have missed the real shooter which makes sense when you think about it. The designer’s guard is an ex-Marine and the designer put him up to it. Apparently, Viper was the real artist and our little punk designer wanted to eliminate the competition. The guard sells out his boss real quick and the case is solved. I will admit the case wasn’t all that thrilling this week but I did like the character work being done with Chloe and Lucifer. It seems his experiment with mortality is over with (even if he is still vulnerable). But he had fun, although he does kind of regret almost getting Chloe killed. Maze clearly dislikes this whole train of thought (caring about a mortal) and pays Chloe a late night visit. I couldn’t decide if she was trying to kill Chloe or possess her or what. It ended kind of abruptly which sort of surprised me. I wanted more information than we were given. I’m kind of intrigued by what Amenediel is going to do with Linda, even though he is super awkward. I have a feeling he’s going to get what he needs or wants. I don’t think it will end up resulting in the outcome he wants though. If Maze can’t convince Lucifer to go back to hell, I highly doubt an angel is going to get the job done.

As I mentioned before I would like to see some more mythology and I think based on the promo for the next episode, we will be getting some of that as well as seeing Lucifer use some more of his Devilish powers to exact his revenge and met out punishment as only the Devil can. I think now that we are about halfway done with the season, the writers can start moving away from the cases a little bit and really dig into the characters some more. There is a lot of meat on these bones and I just want to enjoy all of it.

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