Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.05: “The Lion’s Den”

“Like most of humanity, you aren’t willing to do what is necessary. But I am. I am giving us a future. Somebody has to.”
- Erica

This episode’s title rather appropriate given all of the drama happening. All of our characters are walking into a lion’s den of sorts. Out in LA, Carlos comes back to the shop to find his nephew missing and so he goes to the police to accuse Deering. He’s going to blow Carlos off (or maybe out him as an Evo) when some of the other cops in the Evo kidnapping ring put on the Epic glasses (remember they still work) and ID Deering as an Evo. So they get to drag his sorry butt off! They’ve got him all hooked up to those weird sedation modules when Carlos (as the vigilante) comes busting in and drags Deering off to find his nephew and the priest. The saddest part of this episode is Luke going home and wandering down memory lane about his son. It’s kind of pitiful to be honest. He’s just so weepy and mushy. He sells his part of his practice (he was clearly a doctor of some sort) and then sets the house on fire, parting ways with his past. I guess he’s supposed to be on the road to becoming a hero like the rest of the gang?

Tommy isn’t faring too well now that he’s in the custody of the government. He gets poked and prodded and photographed and fitted with a subdermal tracker. And then this really annoying agent drops a bomb on Tommy that he can’t be his mom’s biological son because their blood types don’t match (and she’s not an Evo). Tommy uses his powers to escape and Penny Man shows up to hopefully wipe the agent’s memory. Tommy is rightly pissed that his mom didn’t tell him what was going on. To make matters worse their landlord posts an eviction notice. Apparently being an unregistered Evo is grounds for eviction. This just makes the civil rights attorney in me cringe. So freaking hard! He ends up going to the hospital to confront his mother and Penny Man shows up. Interestingly, his mom calls him Nathan, and says she was trying to protect him and his father by not telling Tommy the truth. This makes me think the fans saying he’s a Petrelli by blood has some weight. I can totally see Peter having a kid and naming him Nathan after his brother. Anyway, Penny Man drops the truth on poor Tommy that he’s destined to save the world. Yeah, no pressure kid! Tommy isn’t ready to deal and so he teleports out.

Out at Renautus, Noah, Taylor and Quentin discover a bunch of seeds and wonder if maybe Erica is planning a mass extinction event. That would definitely fit with Molly’s dying words of not wanting to help kill seven billion people. And it might explain why Noah wanted to forget it all. Noah wants a face to face with Erika and so he uses Taylor (she is more than willing) to lure her into a meeting. Also on the grounds, Miko and Ren are trying to sneak in and find Hiro’s sword. Erica knows what they are after and that they are likely on grounds thanks to the massive cosplay scavenger hunt going on. But they are lucky in avoiding detection. They find one of the clones taking the sword and Ren smartly slips his phone into the gas tank so they can track it. Lucky for them, it’s heading to the same place as Erica. That will be quite fortuitous later on. Erica gets home and after she accuses Taylor of using drugs again, Noah steps in and demands to know what the hell is going on. Erica says that Claire and Hiro both died in Odessa a year ago and yet again blame Mohinder. Sure, Noah doesn’t remember exactly what happened in Odessa but he knows Mohinder. He know Mohinder wouldn’t do something like this! Things are going poorly for Team Evo when a couple of the clones show up and cold cock Quentin (dude, I get you want to find your sister but shut up!). Right about the time Noah is going to get shot in the head, Miko busts through a window, grabs the sword and delivers some whoop ass. She heads back into the video game to find her father, leaving Noah and company hanging since Erica escaped. She goes on about how she is trying to save the world. It turns out, according to her and her scientists, the big threat looming against humanity is a change in the planet’s poles (they do change every now and again if I recall my middle school science correctly) and as they are changing, the planet will be vulnerable to an oncoming solar flare. Total extinction in a few days (which explains the hording and disappearing the seeds through a weird machine). And according to the scientist, this horrible event will be happening within a week. I guess that also explains Malina’s powers and what she was doing at one of the poles. She’s been holding back the pole change and probably the solar flare.

Lest we forget Malina, she and Farah are on the run still. They have to be careful as Farah goes off to meet someone. Unfortunately, her contact never shows and one of the clones spots her and follows her back to Malina. Malina manages to use her powers to temporarily stop their attackers but they catch up the girls and wound Farah. They’ve also got The Shadow (hi Phoebe) who seems to be either negating Malina’s powers or hampering them sort of like the Hattian. Malina takes off and ends up hiding on a truck hauling lumber. I’m not sure where she’s going to end up but I have a feeling it won’t be long before she crosses paths with the rest of the heroes. And she’s been given an envelope by Farah that should explain everything she needs to do.

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