Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Lucifer 1.08: “Et Tu, Doctor?”

“I have layers. I’m like an onion, a very attractive one.”
- Lucifer

Lucifer is having a pretty good time as he celebrates his ‘rebirth” after burning his wings until Chloe shows up with Dan in toe. They share a drink before the pair head off to the welcome back party for the cop who’d been in the coma. There’s definitely something off about him and not just because he’d been unconscious. He throws Chloe a wink when his partner says that hell couldn’t keep him. Meanwhile, Lucifer is experiencing pangs of jealousy over Chloe getting back with Dan. He wants Linda to get Chloe fixed but she refuses, seeing as that’s not how therapy works. But he might end up getting what he wants when the case of the week drops. A therapist who helped couples save their marriages by encouraging them to cheat. Chloe thinks it is pretty disgusting but naturally Lucifer is all for the idea. And when Chloe says they need a court order from a judge to view patient records, Lucifer ends up sleeping with a judge to get Linda appointed.

As mentioned earlier, Chloe is not too happy to have Linda be appointed to review the dead therapist’s files (although she does find a possible suspect amongst the mountain of happy of customers). But while it’s happening, Chloe and Lucifer chat about Lucifer actually being in therapy and it sort of working. Lucifer, however, gets distracted by the sign for a new doctor, a Dr. Canan (really that’s what you come up with Amenediel?). Anyway, Lucifer and Chloe head off to check out this suspect and she explains that she and Dan split because the job was more important to him. But now he’s making an effort and she’s happy about it. You know, before I was hoping they’d get back together but I have an inkling he might be the corrupt cop who shot the guy she was investigating so if that’s the case, I don’t want her anywhere near him. Things goes sideways when they try to talk to the suspect because he’s on a roof about the jump.

Lucifer quickly learns that he wasn’t jealous of his wife’s affair and he didn’t kill the therapist. He was still seeing the guy even though he couldn’t afford it and he was broken up over the guy’s death. Lucifer (not intentionally) convinces the guy to not jump and that gives the team a vital bit of intelligence. The therapist’s wife was in town two days earlier even though she had plane tickets to and from Phoenix. Very interesting. Also interesting is Maze getting to interact with Linda a bit. Maze is very protective of her boss, even if she is selling him out in a way to his brother. I don’t think that will end well for our little demon.

Lucifer is quite miffed when Chloe takes a call to go back to her place to allegedly meet Dan in the middle of the case. Yep, our Devil is jealous alright and Linda finds it very interesting. It turns out though that Dan isn’t waiting for Chloe. The cop who was shot it. He claims to be on her side and says he thinks a corrupt cop shot him but warns that it might not be safe for either of them to keep digging. But it isn’t clear whether he tells her to stop or not (and we know she’s not going to stop). In a very gross turn of events, they find the therapist’s wife and under Lucifer’s exacting gaze, she admits she came back to see if her husband was cheating her. It wasn’t the cheating that was the problem but that he fell in love with the woman. The wife was going to throw bags of horse poop at the woman. Ew. Also suspect is Dan showing up and threatening to punch the cop who met with Chloe. The way he reacts to things just makes me think he’s guilty.

Lucifer is putting his annoyance with everything, including Chloe and Linda ganging up on him, to good use by attending a group therapy session/memorial for the therapist. Oh boy, this is going to get awkward! While he gets going about his own drama, Linda and Chloe chat about Lucifer and how they think they’ve each helped him. Although Linda realizes she should probably stop sleeping with him. About the same time, everyone realizes the dead therapist’s partner is the killer (he attacks Lucifer and then bites Chloe). Lucifer still refuses to see his situation the same way as this guy (that the woman he wants is with someone else and that no matter what he does, she’ll never be his). But he has to put that on the back burner when Chloe fills him in on her secret case. She points out that she hacked the formerly comatose cop’s partner’s GPS. So they follow it to a cop bar and find the partner dead. It looks like it was a suicide. It looks like everything is all wrapped up in a nice little bow. Still makes me suspicious of Dan which is probably what the writers want.

And as luck would have it, we don’t have to wait to find out whether they mean it or not. Dan gets a text from the cop and admits he shot the guy. So the suicide note was faked and I’m thinking maybe this guy is more demon than when he was first alive. Elsewhere, Linda has decided to keep things professional and put up some boundaries of her own. Lucifer seems to respect it (although we know he’s not generally use to hear the word no) and then he gets her to fill him in on Dr. Canan. Oh boy is he pissed about that one. He confronts Maze at Lux and she admits she did to protect him but he points out she was doing it for her own selfish reasons. We all know she did it so she could go home. I don’t get why she couldn’t have just taken him up on his offer to go home after he burned his wings. But either way, he’s done with her and I can’t imagine that is going to bode well for any of them.

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