Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer DVR Dump: Heroes Reborn 1.08: “June 13th Part Two”

“It’s about time my old friend.”
- Hiro

This episode is crazy! Much like the original we are finally getting answers and the action is just crazy. There’s so much to get through so let’s start. Present Noah tackles Future Noah but the latter gets a shot off and nails Erika in the butt. Quentin has been looking for Phoebe and he ends up helping Erika get medical attention because she says he’ll never find her if he lets Erika die. The better part is the two Noahs arguing and realizing what the heck is going on. I enjoyed Jack Coleman playing against himself. It was entertaining and Present Noah was pissed that his future counterpart shot Erika and stepped on a butterfly. Hiro would be so annoyed.

Speaking of Hiro, he and Angel have taken the babies back to 1999 but they are still stuck in Odessa. And Hiro has no powers thanks to baby Nathan having a power somewhere in between Sylar and Great-Uncle Peter. He takes powers. Angela warns Hiro that the twins can’t be near each other (it also explains how Claire died…poor kid took her power, too) so they are going to separate the twins. We also are subjected to the origin of Joanne the nut job. They eventually find poor Dennis’s body and she is losing it. They are watching news footage in their hotel room when the freezing guy shows up to thank Luke for helping him. But Joanne freaks out, starts throwing around terms like “you people” (it still just irks me so bad) and she ultimately stabs the poor guy to death rather gleefully. She totally has the crazed killer look at the end when she says she feels fine and Luke just kind of stares at her like “what the hell just happened?”

Meanwhile, we see Carlos getting questioned about an operation in the Middle East and Farah is there, too. It seems she was part of his unit as well. She’s going off the grid for an operation (I’m pretty sure it’s to protect Malina) when Carlos shows up and he’s not happy that he got a medal for something she did. She tells him to live up to the honor. So at least he’s kind of connected to the larger story now since he’s mostly been useless up to this point. Out in Japan, Miko’s creator sees that Hiro supposedly died in Odessa and he was in league with Mohinder. I have to wonder how they managed to doctor a video of Mohinder rambling about Evo superiority. Anyway, we witness Miko’s creator build her in the game and bring her into our world with his power as a back door to protect Hiro in the game. We get some sweet scene with him teaching her to make dinner and filling her on her past (even though we know now that she isn’t real). Erika has ordered Harris (or one of his clones) to eliminate the additional Hiro. Oh boy.

Future Noah and Molly head off to find Hiro (or at least his power) which leaves Present Noah and Casper. I have a feeling they are going to regret not using Renee for the memory wipe. Especially since Casper gets knocked out and Matt comes in to find out about Claire. I have to say I was kind of bummed about Matt’s trajectory. He did struggle so much to find his place but he is better than this. I know he wants to protect his family but come on. He does let Noah and Casper go after Casper uses one of his pennies to wipe Noah’s memory so he can’t reveal the location of the baby (they don’t know she had twins). Noah and Molly find Hiro living in a pretty nice house and it makes me think he settled down with the nurse and raised Nathan/Tommy.

I must say I really like Nathan with all his memories. He has the geekiness of Hiro and the need to save the world like his Great Uncle Peter. Even his power is like Peter. Unfortunately, just as the family reunion is getting underway, Harris shows up Noah has to kill him. This prompts a visit to Angela to warn that Erika is somewhat on to them. Angela has not aged well. She’s at a monastery with young Malina. Nathan really wants to meet her but Angela insists they stay apart until the time is right. Not long after Noah and Nathan leave, Farah shows up and Angela tasks her with keeping an eye on Malina. Farah is skeptical that Malina will be able to save the world but come on, she’s a Petrelli, too!

Noah needs to get back to the future so he can get the twins together at the right time. But first we see Present Noah get dropped into the rubble of the explosion to go wandering off looking for Claire. So at least they have fixed some of the problem. Too bad Quentin goes back to Erika and demands to see Phoebe. They have an okay reunion and it just makes me worry that they will get to him. Anyway, a bunch of Harris clones show up to take out Nathan and Hiro orders his son to flee (Molly has also been tasked with remotely monitoring the twins) with his mother and Casper. He has his own battle to finish from fifteen years ago (or you know, a few hours depending on how you look at it). Casper takes Nathan’s memory and thus we get to the point where we found him at the start of the season.

Noah gets back to the future to find Quentin is alive. He does his kind of obnoxious rambling thing and gets Noah to admit that Claire had twins and they are teenagers now. I was right not to trust Quentin because he reports this to Erika. So now they know what is going on. Well damn!

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