Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer DVR Dump: 12 Monkeys 1.04: “Atari”

“Whatever this world is now, it shouldn’t be this, man.”
- Ramse

Before getting dragged back to the future to deal with some people from his past, Cole is surveying Cassie’s latest work on trying to find the Night Room. She’s used her renewed CDC resources to try and track down any potential leads but there’s a lot of them and she’s worried that Jennifer will break before they find what they’re looking for. Just before Cole gets yanked back to 2043, Cassie tries to ask Cole about himself since he knows so much about her. I can’t tell if he just doesn’t like opening up to people or if he is worried about her knowing stuff about the future but he stays tight lipped. His return to his own time is premature because Ramse thinks their old crew is on the horizon and will be launching an assault on the facility.

Before too much else happens we get a glimpse at what Cole’s life was like before he joined the West Seven. He and Ramse were scavenging for food and holed up in some warehouse when the West Seven, led by Deacon, shows up. Cole and Ramse take out Deacon’s two best guys which leads Deacon to offer them spots in his crew. Ramse is not having any of it. He says that the gang killed an entire quarantine of people but Cole is willing to hear them out. They get back to Deacon’s compound/camp and Cole is paired up with Max as his guide. Ramse is very clearly not as welcome as Cole. Back in 2043, a small group of West Seven approach and get taken out. Cole and Ramse know it’s too easy and Deacon was using it as a distraction. Just before a big explosion signals Deacon’s real entrance, Cole hears a woman’s voice calling his name. I have a feeling somehow being pulled back too soon might be messing with him and he’s hearing Cassie’s voice. It turns out it was likely Max. After some more shooting, Cole and Ramse split up. Ramse ends up getting cornered by a bunch of Deacon’s guys just as Cole and the doctor lock themselves in the splinter room. Over the radio, Cole has to listen as his best friend is gunned down. He wants revenge but the doctor convinces him to go back to Cassie. The future might not be able to help anymore, but Cassie can. I have to say I was a little surprised they went this route so early in the season. I liked the time jumps. But it will make the story telling more linear going forward.

We may not be getting to 2015 any time soon. We hop to 2035 where we see that Ramse is really not loving the way Deacon handles things. He kills people once he’s taken everything they have. Deacon orders Cole to take care of Ramse because anyone who is left alive is an enemy. I can see why Cole didn’t want Cassie to know anything about him. He was a thug and a killer before he met her and he really just wasn’t a very likable person. But, when Cole goes to see Ramse, his friend knows what’s coming so they decide to just make a run for it. I guess we know how they ended up on Deacon’s shit list.

Instead of going back to 2015, Cole ends up only a short time back in 2043 before the attack. Deacon is a pretty sick puppy and after beating on Cole just for fun, he cuts Cole and dumps some drugs on the wound so they absorb faster. Deacon orders Max to get info out of Cole on a way into the compound. Given Cole’ time travel he keeps seeing different people and finally he gives up the entrance that Deacon used. It had to happen that he’d be the one to give the info. But maybe he’ll be able to get there in time to save Ramse this time.

One of the guys guarding Cole decides he wants to Joke Cole’s ass but Max busts in with a bucket and after a little persuading, she frees Cole. They have to haul ass if they want to get there to save the doctor and Ramse. As soon as Cole gets a little close to his past self (a little confusing, I know), he starts having a bad headache. But he did say crossing his own timeline is dangerous. But he and Max manage to get to where they need to be. Cole finds Ramse and kills all the West Seven guys. So he did get to save his brother. And in the chamber, Max takes out the two thugs trying to drag off the doctor and Cole busts in soon after. Deacon and his boys are on the run now. It looked like the machine might have taken some damage but I hope Cole is able to still go back to 2015.

That question is pretty quickly answered. The entire reason Cole only went back a day or two was because the machine was damaged. When Ramse brings up the suggestion that Cole go back and kill him (Ramse) instead of running off, Cole flat out tells him to stop being stupid. Cole may have been a less than likable guy back then but he has a code and he looks out for his family. Speaking of, Max is still around but Cole isn’t going to pick up where things left off. He’s got Cassie to think about now. I like that they are slowly putting those pieces together. Not every show needs that kind of progression with their leads but I can see how it would work in this situation. Besides it gives Cole an added reason to succeed. He gets back to 2015 and starts telling Cassie about himself when she interrupts him. She’s found the Night Room. Now we have to hope they beat the 12 Monkeys to it.

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