Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Kyle XY 1.07: “Kyle Got Game”

“What happened was a team decision.”
- Declan

This episode picks up not long after Kyle recognizes Professor Kern. He’s kind of obsessing over the guy, hoping to put some pieces of his memory back together but it’s not working. Nicole and Steven have their own theories (maybe Kyle was one of Kern’s students) but nothing concrete. The thrust of this episode focuses on Kyle trying to fit in with other kids. At Nicole’s behest, Kyle goes to hang with Josh and his friends while they are playing basketball. Kyle is of course super impressive and hardly ever misses. This leads to Charlie stopping by (on his way to pick up Amanda) and suggesting Kyle try out for the local rec team.

The day of practice, Kyle dresses himself but it takes some ridiculous suggestions from Josh and a little decent help from Charlie to make him not look like a total weirdo. We also learn that Steven used to play ball and he’s getting really stoked for Kyle to possibly be on the team. Lori gets roped into dropping Kyle off for practice and she ends up staying. She and Hilary are still in their little fight or whatever and Declan is in a mood, too about Kyle joining the team. They are a week away from the championship facing last year’s rivals and he’s just worried that putting Kyle on the team will screw up their chances at winning. But after the coach sees Kyle shoot, he’s on the team. Kyle is really enjoying himself until Declan blocks a shot and pushes him a little too hard. I have to say, I know that Kyle doesn’t really like Charlie because he’s with Amanda but I was kind of glad he was being nice to Kyle in this episode. That night, Josh gives Kyle all kinds of books to read and videos to watch. He’s in the middle of absorbing all kinds of useful knowledge about the game when Charlie and Declan come by. Charlie is there to drop off the playbook and Declan is supposed to be apologizing. He does and I’m just waiting for the real bonding between them to begin. Things are still super awkward and annoying for Lori because Hilary shows up with one of the lamest excuses ever to try and see Declan (he told her “see you later”). Declan is pretty pissed that the girl drama is still going strong and is grateful when Charlie suggests they head out.

While the Tragers are reveling in the excitement of the upcoming game, Foss is doing some work of his own. Whoever he’s working with tells him that Kern made the paper again and it could mean the police are getting closer. Foss tells his boss not worry because he has a plan. He somehow managed to snag Kern’s wallet and obviously he kept the gun. He ends up trolling streets for a drunk, drug addict homeless guy, plants the items on him and kills him. Simple solve there, I suppose.

The remains in the woods are identified as Kern’s but Nicole and Steven want to wait to tell Kyle about it until after the big game. He needs to focus on the sport and enjoying himself. I can understand why they’d be hesitant to tell him at that moment. I’s not like they could do anything about it anyway. It seems that Josh has gotten into the spirit a bit and is taking bets on the team beating last year’s champs thanks to Kyle’s skills. Well, things start off okay. Kyle is making awesome shots, the team is pumped and the crowd is supportive. But as the game winds down, the pressure mounts and he starts making mistakes. I guess he’s not perfect at everything. The crowd starts to turn on him and the coach really starts yelling at him. Even Steven looks disappointed in the decline in play. Everything comes to a grinding halt though when Declan goes to make a shot, gets blocked and lands wrong on his ankle (he’d tried to show off after Kyle did an Air Jordan move during practice and had already tweaked it). The coach calls a time out but when Declan can’t put weight on the ankle, the coach turns into a real dick. He demands that Declan get on the court or he’s off the team. One by one the rest of the team sits down, claiming injury, too, in a show of team spirit and solidarity. I have to say I really liked how that scene played out with the guys having Declan’s back. The coach is a bit of a nut job. It’s community league basketball. Not the freaking NBA!

Josh is upset that the team forfeited because now he has to pay everyone back a total of $200. He tries to get the money from Steven but his dad says no. Josh launches into this rant about how Steven never supports him and is never proud of him and Steven realizes that he has probably marginalized Josh a little bit. But he says that he loves Josh and he is the son he’s always wanted. He also makes Josh sell all the video games he bought with the money to pay everyone back. With the game over, Nicole goes to see the detective and she learns about the drug addict found with Kern’s wallet and the gun. The police seem satisfied that the case is closed. But Kyle is understandably upset about the fact that the body was Kern and they were no closer to figuring out how he could have seen the man in his dreams or what the connection is. Luckily, the stupid girl drama with Lori and Hilary ends and Kyle and Declan officially start bonding as friends over playing some hoops. And that night, Kyle dreams more about Kern, this time seeing the real killer; Foss.

I thought this was an interesting episode in that it did move the plot forward but it also gave the viewers a good lesson in teamwork and friendship. And of course, I am all for the advancement of the Declan and Kyle bromance.

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