Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1.06: “B.C.”

“He lets you know what we are and then leaves you on the edge of our world looking in. Don’t you want to do more than just look?”
- Lola

Much like the case in the last episode, Mick and Beth are on a collision course even though they don’t know it yet. Beth is covering a fashion shoot which turns far more interesting when one of the models dies. And Josef pays Mick a pre-twilight visit to task his buddy with finding a vampire named Lola. She and Josef have an on-again-off-again thing and she’s disappeared and he’s worried. Just after Beth discovers the dead girl, Renee, went to a new club called Valis, Josh and Beth’s cop buddy show up and snag the footage she and Steve got that captured the girl’s death. Josh wants Beth off the case but that obviously isn’t going to happen.

Mick does a little digging into Lola and he learns that she bought a metric ton of silver recently. Oh and Josef fesses up that she stole $1 million from one of his accounts and he just can’t let that kind of behavior stand. So it is about money. Mick goes to check out where the silver was shipped to and he finds a dead vampire in a barrel. It’s been burned and it stinks of silver. Somehow he gets the body to the morgue where another vampire morgue employee helps him out. It appears someone poisoned the vampire with silver, drained al the blood and then lit the match. No idea why but it is definitely creepy. Beth tries to get in to Club Valis on her own but gets turned away at the VIP room (which is the place to be). So she goes to the morgue to take a look at Renee’s body to try and figure out what Renee had that she doesn’t that could get her in. It turns out to be a microchip. The kind vets put in people’s pets to keep track of them. Lucky for her, Beth runs into Mick at the morgue (again) and Mick agrees to help insert the microchip.

Beth brings up the kiss and Mick tries to brush it off as an accident. Yeah, those two clearly are good at avoiding their feelings. But Mick isn’t going to let Beth go back to the club alone, especially after she reveals that Renee had silver in her blood. Clearly this makes Mick think Lola is involved. Of course he’s right. Oh and I forgot to mention the guy guarding the velvet rope into the VIP room just showed up as the Author on Once Upon a Time. Beth manages to get into the VIP room and it’s like a giant orgy. Mick takes the cooler way in (through a window he has to jump through). But Beth gets her hands on some Black Crystal, a new drug, and Mick gets to meet Lola. She’s at least a couple hundred years older than Josef and she starts planting thoughts in Beth’s head about getting a taste of the vampire life. The creep-fest is (mercifully?) interrupted by a police raid and neither Beth’s cop buddy nor Josh are pleased to find Mick and Beth there.

Beth and Josh get into a fight (over Mick of course) when Josh drops Beth off at home. While she does a little drug research, Lola decides they need to move locations and Mick fills Josef in on Black Crystal. Josef also admits he gave Lola the money but he had no idea what she was using it for. Next time, dude, ask! The situation takes on a heightened sexual sense when Beth lets Lola’s words goad her into trying a little of the drug. She shows up at Mick’s place in a little black dress and tries several times to throw herself at Mick. When this first aired I think this was one of my favorite episodes for this scene. What can I say, it was pretty hot. Even if Mick is dodging the overt offers of sex. He ends up in the shower with Beth (fully clothed) to help sober her up from the drug.

The next morning Beth is embarrassed about what she did and said the night before. She can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be a vampire though with the heightened senses and the immortality. Mick points out the downsides of no food, hiding from humanity. He’s got a point. Immortality can be very lonely. She ponders that a little as she goes to make amends with Josh. They seem to reconcile pretty fast. After seeing the chemistry with Mick and Beth (even if she was on drugs) just makes me see how little connection Beth and Josh have. It’s good that Beth is there though because after Josh threatens the club owner, they get him to go in with a wire and give up Lola. Beth gives Mick a heads up since clearly it doesn’t benefit anyone if Lola is caught by the cops. As Josef makes clear, she won’t think twice about exposing her own kind.

Mick gets to the warehouse and finds that Lola has indeed been using vampires to make her drug (which also explains why there’s nothing illegal in it for the DA to charge her with). Lola says that Mick and Josef are a lot alike with their morals and such. Josef would not be pleased to hear that (and in fact he isn’t when Mick shares this with his friend). Mick, with a bit of luck on his side, ends up besting Lola and she falls into a tank of silver. With the cops gathered just outside, he sets the place on fire to destroy the evidence and protect the vampire secret. Josef, as I mentioned, is not happy to hear Lola compared him to Mick. They do take a moment to reflect on all of the things Lola had done and seen in her long life which is kind of cool. And Beth secrets the vial of Black Crystal away, just in case. Maybe as a reminder of what it’s like to be Mick. I have to say this episode holds up very well upon re-watch and I’m very glad I was able to enjoy it so much.

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