Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer TV Rewind: Moonlight 1.07: “The Ringer”

“One of these days you’re going to have to stop hating what you are.”
- Josef

If you thought the insanity of the last episode was bad, just wait for the shenanigans going down this week. Mick shows up to the scene of a fire and runs into Beth. Apparently it’s an old hotel that Mick’s parents used to take him to when he was a little kid back in the 1920s and 1930s. As if the building fire isn’t emotional enough for our tall dark and immortal leading man, a photographer shows up who is a dead ringer (hence the episode title) for Coraline. Now clearly that can’t be right seeing as he killed her and all but the moment she opens her mouth he swears it is the same person. Beth introduces the woman as Morgan. They’ve worked together a few months.

Mick’s head is spinning as we see flashbacks to the night he met Coraline for the first time in the early 1950s. She’s hosting a lavish party and him and his band are providing entertainment. He’s pretty much taken with her and she flirts with him a bit, getting him to play a racy song (for the time) and going skinny dipping with her in the pool after the party is over. Mick goes to Josef ranting and raving about seeing Coraline but Josef points out that it can’t be Mick’s ex, especially since she’s not a vampire. That is definitely a key points there, my friend.

As Beth and Morgan pour over crime scene photos, Beth notices a gash on Morgan’s arm. Morgan plays it off as a guy attacking her before making off with her cameras. So now we have a reason to really put Morgan in Mick’s orbit. Thanks to Beth talking up Mick’s skills, Morgan hires Mick to find her missing cameras. Along the way, Beth suggests that maybe the arsonist wanted the photos on the camera but Morgan keeps them on a memory stick around her neck. As the three of them check out the photos at Morgan’s 50s-themed apartment, they see man killing a woman in the fire. Mick goes to the hotel and finds a body before showing up at Morgan’s place to dust for prints. They study some more pictures and notice the woman had a Fleur de Lis tattoo on her shoulder (just like Coraline). Mick thinks this is all an elaborate set-up to mess with his head.

Mick gets a hit on the fingerprints he lifted from Morgan’s apartment and finds out they belong to a guy who died in prison three weeks ago. So he enlists Josef to help snoop around the guy’s house. They find Morgan’s cameras stashed in a safe and it looks like the dead woman is in fact the guy’s girlfriend. The parallels to Mick and Coraline just keep coming. And now Josef needs to meet this woman. He isn’t saying he believes Mick that it’s Coraline but he’s at least intrigued. So when Morgan shows up get to get the cameras, Josef goes all creepy vampire stalker and is covertly smelling her and studying her. Mick tells Morgan that the guy who stole her cameras was dead at the time and she doesn’t even flinch. She just suggests they go to the cemetery to check to see if there are actual ashes. Josef agrees with Mick that it looks and sounds like Coraline but she’s human and that just isn’t possible. Josef makes it clear that there is no cure for their condition and Mick needs to stop hoping there is and accept what he is.

That night Mick and Morgan go to the cemetery and as things reach their climax, we see just how crazy Mick went with Coraline in the past. He shows up after she’s stood him up several times and he sees a guy in her living room sipping a martini. So what does he do? He gets really drunk and goes back to the house at 2am and starts banging on the door. Coraline doesn’t really let him in but he breaks a window and they start making out. Yeah, I can see why Mick kind of went nuts around her. Back at the cemetery, Mick gets ambushed by the dead guy (he is in fact a vampire). The newbie vamp is pretty strong and kicks Mick’s butt for quite a while before Mick gets the upper hand. He bites the newbie (I’m not entirely sure how that will help but whatever) and Morgan sees. Mick is clearly losing it because he chases Morgan through the cemetery and then accuses her of setting him to get payback. She is doing a great job of being freaked out and she kind of takes off when Mick starts grabbing at her and ripping her shirt to try and find the tattoo. It’s not there and Mick realizes he’s let the memory of Coraline just ruin his life again.

Beth doesn’t understand what has been going on so she demands that Mick tell her the truth. And so he does. To a point anyway. He admits to killing Coraline and setting the fire but he doesn’t mention Beth in any of this. She still doesn’t remember that it was Mick who saved her or that it was Coraline who kidnapped her. Mick was right that she’s suppressed it all really deep down. I’m sure eventually it will all come out. And as Mick accepts that he was wrong about Morgan, we see her at home sitting in front of her mirror. And she uses one of those make-up remover pads on her shoulder, revealing the Fleur de Lis tattoo on her shoulder after all. So we are still left with the mystery of how Coraline survived the fire and became human. There is definitely more story to be told and I’m certain we’ll get it. As a character, I’ve never really liked Coraline. I know that’s how it was set up but she just was never all that interesting to me as a character. I suppose had the show gotten a second season there were some avenue that could have been worth checking out but alas we will never know.

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